The Garden of Earthly Delights

We have previously discussed Medieval painter Hieronymous Bosch's famous triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights (shown above) several times on NGS/Blog-Tick - not only were details from the painting used as part of the backdrop for "Baudelaire de Nemurenai" on the Arui wa Anarchy hall tour in 2014, but as I mentioned in my article The Cacophony of Mortality, Sakurai also invoked the image of the Medieval grotesque in The Mortal's song "Grotesque," and there's probably no painting in art history that's more chock full of grotesques than Bosch's Garden.

Since the painting is so dense with detail, most digital reproductions haven't been able to do it justice, and even those of you interested in finding out more about the kinds of scenes the painting depicts may have been stymied by everything being too small and pixelated to make out...until now!

Art history nerd Blog-Tickers rejoice: we are pleased to share with you this all-new incredible interactive digital version of The Garden of Earthly Delights, complete with narrations about lust, sin and damnation by an extremely grave British man (he even mentions Memento Mori!). Even if you don't think you like art or history, we urge you to check this out, if for no other reason than to search for the detail where one guy is putting a bouquet of flowers up another guy's butt. Also, we think we spotted some interracial underwater lesbian makeouts, but don't take out word for it, take a look at it HERE. Happy art-farting!

Above: Bosch details on the backdrop for "Baudelaire" at the Anarchy hall tour.



Shopping Service Spring Fever

For the first time in a good long while, we bring you a new This is NOT Greatest Shopping Service sales post! There are some items in here that we've never carried before and may not get in stock again any time soon, so don't hesitate! If you're interested in something, send us an email to reserve it right away!


Schwein Live Tour Pamphlet (Tour Pamphlet B)

This is the second of the two pamphlets released for the Schwein tour, and unlike the first pamphlet, which features studio photography and off-shots from PV filming, etc, this one is all hot-and-heavy live action, with some backstage thrown in for good measure. This pamphlet is by far the larger of the two, totally more than 100 pages of sultry steamy shutterbugging. It is extremely rare and we can't guarantee we'll be able to find another copy for a long time, so if you want it, now is your chance! Rare, out of print. Excellent condition, but the binding is fragile, so handle with care.
11000 yen.

P.S. For you new fans - Schwein is the industrial supergroup project made up of Imai Hisashi, Sakurai Atsushi, Raymond Watts of UK industrial unit PIG, and Sascha Konietzcko of German industrial titans KMFDM. They toured in 2001 and released a single album, Schweinstein, but no live DVD, so when it comes to a record of the tour, this pamphlet is all that remains. A true treasure!

What the hell is going on here?

What the hell is going on here?

What the hell is going on here?

If you want to find out, buy the pamphlet!


Chaos Tour Pamphlet

A large, glossy, beautiful photobook/tour pamphlet that was released for the 1996 Chaos tour, which Buck-Tick undertook to support the release of Cosmos. Since the Cosmos tours were never released on film either, this, too, is one of the only records that remains. Excellent condition, rare and out of print.
6000 yen

WORDS by Buck-Tick

This very thick, hardcover book published by the music magazine Ongaku to Hito contains a digest of all the interviews and photoshoots Buck-Tick did for the magazine between 1987 and 2002.  In addition to 64 pages of full color photos, it contains and extensive interview section with additional photographs and some very interesting interviews chronicling the band's history and recording process tour by tour. Interviews include not only the five Buck-Tick members, but also chats with Schaft (Imai and Maki Fujii), Schwein (Imai, Sakurai, Raymond Watts), and crosstalk between Imai and Hide of X Japan, and Sakurai and Issay of Der Zibet. Recommended for any fan, but especially if you are learning Japanese, this book is a great way to practice. The textured pages made it hard to photograph but the photos look very crisp in person. Perfect condition. Out of print. 6000 yen.

Thumbnail of front cover

Buck-Tick in the Turkish Desert (Shapeless era)

Darker Than Darkness

Aku no Hana

Backstage during the Mona Lisa Overdrive tour (hang in there, Acchan-chan!)

Oh oh I'm in rest room!

