"Fly Highfall," or, "My Tick Will Go On"

Stepping into the realm of famous movie theme-song hits, BUCK-TICK: THE MOVIE, which has actually turned out to be BUCK-TICK: THE TWO MOVIES, will have a commercially released theme song.  Oh wait, make that two commercially released theme songs!  The details of the songs are as follows:

Theme song "Love Parade"
Lyrics: Sakurai Atsushi
Music: Hoshino Hidehiko
Recording by Adele at Climax Studios, London.

Theme song "Steppers -Parade-"
Lyrics: Sakurai Atsushi & Imai Hisashi
Music: Imai Hisashi
Recording by Nicki Minaj feat. Tilda Swinton on spoken word chorus at Jupiter Studios, Berlin, and Just One More Studio, New York.

Considering the time frame, I have a strong suspicion that these two songs are not the songs Imai has recently mentioned recording on his blog.  But, if they are...congrats on the procrastination  guys.  Recording the theme song for your movie two weeks before the movie's release is like turning in your term paper at midnight on the day it's due.


  1. At first, I wasn´t sure if I´m supposed to take this post seriously,lol.
    I guess that the movies are already prepared (and that they won´t change anything anymore),so I wonder what those tracks are for now^^. Are they gonna put it on the DVD of the film which is probably going to be released some day?

  2. What the hell's a "Stepper's Parade?" I guess we'll have to wait and see. I agree with you, Cayce. These theme songs were done before. I makes it much more exciting to think Imai has new SONGS for us in the works! :)

  3. @ Anonymous - It's not a "stepper's parade," the title of the song is "steppers" and the subtitle is "parade." I.e., people who walk, or dance, in a parade.

    @ Juli - Surely they are recording their summer single. If they're lucky perhaps it will be an anime theme song. I'm sure there will be a DVD of the films and there may very well be a live CD to go along with it, though my guess is, that would be the limited edition.

    Don't start any rumors, y'all.

  4. lmao i'm sure it's Imai procrastinating

  5. @ Anonymous - I'm sure not, I'm sure they recorded the songs ages ago. Post production for films takes a lot of time.

    1. Richard AttenboroughMay 21, 2013 at 10:45 PM

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  6. I'm sorry if it's a bit too late to reply anymore, i have just actively started to see what the band has recently been up to after discovering their older works as i'm a bit of a rookie x> So, what i was going to ask is, that is it really true that there'll be names like nicki minaj and adele collaborating to these songs (if haven't already since i'm really not on top of the latest news)?? Please tell me you're making that up...

    1. Take a look around This is NOT Greatest Site, then come back and tell me whether you think I made it up or not. For more info about the theme songs, you can also try reading the reviews I wrote of both films.


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