Shopping Service Update


Currently available at Disk Union:

Razzle Dazzle First Press (4500 yen)
Kuchizuke First Press (1500 yen)
Seventh Heaven (price on request)
Miu single (price on request)
BT best album (price on request)

If you want any of the above, let me know asap, though there's always a chance it will be gone tomorrow.

If you really want something specific, send me a request.

1 comment:

  1. The odds that you'll come across it are pretty much zero, but if you ever see "Tokio Bang" (Soft Ballet's first ever indie single. Its on vinyl, and I think its a 7 inch but I don't know for sure) in a shop I'll buy it off you (as long as the price isn't crazy exaggerated).
    I figure if you found To-Search recently, then its not totally impossible that you might spot Tokio Bang.

    The picture in this old auction is the only picture I've ever seen of it.


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