Atomic Future News!

And now, we bring you ALL THE NEWS about Buck-Tick's forthcoming single, New World, and their forthcoming 20th studio album, Atom Miraiha No. 9! The jacket art and track list for the album have been released, and they're intriguing, to say the least.

Here's the jacket art:

[Limited Edition]

[Regular Edition]

...why is the picture bigger on the regular edition cover than the limited edition cover? Don't ask, folks. Don't ask. But more to the point, as one Blog-Tick reader has already pointed out, this cover demonstrates excellent use of an airplane stock photo. Here's the original photo!

Wow, much stock. Very photo! And now let's take bets on whether this cover was designed by Sakaguchi Ken or Akita Kazvnori...because the web site did not bother to tell us, because they assume (probably correctly) that most fangirls are more interested in judging the band members by their appearances than in judging albums by their covers.

But wait, there's more! Here's the tracklist, and it's a doozy!

01. cum uh sol nu -Furasuko no Besshu-
[lyrics + music - Imai Hisashi]

02. PINOA ICCHIO -Odoru Atomu-
[lyrics + music - Imai Hisashi]

[lyrics - Sakurai Atsushi / music - Imai Hisashi]

04. El Dorado
[lyrics - Sakurai Atsushi / music - Hoshino Hidehiko]

05. Bi NEO Universe
[lyrics - Sakurai Atsushi / music - Imai Hisashi]

06. BOY septem peccata mortalia
[lyrics - Sakurai Atsushi / music - Imai Hisashi]

07. Jukai
[lyrics - Sakurai Atsushi / music - Hoshino Hidehiko]

[lyrics + music - Imai Hisashi]

09. FUTURE SONG - Mirai ga Odoru- 
[lyrics - Imai Hisashi & Sakurai Atsushi / music - Imai Hisashi]

10. Manjusaka
[lyrics - Sakurai Atsushi / music - Hoshino Hidehiko]

11. Cuba Libre
[lyrics - Sakurai Atsushi / music - Imai Hisashi]

12. Ai no Souretsu
[lyrics - Sakurai Atsushi / music - Imai Hisashi]

13. New World -beginning-
[lyrics - Sakurai Atsushi / music - Imai Hisashi]


In general, I prefer not to speculate on the meanings of the song titles before listening to the lyrics, but since I know y'all are busting out of your knickers, here are a few notes:

"Furasuko no Besshu" would appear to mean "A different kind of flask." Not that this really answers any questions, so let's wait for the whole song, shall we. "Cum uh sol nu" is no language known to the internet, which makes me feel certain it's a Buck-Tickistani proverb, although it might just be re-romanized garbled katakana.

"Odoru Atomu" means "dancing atom" - there are all kinds of connotations from the fact that it's "atomu" in katakana rather than the Japanese word "genshi," but I'm going to save that kind of thing for the notes. As for Pinoa Icchio, I'm tending to think it's Imai making up some fake Italian, but we'll see.

"Bi" means "beauty" or "aesthetic." It's a central concept of Japanese art and design. More on this in the translation notes.

"Septem Peccata Mortalia" - if you know this one without having to look it up, I'm guessing you're either a graduate of goth school, or you still remember your high school Latin, or you like to listen to and/or sing Medieval church music (or perhaps you are just well educated.) This, my friends, is a major holdover from The Mortal: the seven deadly sins!

"Jukai" literally means "sea of trees," but the most famous "Jukai" in Japan is the infamous Aokigahara Jukai, otherwise known as the Suicide Forest. More on this in the translation notes but in the meantime, take a drink in honor of none so goth mortality and songs by Hoshino Hidehiko.

"Mirai ga Odoru" means "The Future Dances." This is clearly a reference back to "Odoru Atomu" earlier on the album.

"Manjusaka" is another name for the higanbana, otherwise known as the cluster amaryllis or hurricane lily. I already wrote a sizable note on this one for Sakurai's solo song "Tensei," so go check it out if you're interested.

A Cuba Libre is a cocktail similar to a rum & coke. Methinks Imai's been drinking too much at his sister-in-law's bar.

"Ai no Souretsu" means "The Funeral Procession of Love." But if this isn't a direct reference to Auto-Mod's classic song "Toki no Souretsu," ("The Funeral Procession of Time") I'll eat my goth top hat whole. Back in the 80's, Auto-Mod's frontman Genet also sponsored a series of live events called Toki no Souretsu showcasing the hottest indie goth bands of the time. Later, a Toki no Souretsu compilation album was released...and then in the early 2000's, Genet resurrected the event, featuring 80's indie goth bands who'd reunited after years of silence (and some of them reunited specifically for this event). Basically, this is a phrase with some longstanding cred in the history of Japanese goth, and if Sakurai doesn't know that...come on, of course he knows.


