Good Schaft Lyrics (and a birthday!)

Over on This is NOT Greatest Site, we have added an all-new lyrics section for Schaft, including all the lyrics to their 1994 debut album Switchblade. This is it, ladies and gents: now you get your chance to read all about the life and times of Raymond Watts and his misogynistic, homicidal, suicidal P3N1$. Rhyme, chyme, blood and grime, now lie right back and praise the Schwein...oh wait, wrong band there! But you get the idea.

In fact, it must be said that the only people who wrote good lyrics for this album were Johnny Stephens (lyricist for inFORMation - early 90's doomsaying techno-phobia that still has alarmingly prescient relevance today), and Imai Hisashi. Oh wait, Imai Hisashi didn't write any lyrics for this album! Instead we got Susanne Bramson's teen angst poetry. Methinks it's a mercy she only ever released one album.

The lyrics for Ultra will be coming soon, but will take us a bit more time, owing to the fact that half of them are in Japanese, so we will need to translate them. But from what we've read so far, they're a lot sexier. It appears that Fujii Maki wants your soul and flesh, girl. Make sure your body is ready.


In other news, the Schaft tour starts tomorrow! If I see you there and you're not dancing, I will personally make you dance. Make sure your body is ready.

Also, if anyone wants Cayce's help in purchasing Schaft tour goods, contact us right away. We will be attending all the shows, excluding the one in Osaka. If we're not the only ones who attended all The Mortal and all the Schaft shows, we'll be extremely impressed. If you know someone else who did, point them our way so we can give them a not greatest Certificate of Mad Fandom.


Oh, and next Wednesday is This is NOT Greatest Site's TENTH anniversary...which means we're like 100 in internet years. Hands up if you were still a babe in diapers when we were born! Hands up if you'd like to help us celebrate with birthday cakes and firecrackers! In fact, how about firecracker cakes? Everyone loves an exploding cake!

But seriously. If you have any words or pictures of celebration, email them to us by next week and we'll post them! Since y'all are scattered across the planet, consider it in lieu of us inviting you to our birthday party (we know you can't afford the plane fare.)


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  1. Omg! Happy b-day and anniversary NGS!!! I just wanna thank you all for everything really. Without you the western B-T fandom wouldn't be what it is today. NGS is really a treasure chest. So may you have a long life like the band we all love.


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