Imai in the meat locker

Imai Hisashi and Sakurai Atsushi as Daniel Ash and Young Lord Voldemort

Homo-eros with the guest vocalist and a MIDI guitar on the Somewhere Nowhere Tour!

Omg you can see all his moles!

Just two men, making takoyaki on the beach at night...


Warp Days DVD

Live DVD of Buck-Tick's concert Tour 2002 Warp Days 20020616 Bay NK Hall. In Cayce's opinion, this is one of their more exciting and dynamic live DVDs, featuring an unusual array of songs they rarely play anymore. One disc, region 2, excellent condition. No first press was issued. Track list below. Rare and out of print.
5500 yen

Shippu No Blade Runner
21st Cherry Boy
Warp Day
Aku No Hana
Shanikusai -Carnival-
Kyokutou Yori Ai Wo Komete
Long Distance Call
Love Letter
Baby, I Want You.
Oukoku Kingdom Come -Moon Rise-
Barairo No Hibi
Rokugatsu No Okinawa
National Media Boys
Hurry Up Mode


Aaand...some screen caps!

Mr. Sakurai can be seen wearing the custom-made Schwein tour ring.

Mr. Imai can be seen wearing futuristic robot makeup!

And Mr. Imai can be seen fingering his guitar, right in the F-hole! (Don't try to claim you haven't fantasized about this at least once. I know you're lying.)

And Mr. Sakurai can be seen pouring a bottle of wine on his head! He was partying like it was 1999 in 2002! Those were the days!

As they say in German, Buch Dich, Mr. Sakurai. Buch Dich.


Ai no Wakusei Explosion Live DVD

This is the live DVD of Sakurai Atsushi's solo concert at NHK Hall in 2004.  Reportedly, this concert was what inspired Imai to create the concept for the 13kai wa Gekkou album, though as the stage sets are minimal, I feel sure that Imai must have been inspired by Sakurai's performance itself. Sakurai is joined onstage by an all-star backup band, including Fujii Maki (formerly of Soft Ballet) on synth, Jake Cloudchair (formerly of Guniw Tools, currently of The Mortal fame) on guitar, Miyo Ken (also of The Mortal fame) on guitar, and guest appearances by Satou Taiji (Theater Brook) and Cube Juice. In addition to his own solo works, Sakurai performs covers of David Bowie's "Space Oddity," Sawada Kenji's "Love -Dakishimetai," and Yuming's "Amaoto wa Chopin no Shirabe."  The DVD contains the full concert, plus a live music video for "Wakusei -Rebirth," and a bonus image gallery. It comes in a smoke grey hard plastic case.  This is the original pressing of this video and the only available version of this concert on DVD, as the Ai no Wakusei Collector's Box that was released in September contains Blu-Ray only...and it's only going to get rarer as the time passes, so if you want it, the time is now. Very rare and out of print. Region 2. A must have for any collector and true treasure for any fan of Mr. Sakurai, including non-fangirl fans - it's a great show and a beautiful video.
9900 yen.

Front Cover


Track List

Wonderful World
Yellow Pig
I Hate You All
Amaon Wa Chopin No Shirabe -I Like Chopin- (Yuming cover)
Love (Dakishimetai) (Sawada Kenji cover)
Space Oddity (David Bowie cover)


Screen Shots


If you're interested in buying or reserving anything, send me an email at themadaristocrat at gmail.  If there's an item you're sure you want but you need a few more days/weeks to scrape together the cash, I suggest you email me and request that I hold the item for you, otherwise, there is a possibility someone else will buy it first. I sell all items on a first-come, first-serve basis. I'm willing to put items on reserve for up to a month.



Schaft Climax Birthday Toll

After a long, cold, silent winter, there's finally movement in Buck-Tickistan, on multiple fronts! Though Mr. Sakurai declared in his interview in the latest issue of the Fish Tank newsletter that the first thing he wanted to do this year was "reaffirm Buck-Tick's bond as a band," there's only one piece of news in Buck-Tickistan that's coming from all five band members at once - yes, of course I'm talking about Climax Together 3rd.