But meanwhile, while we speculate as to the contents of the album, Victor is all hot to sell us on the contents of the single. And yes, I know. "New World" sounds like Sakurai musing some very poetic, sad, existentialist things over an oddly spastic, incongruous soundtrack of hyper-fast Eurobeat, EDM, a mashup of the guitar riff from "Solaris" and the melody line from "Bran-New Lover," and maybe a teeny tiny bit of psytrance, if we're being generous. But...it's a single, kids. And it's being released from Victor. Its purpose in life is to try and convince the popular kids that Buck-Tick is in fact boring enough to be worth listening to. Which may be a futile mission, but let's be charitable and let Victor do their thing.

However...if you want to get angry about the fact that all the songs on DIQ bonus DVD are songs owned by Victor, and that they're inflicting yet another video of "Aku no Hana" on us just so they can make a few more yen in royalties, rather than showing us what we actually want to see (which was "Cyborg Dolly" and "Kyouki no Deadheat," amirite kids?)...then by all means, get angry. Maybe if there are enough of us we can gang up and chuck "Aku no Hana" out of Buck-Tickistan forever! It's certainly overstayed its welcome.


Anyhow, last but certainly not least, the details of special editions and goodies for the single and album have now been announced!

The single New World will come with the following goodies, if you buy it at one of the following chain record stores:

Tower Records - an original clear file folder
HMV - an original fridge magnet
Tsutaya - a sticker
Victor Online Shop - a giant-ass poster


The album Atom Miraiha No. 9 limited edition will include the following extras:

- A "special package" (heh heh heh)

- 48 pages of photobook in which the band members will be Photoshopped as smooth and shiny as K-pop idols

- A DVD or BluRay of the music video for "New World"

- A chance to enter a lottery to win some kind of special prize (I hope it's the jacket Mr. Sakurai wore in the New World PV!)

- A coupon for a high-resolution download of the songs...but who the fuck needs this if you already bought the album?

And if you purchase the album at one of the following chain record shops, you'll get one of the following special awesome free goodies:

Tower Records - a big giant badge (4.4 centimeters, yo!)
HMV - an original fridge magnet (deja vu!)
Tsutaya - a sticker (deja vu all over again!)
Victor Online Shop - a giant-ass poster (even more deja vu!)


If you would like to reserve either the single or the album from Cayce, please contact us at themadaristocrat at gmail. We're getting ours from Tower!

Also, Buck-Tick will be appearing in the following magazines:

Rolling Stone Japan (interview with Sakurai and Imai)
Ongaku to Hito (cover feature on Sakurai and Imai)
PHY (cover feature of the whole band)

It would seem that the gossip rags are going to town on the fact that Sakurai and Imai have reunited their marriage. Anyhoo, if you'd like to purchase any of these magazines through Cayce, just shoot us an email!


Atom Miraiha Tour Tickets

Hey folks - this is just a reminder that the general admission presale lottery for tickets to Buck-Tick's Atom Miraiha No. 9 tour is open until Tuesday, August 23rd, at 2PM Japan time...meaning that it's not too late for you to get your tickets! Lots of Blog-Tickers are doing it, so why not succumb to peer pressure and try it yourself? If you're interested in getting tickets to this tour and you'd like my help in getting them, please contact me within the next two days, otherwise I will not be able to help you!


New World NuGoth


As many of you may have noticed, the jacket art for Buck-Tick's forthcoming single New World has now been released, dispelling entirely the hope that this would be a Disney cover single. Nope, kids - far from a Disney cover single, judging by the jackets alone, we'd be tempted to guess that this is Buck-Tick trying to imitate In Death It Ends for the sake of all those broken-hearted fangirls of The Mortal.

These jackets hit all the sexy buzzpoints of the new generation of minimal wave, witch house and self-styled "post-punk" bands that all the hipsters are listening to these days: an ultra-washed-out monochrome color scheme, blur and lens flare effects to make the band members look mysterious, some invocation of occult symbology through the moon phase motif, and of course, a stylized font designed to make Roman letters look like cuneiform characters.

All they need now are some Killstar collaboration tour t-shirts! I recommend this design...can't you just see Buck-Tick's name on this one? (Yes, I stole this photo from some online shop site, sorry not sorry.)

However, when we listen to the the trailer for "New World" that was posted online at the same time as the album jackets were released, it starts to sound less likely that Buck-Tick are indeed giving in to their inner hipster goths...but for the synth line, none of this sounds remotely like cold wave. In fact, if there were more talking animals involved, it almost could be a Disney song.

