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Ikonokrusm Photobook Set

Released in 2002 to commemorate Buck-Tick's 15th anniversary, this deluxe photobook set contains two volumes of arty photographs of the band.  The green volume contains mostly posed shots of the band members backstage and wandering around in front of a big brooding clanking oil refinery of the type Imai thinks is so sexy (fun fact: Cayce actually knows the guy who built this oil refinery!)  The red volume contains live photography and backstage candids from the Warp Days Tour.  The two photobooks are housed in a big shiny black slipcase.  Aside from missing the obi strip, the set is in perfect condition.  Rare and out of print.
5500 yen.

Photobooks and Slipcase

Big oily machines!

Standing "at attention."

Smoking at the bus stop, as one does.

Zipping back up after a sexy beast moment #sexybeasthide


Buck-Tick's Metamorphosis Book

This huge, hardcover book, published by the magazine Rockin' on Japan, contains collected interviews and photoshoots published in the magazine covering Buck-Tick's history between Taboo and Climax Together, including Schaft and This is NOT Greatest Tour. The interviews are very interesting, but for those of you who can't read Japanese, the book will still be enjoyable - there are lots and lots of pages of full-color photos of the young band members in their post-blond youth (they have flowing black locks now because they are So Goth. Wow Such Goth. Wow.) Great condition, rare and out of print. Special shipping charges apply because this thing is very heavy.  4000 yen.

Look, homo-erotic photos of Imai and Hide from X Japan!

...and homo-erotic photos of Sakurai and Yoshiki from X Japan!

Gag me with a spoon!

And last but not least, my most favorite homo-erotic photo of Sakurai and Imai ever. From the photoshoots for This is NOT Greatest Tour (no I'm not kidding.)


Parade 2012 Live DVD

This two-disc set contains live footage of both nights of Buck-Tick's 25th anniversary festival, held on September 22nd and 23rd 2012.  It includes Buck-Tick's entire set for both nights, as well as footage of one song each from the other bands who performed. Cayce recommends this video as one of Buck-Tick's best-filmed live videos ever! The copy I am selling is in perfect condition. The original price was 6800 yen but I am selling this copy for 5500 yen. 

Track list below:

Disc I (2012/9/22)

・Aku no Hana / MERRY
・MISTY ZONE / cali≠gari<>
・Speed / THE LOWBROWS <>
 SE:THEME OF B-T -the Dragon-
  Shippuu no Blade Runner
 Elise no Tame ni
 Hamushi no You ni
 Alice in Wonder Underground
 Kyokutou Yori Ai wo Komete
 Yumemiru Uchuu

Disc II (2012/9/23)

・MACHINE / Kishidan
・EMPTY GIRL / N'Shukugawa BOYS 
・love letter / Pay money To my Pain <>
・sTEP COde / AA= 
 SE:THEME OF B-T -the Dragon-
 Dokudanjou Beauty -R.I.P.-
 Elise no Tame ni
 Memento mori
 Jonathan Jet-Coaster 
 Yumemiru Uchuu 


Smell/Taiji Single

This was one of the singles released as a part of Sakurai's solo project, and contains what is arguably the dirtiest set of lyrics Mr. Sakurai has ever penned (I am, of course, referring to the "smell" that smell refers to.)  The single includes four tracks - "Smell," "Taiji - embryo's theater version-," "Fantasy -cubic orange mix-" and the studio recording of Sakurai's cover of "Amaoto wa Chopin no Shirabe." Perfect condition, very rare and out of print. 3000 yen.


Tsuchiya Masami - Mori no Hito

1997 solo album from Tsuchiya Masami features Sakurai Atsushi on guest vocals on two tracks, "Manatsu no Yoru no Mori," ("A Midsummer Night's Forest") and "Goblin Forest."  Beyond Sakurai's guest vocals, this is a beautiful album in general, full of mysterious, soothing tracks, including vocals and instrumentals, and incorporating many forest sounds like birdcalls and crickets...great to listen to for relaxation and very possibly one of Cayce's top ten favorite records ever!  Conceived as a concept album against environmental destruction, the case and booklet were printed on recycled paper. The album was recorded in London and released by Cross Records, Sugizo's label. Song samples available on request. Incredibly rare and out of print. Excellent condition.
4500 yen.