For all you new fanlings who have started to read Blog-Tick, the history of Climax Together is a long one. Buck-Tick held the first concert entitled Climax Together at Yokohama Arena back in 1992. The concert was held specifically to be filmed, so in order to maximize the potential bombast of the arena, the stage was set up along the long side of the hall. The sets were extremely large and impressive, and changed several times during the concert, but even more impressive than the sets was the set list, which focused on Buck-Tick's darkest, most experimental, romantic work, and heavily featured re-arranged tracks from the band's newly released self-cover album Koroshi no Shirabe - This is NOT Greatest Hits-, which is, of course, where This is NOT Greatest Site got its name. In our opinion, the video of the 1992 Climax Together and accompanying live album remain one of Buck-Tick's best recordings to date, especially the phenomenal performance of "Victims of Love," which I wrote about a bit in this article. If you've never seen the original Climax Together but you like Imai performing crazy guitar tricks and Mr. Sakurai back when he was a very young man with very long hair, stop what you're doing and go watch it!

Buck-Tick didn't hold the second Climax Together concert until twelve years later, in 2004. This second incarnation of the Climax Together series was also held at Yokohama Arena, and was entitled Devil and Freud -Climax Together- ...but between you and me, I'd rather not imagine Freud climaxing at all, ever. This concert, too, was filmed and released as an ultra-super-duper special DVD, so perhaps you can see a pattern here.

Like the previous two Climaxes, Climax Together 3rd will be held at Yokohama Arena, on September 11th, which is the same date that Devil and Freud was held on twelve years ago. We're not sure if Buck-Tick intended this to be a once-every-zodiac cycle thing, but whether they did or not, that is what it has become. All hail the Year of the Monkey! Yokohama Arena is so big that it's doubtful any of the fans will be able to see anything at all, but if you're a member of Fish Tank and you want tickets to this historic event anyway, ticket reservations are now open until 2PM on April 12th, Japan Time.


Anyhow, September is still along way off, and separately, the Buck-Tick members have plans before then. After Schaft performed two new songs on their tour which didn't appear on Ultra, we suspected that at the very least, a new single would be forthcoming, but Schaft fans can rejoice, because it's not just a single, it's a single and live mini-album! Entitled Deeper and Down, the mini-album will cost 2700 yen and come with a bonus DVD with a live PV of the title track, "Deeper and Down." The ten tracks are as follows:

01. Deeper and Down (lyrics - Yow-Row/music - Imai Hisashi)
02. H.N.A. (lyrics & music - Imai Hisashi)
03. Deeper and Down (live 1/28 at EX Theater Roppongi)
04. H.N.A. (live 1/28 at EX Theater Roppongi)
05. Arbor Vitae (live 1/28 at EX Theater Roppongi)
06. Thirsty Fly (live 1/28 at EX Theater Roppongi)
07. Broken English (live 1/28 at EX Theater Roppongi)
08. The Hero InSide (live 1/28 at EX Theater Roppongi)
09. Slice (live 1/28 at EX Theater Roppongi)
10. Cold Light (live 1/28 at EX Theater Roppongi)

We plan on writing a report of the Schaft tour, but for now, we'll say that the 2016 live versions of the old Schaft songs are extremely different from the original recordings which appeared on Switchblade, to the point that they're practically new songs, so this live album should be a treat.

In addition to the live album, Schaft will also be releasing a live DVD/BluRay of the show held on January 28th at EX Theater Roppongi. Titled Archives 2016 Tour Ultra ~The Loud Engine~, the BluRay version will cost 7540 yen, while the DVD version will cost 6459 yen. The first press edition will come in special packaging and include a special booklet. The tracklist for the video is as follows:

01. The Loud Engine
02. Vice
03. drift
04. Anti-Hedonist
05. ReVive
06. Der Zauberlehrling
08. Leidenschaft
09. Arbor Vitae
10. Thirsty Fly
11. Swan Dive
12. Adam's Rib
13. Mi
....and more

We attended all the shows except for the one in Osaka, and we can categorically say that the show at EX Theater was the best of the bunch. If you are a fan of Schaft, you will surely not regret buying this DVD! Both the DVD and the mini-album will include application tickets for a lottery for further Schaft prize goods, so if you buy both, you might win something cool, though no details have been released as yet. Both the DVD and mini-album will be released on May 11thAs always, if you'd like our help purchasing either of these releases, just send us an email.


