Cuisine of Buck-Tickistan

In contrast to last time, when Buck-Tick took over the NicoNico Cafe in Harajuku for a week, and served us horrifying black curry, non-alcoholic cocktails, purikura and a costume exhibit to celebrate the release of Yumemiru Uchuu, this time, Buck-Tick are taking their gourmet aspirations a notch higher, and will be moving into Shibuya's Cafe Manduuka, a tastefully pan-ethnic purveyor of light fare (and light alcohol!), conveniently located next door to Tower Records, so you can hit them up after you've bought your shiny new copy of Arui wa Anarchy.

In true Buck-Tick style, Cafe Manduuka is open until midnight, so you don't ever have to go out during the day if you don't want to. According to Fish Tank, the special Buck-Tick celebrations will include Buck-Tick themed place mats and coasters, which you will be able to take home after eating, though once they're gone they're gone, so hurry folks.  There will also be an exhibit of some kind of sexy Buck-Tick wall panels (probably live photography), and the background music will be nothing but Buck-Tick!  They will also be screening some Buck-Tick videos, no telling which ones but perhaps it will be the latest DVD.  This special event opens tomorrow, that is to say, Monday June 2nd, and closes on Sunday, June 15th.  For those of you too far away to actually attend, have no fear - Cayce and the This is NOT Greatest Site team will be posting a review shortly.

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