NEWSMAKER 13th Floor Special

This softcover, 57-page magazine-style book published by Newsmaker covers the production process for the 13th Floor With Moonshine tour, from the concept art to the stage design to the costuming to the actual performance. This book will be of particular interest to fans who want to know more about the band's behind-the-scenes creative process.  13th Floor was the only tour for which Buck-Tick published such a book, making this book one-of-a-kind. Once upon a time it was easy to come by, but these days it's very rare. The copy I have on offer is in perfect condition. 4000 yen.


Tenshi no Revolver Tote Bag

This tote bag is made of highly durable nylon and has a flat bottom to accommodate a large amount of heavy cargo. You could easily use it to carry around textbooks, groceries, wine bottles, etc. It has never been used and is in mint condition, and is now completely unavailable, as it was only sold at the goods booth on the Tenshi no Revolver Tour and sold out from the Buck-Tick web shop years ago. The dimensions are 30 by 35 centimeters. 2000 yen. Leopard print rug not included.



If you're interested in buying or reserving anything, send me an email at themadaristocrat at gmail.  If there's an item you're sure you want but you need a few more days/weeks to scrape together the cash, I suggest you email me and request that I hold the item for you, otherwise, there is a possibility someone else will buy it first. I sell all items on a first-come, first-serve basis.  I'm willing to put items on reserve for up to a month.



Tracing the Origins of Buck-Tickistan


An essay by Maria Anastasia Hisashiyevna Sakuraina.
(Published last week in the Hisashi Inquirer)


Many times previously on this blog, Cayce has referred to the cuisine, people and traditions of Buck-Tickistan, but what many of you who are insufficiently well-versed in geographic knowledge may not have realized is that Buck-Tickistan is a real place: a former Soviet republic located near the Amur River, on the Asian mainland northwest of Hokkaido.  Founded at the nexus between China, Mongolia, Russia and the northern finger of the Sea of Japan, the land of Buck-Tickistan holds a long, romantic and truly multicultural memory of the diverse genres of people who have swankily tangoed and done the 'I Love You' on its soil in ages past.

The speculation has been bandied about by many that Mr. Sakurai is not of 100% Japanese lineage…after all, he’s unusually tall, has unusually large muscles, unusually special body hair, and his eyes are a funny shape.  It’s true!  Far from being pure Japanese, Mr. Sakurai’s is of Buck-Tickistani extraction, on his father’s side.  In fact, the ancient Achan people had already been living in the area that would later become known as Buck-Tickistan for centuries when a boatload of Cossacks sailed down the river, tied up the natives, and spread dirty whispers throughout the land of the fearsome power of their new stronghold, a fort they named Achansk. The Cossack invasion thus sparked numerous armed conflicts between the Russians, the Buck-Tickistani natives, and the Manchu army, led by a one Commander Haise (an archaic spelling of Hisashi). Commander Hisashi attacked Fort Achansk but was defeated and taken prisoner.  Nevertheless, he adapted successfully to the local ways, becoming and indispensable part of local culture, and eventually helping to found the region as a new nation, conceived in anarchy and dedicated to the proposition that all people were born to fly high.  The rest, as you know, is history.




Note from Cayce: this essay may or may not be a highly inaccurate and garbled bastardization of the early history of Khabarovsk, pilfered from Wikipedia.

We are as yet still unable to verify if Buck-Tickistan is, in fact, a real place, or if it exists only on paper and in the hearts and minds of its exiled citizens who still long for their long-lost anarchist utopia.

However, we're fairly certain of the fact that Maria Anastasia is being a troll.




In case you haven't heard the news, Buck-Tick have jumped on the kitty wagon. And no, I don't mean this kitty wagon.


I mean the HELLO wagon.

As in, the Hello Kitty Wagon.

