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Since we started This is NOT Greatest Shopping Service in summer of 2013, we've been pleased to help you readers and newcomers to this blog locate rare Japanese items, coveted new releases, and of course, the humdinger: Japanese concert tickets. Without a Japanese address and knowledge of the Japanese language, it can be next to impossible to purchase tickets to concerts in Japan without help...but have no fear, we are pleased to offer that help to you! This year in particular, we've received more requests for help ticket purchases than ever before, and to those of you who purchased tickets through us, we sincerely hope we were able to satisfy you.

At the same time, we know that for new customers, requesting this kind of service over the internet without a guarantee or reference from a trusted source can cause a certain amount of trepidation. It is our solemn pledge never to cheat, defraud, or otherwise do anything untoward toward our customers, but even though we say that, we understand that you don't necessarily have any way of knowing whether we're telling the truth.

Therefore, we have a favor to ask: if you have purchased concert tickets (or other items) through This is NOT Greatest Shopping Service and liked what you got, please write a comment with a few sentences about your experience, as a reassurance to future customers that we are who we say we are and we'll do what we say we'll do and we're not some kind of sketchy catfish scheme. If possible, please also include your name (handle is fine), the concert you purchased tickets for, and the name of your country. Thank you in advance for your help!


In other news, your fellow Blog-Tick readers have brought it to my intention that the following three concert tickets are in search of good homes. If you would like to adopt either or both, please contact us at themadaristocrat at gmail.

Atom Miraiha 2016 Tour @ Kyoto Rome Theater
December 8th

One ticket is available. A dear reader of ours was caught by difficult work circumstances and became unable to attend this show...help her out by snapping up this ticket for yourself!


Atom Miraiha 2016 Tour Final @ Nippon Budoukan
December 29th

One stage side ticket is available. The seat is on the second level, east side (Hide's side of the stage). Tickets to this show are mostly sold out so if you want to attend but don't have a ticket, this is your chance!


Nocturnal Bloodlust
New Year Countdown Live at Harajuku Astro Hall
December 31st

One of our readers was going to attend this show and then became unable to make it. If you're a fan of dark dramatic metal and you'd like to go in her stead, let us know. Then again we suppose all metal is dark and dramatic. But there's always room for more darkness and drama.


We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Cayce has helped me purchase lotss of BT goods and I can affirm that they are not schemers. She also helped me purchase tickets for the Atom Miraiha tour next month - I can post another update once I received the tickets and attended the shows.
    I always can't thank her enough and recommend their shopping service.
    I am from Malaysia btw.

    1. Cayce is verified ticket, goodies fairy and more. If not for her, I doubt I would ever have the chance to see and hear Buck-Tick live (unfortunately that's the only 2 senses available) in person and not through monitor screen. Thank you Cayce!

  2. I am from the UK and have now visited Japan several times. On each of those visits Cayce and Blog-Tick have helped me to acquire tickets for various concerts whioch I would otherwise have been unable to purchase in advance outside of Japan.

    In 2013 they assisted me in getting a ticket to the Buck-Tick Cosmic Dreamer tour date at Shibuya AX, which fell on Mr Sakurai's birthday and was in great demand. Despite the fact that everyone and his uncle wanted a ticket for that gig, Blog Tick only charged me the original price and fees.
    During that same trip, they also purchased a ticket for me to Morrie's birthday gig at Shibuya O West.

    In 2014, they supplied me with a ticket for the Kafka/Sugizo gig at Club Quattro in Shibuya.

    In 2015, they purchased tickets for me to Morrie's "Solitude" solo gig at Yokohama O-Site, for David J at Club Marz, and for The Mortal's gig at Studio Coast.

    In addition to the above, I have also purchased some CDs and one or two other items using the Blog-Tick shopping service and in all cases I have been entirely satisfied with the service, prices, and communication.

    I will add that in 2015, Cayce also purchased a ticket for me to the Jesus and Mary Chain's gig which was scheduled for November. That gig was sadly cancelled due to a band member's illness and rescheduled for a date when I was not in Japan. In that instance, Cayce kindly offered to try and resell the ticket on my behalf to another fan. I'm happy to say that they did exactly that, which helped me out immensely.

  3. Recently Cayce helped me to purchase the new album and a copy of Ongaku to Hito. They were quick, courtesy, and delightful in their communications. I was offered the option of a Paypal invoice and tracked shipping and the whole process went smoothly. I would not hesitate to vouch for Cayce.

    Located in Florida, USA (otherwise know as Republic of Dear Gods No!)

  4. I'm from Malaysia and have purchased a ticket to see B-T's Atom Miraiha tour and was deeply satisfied with how things were carried.

    It was my first time ordering so you can imagine how anxious I was but fret not friends, Cayce is always there to help and is very professional at what she does.

    I would definitely choose her services again!

  5. Cayce was kind enough to purchase a ticket for Morrie's Solitude show in November 2015 in Yokohama for me. It was impossible to get tickets for that show from Germany, and she was kind enough to help me out. Communication was simple and brilliant, and upon my arrival in Japan the ticket was already waiting for me at my hotel. That same day Cayce found out that another customer could not make it to the evening show of the same event, so she asked if I'd like to go, and sure I did. She even offered that ticket to me free of charge, considering such a short notice, an offer I declined, but very much cherished. I have also recommended her services to a dear friend, and this dear friend is going to attend Luna Sea shows in December due to her kind help (and note, Cayce is not particularly fond of that band). The service was quick and easy, fair in terms of "first come, first served", and the fees were very low. Which is why I can only vouch for the service and recommend it to everyone in need of tickets for Japanese shows or any other purchases.
    I'm Nataliya, and at the point of purchase was located in Germany. Currently residing in the UK.

