Raindrops and Roses and Whiskers on Kittens


And now, for a very special announcement:

Buck-Tick's new look!

They will be wearing these outfits at the Lunatic Festival.

Prepare yourselves, my friends!

For this marks the union of two of my favorite things!

Buck-Tick, meet Lolita.

A match made In Heaven (see what I did there?)

Thanks to the Buck-Tick fan community of Ecuador for bringing this miracle to light. For those of you who thought that all the Ecuadorian Buck-Tick fan community was capable of producing were preposterous fake Facebook pages for the band members, you have been officially proven wrong. The Buck-Tick fan community of Ecuador would like its good name back.



  1. To that picture: "I hate everything about you...why do I love you?"(stealing from Closure's song "I hate everything about you", no promotion intended) ...yep, basically says all that I feel about the picture. GOOD JOB I LOVE IT www

  2. (My apology it's not closure's song it's Three Days Grace...I didn't mean to spam this post at all, please feel free to delete my previous & this comment as you see fit)

  3. Finally a good lolita band.

  4. #SexyBeastHide looks so casual. I can almost see him hitting that FamilyMart around the corner for a couple of beers dressed like that. Or candies. Lolitas prefer candy, right?


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