How Goth Are You?

We jokingly mentioned in our live reports of The Mortal's tour last year that, before selling any tickets, they should have had fans complete a questionnaire to assess their overall level of Gothness. Only fans who could pass the test with flying colors (or flying shades of black and pale and hectic red, as the case may be) would be awarded with low numbers and/or front row seats. If the tour manager had taken our advice, the crowd would doubtless have been far more enthusiastic than it ended up being.

Don't believe me? Then note the below screencap from Immortal, and see how a total of three fans actually look like they're enjoying themselves. The song was "Shadow of Love," my friends. They should have been dancing, but no they were not.

But now, amusingly enough, in honor of Whitby Gothic Weekend, none other than the BBC itself has provided us with the gothic litmus test we were lacking. Too little, too late, but we're sharing it here so you can test yourselves, and perhaps even study up a bit for next time. Anyone who earns a score of 8 or above on the first try gets a good seat at The Mortal's next tour.

Take the quiz, friends. The Mortal are watching you closely to see how you fare.




  1. This quiz should be called "How much do you know about music that has been labeled "goth" by media?"
    But anyway, I got 7/10 points despite only really knowing 2 questions. I guess that means I have a pretty good sense for what goths like even though I wouldn´t label myself as such :P

    1. Sure, it's music trivia. But aside from the fact that quizzes like this can only really test trivia knowledge, not the presence or absence of a burning black soul, if you know enough about this kind of music to get most of these questions right, you probably would have enjoyed The Mortal more than most of the people who actually came to their tour apparently did. Unless, of course, you spent a lot of time listening to this genre of music and then for some reason started to hate its guts. In which case, take your sad little hater self back to those "hate shrines" that were all the rage on the internet circa the year 2002, and leave the lovers in peace!

    2. Joining the 7/10 club! ^^ Actually surprised I knew as much.

  2. Haha I just took this the other day. I was pretty proud to get 6/10 correct because I don't listen to several of those bands and neither does my sister [who half-raised me and who I get it from]. I got the important ones right, the ones I should not have answered wrong, and most of it made me think back to goth clubs and random conversations that I didn't quite follow at the time. I also haven't been to a goth club in about 5 years. Fun test though. My sister, of course, scored a 9.

  3. Just wondering Cayce, did you take the quiz yourself? If so, what did you get?

    Personaly, I got 9. But I don't know if I deserve it.



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