Imai Custom Guitar

Displayed outside Zepp Tokyo after the concert last night, which included no hairsprayed Sakurai but did include a lot of aggressively ill-mannered fans. Fangirls: when you elbow your way in front of the person next to you and then scream "Acchan!" in a piercing voice, it makes Acchan cry.

On the other hand, pretty sexy guitar.

Next up, the DIQ.


  1. I had a crazy Imai fanboy pretty much, hitting and muscling his way to the front. I ended up being elbowed and shoved by him, then someone dropped him to the ground. He then proceeded to crawl through people's feet to continue his quest. It was quite nuts last night for sure.

  2. Too bad they didnt created a compleet new custom or anything. This is more or less a recoloured version of the red one (although the drawnings on it are somewhat different). Still not a bad guitar though.

  3. Hmm, I hear quite a lot about pushy girls at B-T concerts. Is it just a concert thing...?

    I mean, I can imagine that my first impulse at my first B-T concert would be to loose my mind but you shouldn't push your B-T friends!


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