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The latest shopping service post brings oodles and oodles of Buck-Tick books and other goodies, so take a look, everyone - it's definitely cheaper than a trip to Japan!  Some of these items are rare to the point that I'm not sure when, if ever, I will be able to stock them again, so don't miss your chance! If you'd like to reserve an item, email me at themadaristocrat at gmail. If you're sure you want the item but you don't quite have the cash to pay for it yet, go ahead and email me and I will put the item on reserve for you for up to a month. All items are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so don't hesitate!


SOLD Fish Tanker's Only 2009 DVD - Limited Edition

The limited edition of the elusive Fish Tanker's Only 2009 live DVD includes not only a full-length live DVD of the concert held at Zepp Tokyo on October 12th, 2009, but also a thick glossy DVD-sized photobook full of delicious still shots of the band members performing and backstage. This item was only available for purchase to Fish Tank members for a limited time back in 2011, and is nearly impossible to locate now. Perfect condition. 14000 yen.

Set List:

SE: Love and Death
01. Memento Mori
02. Les Enfants Terribles
03. Suzumebachi
04. Montage
05. Motel 13
06. Umbrella
07. Coyote
08. Kirameki no Naka de
09. Lullaby III
10. Limbo
11. Jonathan Jet-Coaster
12. Katte ni Shiyagare
13. Tenshi wa Dare da
14. Heaven
15. Makka na Yoru
16. Galaxy
17. Empty Girl
18. Just One More Kiss
19. Alice in Wonder Underground
20. Revolver
21. Kyokutou Yori Ai wo Komete


Schweinfest Tour Pamphlet A

This softcover pamphlet is the size of a standard DVD case and contains about 80 pages of photos, including studio glamor shots, candids from Schwein's photoshoot in New York City, making-of shots from the You're My Disease PV filming, photos of the band's at the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, and others. It was only sold at the venues on the Schweinfest tour and is consequently extremely rare and nearly impossible to find for a reasonable price, even in Japan. If you want it, this may be your only chance to get it! This pamphlet is in perfect condition, which is extremely rare, as the binding for this book is quite weak and most copies have loose pages. To avoid stressing the binding, I have only posted a few sample photos of the copy I have available. The rest of the sample photos are scans taken from a kind internet user. However, all photos are present in the booklet. 9500 yen.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Imai: "Acchan...please don't tell anyone that I woke up in that dumpster this morning."

In Times Square!


Schwein! Get it?

Imai: "Does this blackout facemask make me look fat?"

Whose house is this, I wonder?

Phone sex, Schwein style: "I'm naked except for the flag of your country"

Fushimi Inari in Kyoto

Barrels of blessed sake

You're My Disease PV filming

More homo-eros!

Imai is horny and down with this (literally!)

Imai always wanted to be in the middle.


Sakurai Atsushi Solo Photobook

This gorgeous, giant hardcover photobook was released as part of Sakurai Atsushi's solo project. Contains 158 pages of sexy, arty photographs of dear Mr. Sakurai. Most of the photos are black and white, but a few are in color, including that one that all the fangirls love to make into livejournal icons. This is a must have for any fangirl, though you'll have to take care not to stain the lovely glossy pages with your fangirl juices. Rare and out of print. This is a pristine, perfect condition copy, and includes the original plastic laminated promotional flyer as well. 9000 yen. Special shipping rates apply (this thing is so heavy you could use it as a weapon.)

Front Cover

Come on baby light my fire!

We saw what you did there, photographer.

ARMPRONZ (is that how you say it in fangirl speak?)

Please me, oh yes. It's like a porunograph. Get off get off just!


WORDS by Buck-Tick

This very thick, hardcover book published by the music magazine Ongaku to Hito contains a digest of all the interviews and photoshoots Buck-Tick did for the magazine between 1987 and 2002.  In addition to 64 pages of full color photos, it contains and extensive interview section with additional photographs and some very interesting interviews chronicling the band's history and recording process tour by tour. Interviews include not only the five Buck-Tick members, but also chats with Schaft (Imai and Maki Fujii), Schwein (Imai, Sakurai, Raymond Watts), and crosstalk between Imai and Hide of X Japan, and Sakurai and Issay of Der Zibet. Recommended for any fan, but especially if you are learning Japanese, this book is a great way to practice. The textured pages made it hard to photograph but the photos look very crisp in person. Perfect condition. Out of print. 4500 yen.

Thumbnail of front cover

Buck-Tick in the Turkish Desert (Shapeless era)

Darker Than Darkness

Aku no Hana

Backstage during the Mona Lisa Overdrive tour (hang in there, Acchan-chan!)

Oh oh I'm in rest room!

Imai in the meat locker

Imai Hisashi and Sakurai Atsushi as Daniel Ash and Young Lord Voldemort

Homo-eros with the guest vocalist and a MIDI guitar on the Somewhere Nowhere Tour!

Omg you can see all his moles!

Just two men, making takoyaki on the beach at night...