What does this involve, you ask?  Well the truth of the matter is that this year, Ms. Hello Kitty herself is turning 40.  We had long suspected based on her age that she probably harbored a secret crush on Buck-Tick...after all, here in Japan, women around age 40 are the band's primary fan demographic.  Now, we have confirmation.  In honor of her 40th birthday, Ms. Kitty used her star power to reach out to a number of her favorite musicians, including our favorite musicians, Cat-Tick, I mean, Buck-Kit, I mean, Buck-Tickitty - and an all-new Buck-Tickitty smartphone case was born.

It looks like this:

Note that Yutaka is smaller than the other Buck-Tickitties. However, Toll appears to be the tallest of all, and I'm honestly not sure what's up with that, since, just between you and me, without his mohawk, Toll isn't a whole lot taller than Yutaka.  Naturally, Acchan-chan appears the most zen about having been turned into a female kitten, though Imai's rocking it pretty well, too, but Hide appears to be protesting by refusing to let go of his beard. And let's be honest...dressed like that, he's going to need all the beards he can get :P

Anyhoo, the Buck-Tickitty case is available in various sizes that fit all major smartphone models on the Japanese market.  Sales open from 7PM tonight, which is slightly more than 4 hours away by my watch.  The price is 3300 yen including tax, excluding shipping. If you'd like Cayce to help you order one, just shoot me an email.


In the meantime, honor Ms. Kitty by feasting your eyes upon this Harajuku dubstep extravaganza by Canadian Hot Topic poster child, Avril Lavigne. 

Word has it that when this music video debuted, it was initially pulled from YouTube due to allegations of being "extremely racist." To which, as a person who personally lives in Harajuku about 170.2 days per year, I have to say...you people, do you know what the phrase "extremely racist" actually means?

This video was filmed on location in Harajuku, so for those of you who don't know: yes Harajuku actually looks like that.  In fact, I can see that candy store out the window of my room as I write this! Also, the extras and dancers who appear are all actually Japanese, some of them clearly picked up off the street as the video was being filmed (check out the sequence at the end!) White North American whiners can whine all they want that Avril is using her backup dancers as props, that the Japanese girls are merely supporting Avril in her self-involved whiteness in a foreign land, but the fact remains that almost any girl off the street in Harajuku would jump at the chance to appear in an Avril Lavigne video and her friends would all be foaming at the mouth with jealousy.

And as to the lyrics...

Come, come, kitty kitty, you're so pretty pretty
Come come kitty kitty stay with me

Is this a denigrating perpetuation of the stereotype of Asian women as sexually permissive? Or is it a blossoming bicurious love song sung by one lady to another lady's...um...pussycat? YOU DECIDE. All I know is that where I come from, telling a girl's "kitty" to "come" is less racist than it is racy. Therefore, I think it's awfully queer strange that people misinterpreted this very gay happy and positive song as derogatory.

To my mind, the only mis-step here is the fact that no one who values a hangover-free tomorrow would drink Jiro shochu out of the bottle.






Money no Hana

The latest in Buck-Tick news: Victor Invitation will be releasing new special ridiculous editions of the Aku no Hana album.  Ostensibly, this is to celebrate the 25th anniversary (!!!) of the album's release, but we all know what it really is: an obvious grub to milk money from rock stars who have long since left them for younger, sexier independent labels, with perkier dadas and gagas.

The special limited Aku no Hana memorial box, entitled "Aku no Hana -completeworks-" #spacesareforlosers #akuwithfancykanji will include five whole discs (one for each band member!) as well as a set of "portrait cards."  As for what each of the five discs contain, the Buck-Tick official website doesn't say, but personally I'm hoping for leaked home videos of Imai's baby and classified love hotel security camera footage of the unimaginable exploits detailed in Yutaka's autobiography. The memorial box also comes with a bonus sticker, and if you reserve it at one of the Metaform Nights tour stops, you get a set of four clear file folders, as well, so CALL NOW!

