A novel look at Buck-Tick

Yes, you heard me right. There's a novel about Buck-Tick! And actually, it's old news. Published in 1990 by Matsumoto Kiyori, a writer for the Japanese music magazine GB, Tenshi no Zawameki chronicles Buck-Tick's early years, from the time of their debut to the scandal of Imai's arrest for LSD possession in 1989, up through the band's grand reunion at the Tokyo Dome in 1990. Matsumoto, the author, was both a music journalist and an ardent Buck-Tick fan, and she tells the story of her acquaintance with the band through a series of vignettes of the interviews she conducted and the concerts she attended. Rather than focusing on the content of her interviews, Matsumoto focuses on her private interactions with the band, and captures the atmosphere of the underground Japanese rock scene in the late 80's. Though Matsumoto often comes across as a misty-eyed idealist, the book is a great read for a serious Buck-Tick fan. The fresh young band members, behind the scenes! It's almost...dare I say...titillating!

It's also all in Japanese. Not Greatest Site doesn't have the money to translate it for free, but we've decided to put up a few of the best bits as a preview. If you like what you see and you want the whole thing, don't hesitate to contact us, though we warn you, translations of whole books don't come cheap.

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