Fish Tanker's Only Tour 2008 Pamphlet

This softcover pamphlet is the size of a standard DVD case and contains 64 pages of full-color studio photos of the band members, some of which have been combined with graphics produced by GRADELIC studio. This tour was launched partly in support of the Heaven single, so half the photos feature the band members in white outfits and white hair - it's a very interesting look which they've never replicated before or since, so if you love your silver foxes, this is the pamphlet for you! The pages were difficult to photograph so I apologize for the flash flares in some of the sample photos, but obviously no flash flares will be present in real life. Aside from slightly worn corners, the pamphlet is in perfect condition. This pamphlet was only available for purchase by Fish Tank members at the venues on the tour, and is consequently extremely rare. If you want it, this may be your only chance to get it! 6000 yen.


13th Floor With Moonshine Tour Pamphlet A

This matte hardcover tour pamphlet is the size of a standard DVD case, and contains 64 full-color pages of studio photography of the band members waltzing around gothically, showing off their sexy tophats, and, in the case of Hoshino Hidehiko, leering up the ballerina's tutu. Widely regarded as Buck-Tick's Best Tour Pamphlet Evar. Extremely rare and out of print. Perfect condition. 6000 yen.



This LP-sized softcover tour pamphlet contains some beautiful full-color portraits of the band members, as well as oodles of brooding black-and-white shots of the band during their trip to Korea. Perfect condition, rare and out of print. 4800 yen.

Front Cover


Look at Toll's hairspring!

Smoking is bad for you!

Mr. Sakurai, alone in a hotel bed, listening suspiciously for the encroachment of fangirls

Ohh sexy smokin' beasts.

Imai wakes up next to a dumpster.

Betraying the Feline Order, Mr. Sakurai takes a walk on the Dog Side.

"Just wait till you see what we're going to do with this toilet paper"



This softcover, all full color pamphlet contains pages and pages of live photography from the One Life, One Death tour. Very rare and out of print, perfect condition. 3000 yen.

Front Cover


Memento Mori Pix Photobook

This huge, hardcover coffee table photobook contains reams of full-color photos from the Memento Mori Tour 2009, as well as black-and-white backstage shots and in-depth interviews with each band member. The photobook comes with a glossy slipcover, underneath which is a faux-leather binding embossed with intricate Memento Mori-themed patterns outlined in gold. Fans of Imai with long hair: relish Imai's braided Rapunzel look!  Fans of bearded Mr. Sakurai: this is the book for you! This is the one and only photobook featuring Mr. Sakurai with a beard, so if beards are you cup of tea, this is a must-not-miss. Perfect condition, rare and out of print. 6000 yen. Special shipping rates apply (this thing is heavy!)

Front Cover (slipcover)

Front Cover (inside slipcover)

Acchan-chan macks on Dokuro-chan

Yutaka plays the woody bass

Intimate backstage paparazzi shots!

Band member interviews

Photo series showing the beginning of the show

The band lines up at the front of the stage for "Makka na Yoru"

Beard clock o'clock.


Rock and Read #42

Volume 42 of Rock and Read magazine, with a 32-page cover feature on Sakurai Atsushi, including a long interview and 13 pages of full-color photos. Also includes a bonus postcard. Other artists featured include Inoran of Luna Sea, Gara of Merry, Asagi of D, Akihide of Breakerz, Bansaku of Baroque, and others. This was one of the best selling issues of Rock & Read magazine and is very difficult to find for sale compared to the other issues. Perfect condition, out of print. 1700 yen.

Front Cover

Back cover

Bonus postcard.


COSMOS Tour Pamphlet

Softcover, LP-sized tour pamphlet contains 32 full color pages of really trippy photos of the band members and various drug-related objects, such as ash trays full of cigarettes (but smoking is bad for you!)  It also contains 48 black-and-white pages full of candid photos of the band members goofing around backstage and on the road, including humorous commentary (written in Japanese, of course.) This is probably the largest collection of behind-the-scenes photography of Buck-Tick ever printed, so if you love your band members makeup-free, drunk and giggling unawares, you need this. For serious. Great condition, rare and out of print. 3800 yen.

This is what the color drug photos look like.

In the candids, Toll has a beard, and Sakurai has a smoke-beard (but smoking is bad for you!!!)

Sakurai and Imai brave the dangers of the convenience store to buy some pre-packaged underwear.

Imai says, "no photos, yo!"  Too late.

Hide makes goggle eyes at Acchan-chan.


Six/Nine Tour Pamphlet

Very large, soft-cover pamphlet from the Six/Nine tour contains 40 pages of full color and arty black-and-white photos, including soft-focus closeups of the band members and some interesting full-body black and white nighttime outdoor shots. Great condition, rare and out of print. 2000 yen.


This is NOT Greatest Tour Pamphlet

Very large, softcover tour pamphlet from This is NOT Greatest Tour contains 30 pages of glossy full-color studio and live photography of the band members. The unusual design includes foldout covers and a section of flipbook-style divided pages in the middle. Great condition, rare and out of print. 3000 yen.



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