Reservations for this monster opened on November 1st, and the official release date is February 1st.  The price?  A cool 13800 yen, PLUS 1104 yen in consumption tax, to help restart oppressed nuclear reactors and keep your friendly neighborhood corrupt politicians rolling in graft money. Victor is laughing at you. CALL NOW!

But even if you haven't got the coins for five discs of dubious content, there are other, cheaper options. Victor will also be releasing a newly remastered version of the album on some kind of fancy platinum spec disc, for only 3500 yen plus nuke tax. As the Aku no Hana album was already remastered once for the band's 20th anniversary, please note that this 2015 version is the re-remastered version. Victor is laughing at you. CALL NOW!

But wait, there's more! For the first time ever, Victor will also be releasing the Aku no Hana video album on DVD and Blu-Ray. For those of you who don't know, Buck-Tick filmed music videos for every single track on the Aku no Hana album. Some of them were gothic masterpieces (Sabbat!), some were boring as hell (Pleasure Land!) and some contained lots of Soviet imagery that made Maria Anastasia Hisashiyevna Sakuraina wet in the knickers (National Media Boys!) Fun fact: when Aku no Hana was released, the Soviet Union was still a thing that existed! Raise your hand if you weren't a thing yet then because you hadn't been born yet!

Either way, this one looks like it actually might be worth spending money on, though full disclosure: here in the NGS archives, we already have the VHS tapes so there's a possibility that we'll feel too hipster superior to actually buy any of these items. For those of you who are interested, the price for the Blu-Ray is 5800 yen and the price for the DVD is 4800 yen, but be aware that as these videos were filmed on analog equipment, even if you buy the Blu-Ray the image quality is still likely to look like a VHS tape #puttingtheanalinanalog.

Either way, Cayce can help you buy all this shit if you need help. And if you CALL NOW, we'll throw in some sarcastic macros, ABSOLUTELY FREE. Just dial 1-800-TELEPHONE-MURDER. This has been a NOT Greatest Infomercial. YOU'RE WELCOME.


P.S. As you may have read in the Hisashi Inquirer, Acchan-chan is in the process of growing a new hipster beard, and we are currently raising funds to send him a jar of Dali brand Surrealist mustache wax. If you would like to donate, email me asap.


Tower of Buck-Tick

In honor of the release of the Tour 2014 Arui wa Anarchy live album, Tower Records Shibuya is currently holding an exhibit of the Buck-Tick members' costumes from the tour (the exhibit lasts till the end of the month.)  Naturally, we went to investigate.

As new CDs are always released on Wednesdays, Tower Records was a mob scene. Teenyboppers swarmed a giant mural of Korean idol boys that covered half the first floor back wall, but we had eyes only for Buck-Tick...and we weren't the only ones.  Everyone loves Buck-Tick!

In the limited space available, fans crammed in to get pictures, but it was very difficult to photograph the outfits due to the highly reflective nature of the display case. But in case you wondered...Cayce's face isn't accidentally reflected in any of these photos, so give up looking for me.

Detail of Hide #sexybeast

Detail of Sakurai. As I was trying to frame this photo, the fans next to me were earnestly discussing the visibility of Acchan-chan's armpit hair through the lace. Riddle me this: why do y'all fangirls like pit beards but not face beards, eh?

Detail of Toll.

Detail of Imai's rockin' Anarchy necklace.

And even better, Imai's shoes!

As you can see, Hide is tall enough not to need much in the way of heels on his silver boots, while Yutaka prefers pointed platform brothel creepers (he wears them when he creeps into brothels!)

Sakurai, meanwhile, has some tall Cuban heels on him. Way to, uh, stand up, if you get what I'm saying ;)

Above the display of CDs and magazines, a large video monitor played the Keijijou Ryuusei PV on repeat...

...while fangirls read Yutaka's new autobiography in morbid fascination at the soul-baring tales of his dastardly deeds of the dudes he has done...wrong. We sincerely apologize for not posting a picture of Yutaka's costume. We took a few, but none of them came out.

We awarded this poster the Not Greatest Poster of the Year award. Some fans got to take copies home, but none of them were autographed.

No Buck-Tick, No Life!