More BT X'mas


By the way, this is a Christmas song, in my opinion.  It contains Christmas spirit.  And no, the Buck-Tick members are not Christians and neither are they Satanists.

Lyrics: Sakurai Atsushi
Music: Imai Hisashi

The hand stops at midnight
The beasts hold their breath
The hand trembles at midnight
Thirteen seconds pass…that moment is coming

The water ripples beneath the floating white lotus
Ringing voices sing the heresies
A babe’s first cry splits the heavens

Time marked quietly
Splitting my ears, that moment has come

Adorning the cross, painting it with blood
The devils sing with ringing voices
A babe’s first cry splits the heavens

The earth groans, the storm howls
We sing with ringing voices
A babe cries out to the heavens

Awaken now, the night is beginning
Dream now, the night is being born

Thrash and be born
Struggle and sing
Thrash and be born
Struggle and sing, ahh…


  1. I love this song's anxiety and this dark velvet feeling, ahh...

  2. What a nice Christmas feeling this song spreads...
    No seriously,there is nothing that feels like christmas in this song :D
    But I love it!

  3. @ Juli - I posted the lyrics for a reason. Did you read them? Christmas was a Pagan holiday adapted by Christians. I'm talking about that old Medieval Christmas right now. Everyone knows Santa Claus is a sexual predator anyway.


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