Then again, it's been my observation that these little snippets of new songs the band post prior to releases are often quiet misleading about what the whole song actually sounds like, so I wouldn't take too much away from this except that Buck-Tick will probably not show up on Stereo Embers "The Next 20 Post-Punk Bands You Should Listen To" any time soon, which means we're safe for now...because if you can tell any of these bands apart from each other by either sound or visuals, you're already ten steps ahead of me.

And that's all the Buck-Tick news for now. But before we leave, we'd like to call your attention to another Disney-related item that is surely well beloved in Buck-Tickistan. Friends, if you have not seen this yet, you must watch it as soon as you can, preferably with the aid of consciousness-altering substances, because this, my friends, is the one and only collaboration between animation titan Walt Disney and surrealist savant Salvador Dali, and it's every bit as weird as you'd expect it to be.



Pet Shop Boy & Girl


Very important news, people! According to his column in the latest issue of the Fish Tank newsletter, dear Mr. Sakurai has adopted a new child. It's a girl, but her name is as yet unknown. It appears that she is a Scottish Fold. Those of you who don't understand the caption...well, shame on you.

We extend best wishes to Mr. Sakurai and our hopes that the exhausting duties of child-rearing will help to keep him a little less angsty...and he'll need it, because according to the newspaper, the rainy season in Japan is over, starting today.

Also according to the newspaper, this is a thing. So those of you starved for kitty love who are passing through Osaka, save your pennies. Paying to sleep with a pussy has never been so wholesome! But if you see Mr. Sakurai there, be sure to phone his daughter and warn her of his unfaithfulness and treachery.



Atomic Futurists No. 9

Buck-Tick are proud to announce their very own Futurists' Manifesto.

Their new album, scheduled for release on September 28th, will be titled 「アトム未来はNo.9」, which translates to Atomic Futurists No. 9

If anyone doubts that Imai Hisashi came up with this title, please go sit in the corner.

If you're sick of Buck-Tick albums with long Japanese titles including katakana, hiragana, kanji, AND romaji all in one, please go sit in the corner - because in fact, while this album will be the twentieth full-length studio album the band will have released over the course of their long career (and releasing their 20th album for their 30th anniversary definitely proves beyond a doubt that 30 is the new 20!) in fact, it's the FIRST album they have ever released with a title that includes all four types of characters used in modern standard Japanese orthography. Imai, you've outdone yourself already, and the album hasn't even been released yet.

As for further details, they are few - but we do know that the album will contain 13 tracks, including the forthcoming single "New World."

The regular edition will be a bog-standard CD with no bells or whistles, and will cost 3240 yen including tax.

There will also be two limited editions. Limited edition A will come with a streamy sexy SHM-CD (a fancy high-quality CD that will nonetheless still be playable in your dearly beloved CD deck from 1994, so have no fear) and a bonus Blu-Ray disc, and will retail for the price of 6459 yen including tax. Limited edition B will also come with a streamy sexy SHM-CD and a bonus DVD. Limited edition B will retail for the price of 5919 yen including tax. The bonus DVD will include the music video for "New World," and reportedly other contents as well...but no word on what they are yet.

The Fish Tank presale lottery for tickets to Tour Atom Miraiha No. 9 will be open from July 30th through August 9th at 2PM. Tickets will cost 7500 yen apiece, plus fees (sheesh guyz they are getting more expensive!) If you have any questions about tickets, contact Cayce as soon as possible. However, before you write to us, please read through the So You Want to Visit Japan to See Buck-Tick? and Japanese Concert Guide sections on This is NOT Greatest Site, if you haven't already. Tickets go on general sale at 10AM on Saturday, September 17th, but there are bound to be general admission presale lotteries before then.

Below is the FULL list of tour dates:

10-08 (Sat) Kanagawa - Yokosuka Arts Theater
10-10 (Mon - holiday) Chiba - Ichikawa Bunka Kaikan
10-15 (Sat) Nara - Nara Centennial Hall
10-16 (Sun) Hyogo - Kobe Kokusai Kaikan International Hall
10-19 (Wed) Saitama - Kawaguchi Lilia Hall
10-23 (Sun) Niigata - Niigata Kokumin Kaikan Large Hall
10-27 (Thu) Saitama - Omiya Sonic City
10-29 (Sat) Nagano - Hokuto Daibunka Hall
10-30 (Sun) Gunma - Gunma Ongaku Center
11-04 (Fri) Fukushima - Kooriyama Shimin Bunka Center
11-06 (Sun) Miyagi - Tokyo Electro Hall Miyagi (this is in Sendai, not Tokyo!)
11-09 (Wed) Tokyo - Nakano Sun Plaza
11-10 (Thu) Tokyo - Nakano Sun Plaza
11-13 (Sun) Tokyo - Olympus Hall Hachioji
11-19 (Sat) Tochigi - Utsunomiya Sougou Bunka Center
11-23 (Wed - holiday) Fukuoka - Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan
11-26 (Sat) Osaka - Osaka Orix Theater
11-27 (Sun) Osaka - Osaka Orix Theater
12-01 (Thu) Kanagawa - Kanagawa Kenmin Hall
12-03 (Sat) Hiroshima - Hiroshima JMS Astaire Plaza
12-04 (Sun) Kagawa - Sunport Hall Takamatsu
12-08 (Thu) Kyoto - Rome Theater Kyoto
12-10 (Sat) Ishikawa - Kanazawa City Cultural Hall
12-17 (Sat) Hokkaido - Sapporo City Kyoiku Bunka Kaikan
12-22 (Thu) Shizuoka - Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan
12-23 (Fri) Aichi - Nagoya Shimin Kaikan (Forest Hall)
12-29 (Thu) NEW YORK CITY MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!!! AND LONDON ROYAL ALBERT HALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! (Just kidding, it's the Nippon Budoukan in good old-fashioned Tokyo.)

That's 27 tour dates in all. More tour dates than some of y'all are years old, I reckon. Anyhoo, we'll keep updating with further info.


A Whole New Album

This, the latest from Fish Tank:

A new album will be released on September 28th, with a hall tour to follow, starting on October 8th at the Yokosuka Arts Theater. Tour dates include, but are not limited to:

October 8th, Yokosuka Arts Theater
October 10th, Ichikawa Cultural Center
October 19th, Saitama Cultural Center
October 27th, Omiya Sonic City
October 30th, Gunma Ongaku Center
November 9th, Nakano Sun Plaza
November 10th, Nakano Sun Plaza
November 13th, Hachioji Olypmic Hall
November 19th, Utsunomiya Cultural Hall
December 1st, Kanagawa Prefectural Citizens' Hall
December 22nd, Shizuoka Cultural Hall

More info coming soon.


A Whole New World

Hey, folks. We hope you're enjoying your summer as much as we're enjoying ours! Have you been surfing the Sea of Solaris? Have you been skinny dipping on Mermaid Beach? Have you been fishing in the Fish Tank?

Whether or not you have been, Fish Tank certainly has. After announcing at the end of June that the next issue of the Fish Tank newsletter would be delayed to mid-July, Fish Tank proceeded to make us wait four whole weeks for the news they'd been holding back on - and this can't be blamed on the band members summer vacations, because Buck-Tick's manager, Chiba Takahiro, kept Twittering things like this:

"今夜も櫻井氏のSEXY VOICE炸裂!本日のREC終了"
For those of you who don't read Japanese, that Tweet means "Yet again tonight, it's a Mr. Sakurai SEXY VOICE explosion! Wrapping up today's recording."

No, my friends, the Buck-Tick members have been hard at work. It's Fish Tank themselves who are shirking their duties. But then, at last, after leading us on to the point where we almost started to wonder if Buck-Tick had been nothing but a beautiful dream we had back in 2014, Fish Tank burst out with the announcement:

Buck-Tick's first new single from Victor since Candy will be released on September 21st, just in time for the band's 29th anniversary. Entitled New World, the single will contain two new tracks, and the first press version will come with a bonus DVD including footage from the Day in Question 2015 concert held on December 29th, 2015 at the Nippon Budoukan.

However, I feel the need to clarify that despite being labeled as a "new" song, what this really is is a new cover. Or should I say, a whole new cover. Folks, I daresay you know this song quite well already...now just imagine Mr. Sakurai's sexy voice explosion singing it.

(He's going to sing Jasmine's part in falsetto.)

As for the b-side, the title hasn't yet been announced, but I think it's going to be this one. After all, we all know that #sexybeasthide is why the Little Mermaid wished she had legs.


We'll keep you updated with further details as they are announced. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves by picturing how Imai would look in a Princess Jasmine costume.


UPDATE: On further inspection of more social media platforms, we can confirm the following further information:

Both new songs have lyrics by Mr. Sakurai and music by Mr. Imai. Also, the title of the b-side is "Devil's Wings." What does that mean, you ask? Well, we're not entirely sure, because being old, we're not entirely sure what the kids are doing these days. But in our day, it was like red wings, but with a lady who was also a massively powerful black magic sorceress.

To illustrate our point, we tried to find a gif from Game of Thrones of the scene where black magic sorceress Melisandre gives birth to a murderous shadow baby, but all we could find was this one and it's not exactly fit for public consumption so y'all go back to that Jasmine costume fantasy posthaste.

Signing off, this is Cayce with too much tequila and not enough caffeine.