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I know you're all curious to hear how the new Not Greatest Site is progressing...

You'll be pleased to know, I expect it to be ready within the next few weeks. I have uploaded an entirely new archive of Buck-Tick lyrics translations, as well as some new content, so stay tuned! The changes I have left to make are mostly of the cosmetic surgery kind. I promise you, this new site will come out looking better than Kim Kardashian.

And, I'm very touched by your support. Except for Facebook, the internet is so faceless, it's hard to know how many people my content reaches. Hearing from all of you gives me the warm fuzzies! I'm happy to know that some of you have been Buck-Tick fans for more than five minutes, and I'm also pleased to know that you're using my work to help you study Japanese. At those Japanese-studying NGS fans...if you really want to get good at Japanese, avoid using romaji and stick to kanji as much as possible, seriously, you will learn far more. Sorry about all the kanji typos that abounded in the old site, I confess a lot of those kanji were not typed by me but this time, I hand-typed all the kanji with a Buck-Tick tour towel wrapped around my head to soak up the sweat, so things should be much better this time!

At soju/sake: bonus points for a great username. To respond to your comment Imai-style, in the body of my post: thank you for coming out so ardently as my secret admirer, and thank you for actually reading the translation notes. A lot of times the notes take me longer than the translation itself, and you may be pleased to hear I've written some new notes for the new site. I think the new note for "Sid Vicious on the Beach" may be longer than the lyrics to the song itself. If you are seriously curious to hear my comments on other Buck-Tick songs, let me know which ones and I will see about making postings on Blog-Tick. There's a lot of stuff I haven't included in the translation notes, and in any case, and it sounds like it could be an excellent ego-waving pretentious web series opportunity. Also FYI, personally I prefer sake to soju, but that's just a personal opinion and not meant to offend anyone.

And speaking of offending people. If you're worried I've been too nice lately, being all mushy about y'all appreciating my work and such, if you're worried I'm losing my caustic touch just like a big bottle of flat soda, don't worry. I promise you the new site is chock full of lots of fully dissociated strong acids and new great ridicules. Cause don't we all love a good ridicule?

Thought so.

Thanks, not greatest fans.


  1. you should make twitter yo

  2. Thanks for responding to me :) Glad to know things are progressing smoothly with prep for the new site.
    I can't wait to read your new translations and especially the notes. I'm sure I'll be curious about your opinions on each song so I'll definitely get back to you on that.
    Thanks for the username props XD I also prefer sake.

  3. Such a hard work! Thank you for your effort! I'm from Mexico and Buck Tick is the only japanese band that i like. Without your translations it would be impossible for me to know the wonderful meanings of the lyrics. Also, i love the notes about the songs, they are very informative and fun! A big THANK YOU from a little girl in Mexico City :)

  4. I'm looking forward to the new site, I'm glad that you expect it to be ready soon! Thank you for all your hard work. ^^

  5. I'm the one who also love reading the translation's note. I think reading B-T lyrics is like reading a book like The Metamorphosis... There's always things to discover and think about in them :) Thank you very much for your effort. Will always continue to be the not greatest fan X3

  6. I panicked a little bit when I visited the url and was redirected here, but I'm glad to see that things will be back up! Thanks for all your hard work!

    PS: I also read the translation notes, I'd love to see lots more of them in the future!

  7. Hell yes! I'm excited!

    Thanks for all the great work.


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