  6. We are from France and we just want to say that in our craziest and greatest dreams, there is Father Christmas and there is Cayce.... but there is a great difference between the two of them.... Cayce makes our dreams come true! Concert tickets in Japan, goodies, CDs, DVDs ... and so on, you can ask everything! The most reliable Father Christmas in Japan! Dear Cayce, we don't know how to be grateful to you... except for asking for a new list for Christmas ! ;) Best, Pat&Manu

  7. Cayce has helped me purchase tickets for BUCK-TICK's Atom Miraiha Tour (particularly 10/19, 10/23, 10/27, 10/29). I received the tickets through mail at my hotel and attended the shows. I have been satisfied with the service and communication. So no fishy schemes here!
    Btw, it was my first trip abroad in 15+ years, so imagine how nervous I was))
    I'm from Russia.

  8. Hi, this is Akira from Bangkok, Thailand. I firstly used NGS Shopping Service when purchasing Ai no Wakusei album and I was very happy with the service :) It's clear-cut communication, precise and fast shipping. I also recently purchased the ticket to the Atom Miraiha No. 9 Tour@Hachioji on November 13th. The ticket arrived conveniently at my hotel, and my friend and I had a very great time at the venue. Cayce has been a very big help and also pointed us to where we can get second-handed CDs/DVDs/collectibles during our time in Tokyo. I definitely recommend using her service because fair fee, clear-cut, no scheme and simply she's the best ~

  9. Hi~ I'm Anne from Brazil~
    Cayce has helped me purchase tickets for DIQ 2015 <3
    She is so kind and makes my dreams come true ;3;
    Cayce is totally reliable. I recommend her service to everyone! <3
    When I can get to Japan again, I will certainly request her services.

  10. no worries everybody, cayce is very efficient. helped bought tickets and cds in the past with no problem. was super excited when the tickets finally arrive at my hotel during their gunma gig in october. and one thing i really respect is that these guys really earn nothing from it, just a love for buck-tick and trying to help those fans like me that are scattered around the globe.


  11. Cayce has procured a number of concert tickets for me in years past, and I must say that while Cayce’s services have been entirely solid and Cayce has upheld every end of our business deals (which I must hold undisclosed), I remain extremely disappointed with services rendered. Every concert ticket procured for me by Cayce has failed to:

    - Grant me sudden and complete fluency in the Japanese language
    - Awaken my hidden magical girl powers that mark me as the chosen one to combat an oncoming threat of space alien fangirls while backed by an army of washed up visual kei stars whose popularity never made it past the year 2005
    - Allow me to become BFFs with Arimura Ryuutaro’s cat
    - Provide me with a magical, time traveling potato

    The magic potato, especially, is a point I remain quite bitter about, as I’ve heard plenty of stories about this magical potato over the last decade, and, as evidence continues to fail to present itself, I am beginning to suspect Cayce might have made some shit up.

    But sure I guess if all I wanted was concert tickets, I'd ask Cacye for assistance again.

    Anonymous Former NGS Staff Member
    San Francisco / The Internet

  12. Cayce has helped me enormously over the last few years. I've purchased 90% of my B.T stuff from her including CDs dvds merchandise from live gigs and magazines. The fees are extremely reasonable and everything has arrived in excellent condition. Cayce also helped me get concert tickets for three shows on the Arui wa anarchy tour the tickets were waiting for me when I arrived in Japan. I also couldn't attend the DIQ tour in 2015 because of work and Cayce helped me to correspond with Fish Tank to see if I could do anything about it they were unhelpful but she was brilliant! I would urge anyone to use the service.

  13. Blog-Tick has been the source of tickets, B-T stuff and pure joy for me since 2014. They provided me with extremely reasonable and pleasant service, as well as some helpful information on surviving a gig in Japan. Without them my life would be a sad unfortunate tragedy, since I would never got a chance of witnessing middle-aged men from Nagoya scream for Acchan-chan like there's no tomorrow. If you're looking to get tickets for B-T and change your life forever, look no further! All you need is Cayce, Cayce is all you need.
    The B-T tickets I got from Cayce were 2014/09/21, 2014/09/25 and 09/26, as well as 2016/12/01 and 12/08 (and they managed to resell this one for me because I couldn't attend, mad props for that). They also helped me acquire 2 tickets for BigBang, 2016/12/02 and 12/04. <3
    -- Natalia, Russia

  14. Cayce helped me with tickets for the DIQ 2017. :D

    I asked to ship the tickets to my home country (the Netherlands). Which was no problem at all.
    Cayce responds very fast. My order was dealt with quickly.

    I’m very happy with the service.
    I will order again. Not only concert tickets.


  15. Hello!

    I too ordered CDs and goods from Cayce and have only good things to say.

    They were really helpful, friendly and fast. Not just sending me the items, but also offering information and advice. Not to mention some friendly banter.

    After agreeing on the details, invoice came quickly and items were sent out fast as well. When I received the shipment, everything was packed very carefully, yet somehow only minimal amount of packing trash was left over (bubble wrap and such).

    Not only were the prices very reasonable, I also got items that I otherwise would have had to hunt down over a longer time period. And probably pay a lot more for. I will definitely order again, be it CDs, goods or concert tickets (some day..).

    Heartily recommend!



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