And finally, for the fourth year running, Toll has announced he will be holding a live show in honor of his birthday: It's a Now 2016! Last year he outdid himself by holding three shows, but this year he's dialed it back to two:

Friday, August 19th at Shimokitazawa Garden (open 18:30/start 19:00)
Sunday, August 21st at Takasaki Club Fleez (open 16:30/start 17:00)

As most of you already know, August 19th is Toll's actual birthday. Last year's birthday show involved a guest appearance from one of the actual members of CAROL, so in a way, it's hard to imagine how Toll could top that, but surely he's got a trick or two up his sleeve. No further details have yet been announced, but ticket reservations are open to Fish Tankers until April 12th, so start checking your calendars!


Anyhow, that's it for now.


Buck-Tick Friends Network

Hi, Blog-Tickers! Here in Tokyo, we're gearing up for the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas in March - yes, I'm talking about cherry blossom season! After a cold, damp winter, it's finally warm enough to go outdoors and get drunk in a park with lots of friends...maybe if you're lucky...this time of the year still tends to be intermittently rainy and cold! But who cares if it rains on your party if it rains on your friends, too? Especially if your friends love Buck-Tick as much as you do!

Lately I've been hearing from a lot of new readers from around the world who just became fans of Buck-Tick within the past couple months. Ten years ago, when Kame and I started This is NOT Greatest Site, our primary readership was North American, but much to our surprise, this very quickly ceased to be true. For many years now, a very significant portion of our readership has been Buck-Tick fans from various countries around the world who speak English as a second language. A lot of you have apologized for your English when you've written, but frankly, you needn't bother - you all speak English impressively well! We never expected that an English-language site was going to gain such an international following. We never expected we'd hear from so many fantastic people around the globe, but at this point, hearing from all of you is one of the best things about running NGS/Blog-Tick, so thank y'all for splashing warm beer on our cold jaded hearts.

Of course, with Buck-Tick fans scattered around the world, it might be easy to think that you're the only Buck-Tick fan in your country. It's hard to tell just based on web stats and emails, but while there seem to be high concentrations of B-T love in Eastern Europe and South America, for a long time, despite being based in Tokyo, we hardly heard from anyone in Asia...until now! Over the past few months, we've started hearing from a lot more people based on the Asian side of the Pacific rim, including Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. A lot of you Asian fans are saying the same thing: I just got into Buck-Tick recently, but there are not enough B-T fans in my country! With so few B-T fans, how am I supposed to start a B-T copyband?

Well folks, we're here to tell you that there might be more B-T fans near you than you think. Maybe even enough to start a band...I don't know (Imai didn't know how to play guitar when he started Hinan Go-Go so don't worry about your musical skills here eh.) Which is why, in cherry-blossom-party spirit, we are opening up this post as a thread on which to request connections with other B-T fans who read Blog-Tick. Consider this a virtual party. Introduce yourselves and find copyband members. We promise we will stay off the comment thread so you don't have to be worried about us making fun of anything you say. Alternatively, if you're too shy too talk, then just sit there and drink your virtual sake in complete silence. Mr. Imai isn't exactly known for his social skills, either. We just thought we'd give you an opportunity to talk if you want to.


These Mortal Avatars


The Hisashi Inquirer Online App presents!

These Mortal Avatars (tm)!!!!

Use them as your profile picture on social media and everyone will think that your fake Sakurai Twitter is Sakurai's real Twitter!


Murata (the rumored father of Acchan-chan's newest love child!!!)

Jake (he's jealous!)

Miyo Ken (the latest rumored secret backup member of Vaniru, Acchan-chan's original love child's original band!)

Akiyama Takahiko (I bet you guys don't remember who this guy is!)