BT Fashions

For those of you interested in dressing in Buck-Tick related motifs, you might enjoy the Zara Fall 2012 collection, which features not only a large number of memento mori themed skull-and-rose t-shirts in various colors (srsly they might as well b BT tour t-shirts yo), but also several memento mori skull scarves, a shirt emblazoned with the word "Dream" (like a total ripoff of that t-shirt Hide designed) done in pearl beads, and to top it all off, a scarf patterned with RAPTORS.  Almost like the Zara designers have come over total BT fangirls, or something.

Not to mention all the spikes and lizard skin, black leather and camo print, etc.

They seemed to have stopped short of putting Mr. Sakurai's face all over their raptor scarves, though.  The same cannot be said for Drone, which is doing a brisk business at the goods booths on the Yumemiru Uchuu tour (you know you want a giant scarf with like sixteen Sakurais on it.  You know you want it.)

Full disclosure: Cayce designed the whole collection and anyone who buys any of the pieces in the collection is basically putting money in Cayce's wallet.  (Haha!  Just kidding.)


  1. It is true, and oh they are beautiful!! I think maybe we are all on the same page with this end-of-the-world shiznit. We all feel death and Her dark beauty very close, (although what KIND of death remains to be seen). "Better live before we die 'cause, Look! there it is!"

  2. I know it was a joke, but don´t you really want to design your own t-shirts? Because, I wouldn´t mind to put some money in your wallet ...Just saying ^-^

    Well, it´s interesting what you wrote =O. I´ll search for the stuff in the nearest Zara branch!


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