Coming through! The Future is here!


We know, we haven't been putting up the translations to the new album as fast as we usually do. The reasons for this are multifarious, but here's one big reason: this album lends itself to writing more in-depth translation notes than any album Buck-Tick have released so far, and since I know y'all love to read the notes, based on your invaluable feedback, we are endeavoring to go the extra nine yards and leave no depths unplumbed by our research, so as to provide you with exhaustive and incomprehensible notes. Whoops, I mean, inexhaustible and comprehensive notes. It's four in the morning here in Japan.

Anyhow, here's another song for which, between one thing and another, we spent several hours researching and writing notes. Friends, enjoy "Future Song -Mirai ga Tooru." Yes, we did render this as "Mirai ga Odoru" in our previous posts - a stellar example of the perils of quick reading of tiny kanji on a computer screen! The translator's peril. In our defense, 「踊る」 "odoru" and 「通る」 "tooru" have a major radical in common. Does that mean we're also suffering from Gestaltzerfall? Read the translation to find out.

To pedants eager to one-up us: it was a mistake based on lazy reading, not lack of kanji knowledge. Chastise us all you like for being lazy (no doubt we deserve it) but never doubt that we know our fucking kanji.

To the rest of y'all: you realize what this means? It means that instead of "Here Comes the Future," an alternative translation for the song's subtitle would be "The Future is Toll." Literally. If that doesn't make your 'hawk stand at attention, I don't know what will. 

Also, we'll say that we're particularly pleased with our translation of this song, and we encourage you all to sing along with the English lyrics during the tour, if you have trouble with Japanese.


In other news from Buck-Tickistan, there's something else we were wrong about, so those of you who cheer every time Cayce is wrong about something, cheer away. The thing we were wrong about: Mr. Sakurai's new cat Kurumi is in fact a Bengal, NOT a Scottish Fold. We assumed she was a Scottish Fold due to the pet shop tag pictured in his debut photo of her in the June issue of F.T. However, we have to assume this Scottish Fold tag was for another kitteh in the shop, because Sakurai assured Dave Fromm on live radio that Kurumi is, in fact, a Bengal. And between you and us, we're pleased to hear it. We've long been deep admirers of Bengals. They're known for their tricky personalities due to their closeness to their wild leopard lineage, but if anyone can tame a tricky kitten, Mr. Sakurai is the one to do it.

If any of you would like to purchase the Kurumi t-shirt or any other Atom Miraiha tour goods through us, just send us an email. View the tour goods here (just keep scrolling till you see them.)

To those of you who object to goths doing cute: Sakurai may have put his cat on a t-shirt, but only because he saw Tsuchiya Masami put HIS cat on a tote bag first.

Sakurai's cat on a t-shirt

 Tsuchiya Masami's cat on a tote bag

FYI: Tsuchiya Masami's cat's name is Kiki.

More translations and articles coming soon.


  1. ¡¡¡Cayce san!!!¡¡¡Buenos días!!!🎩

    Also here there was confusion about race kitten, due to this photo :https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-egzaavWUS1g/V5qy4PR5G5I/AAAAAAAAHKA/448rTAYDHDEYgh94rq-7k1ikBP0Mz_RmACLcB/s1600/FullSizeRender%2B%25284%2529.jpg

    I think even in principle have read that there were two kittens.At this point the kitten is now legendary.I am also an admirer Masami Kitty sama, the pioneer :D

    I appreciate your translation, I will enjoy this morning after heavy day with a glass of wine

    ❣ ❣ ❣

    ¡¡¡Saludos fraternos!!!

    1. There were never two kittens, there were two photos of the same kitten. In one, she has her ears down. In the other, she doesn't. If there were two kittens, you better believe that Sakurai would have put them both on a t-shirt, one over each boob.

    2. I made the mental image of how he had stayed shirt with two cats, with their faces by way of nipple and ... that good that took only one 🐱, this time.The two cats is the info that came in first by a fan page facebook :") 🐱 translation mistake, the image of your blog was take of reference only

  2. Now I think that anyone mentioning samotrake in lyrics should get an extra bonus in art history class. And just to add, the notes on lilies are fabulous, they've always fascinated me (although in term of bulbs,i'm more of a black/purple tulip gal as a rule)

    1. Nitpickings: higanbana aren't actually lilies. They're amaryllises. The common name "hurricane lily" is not scientifically accurate.


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