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For the first time in a long while, here's a shopping service post for y'all! The following items are taking up too much space on our shelves. Buy some of them and take them off our hands so we can hunt for more! As always, orders are on a first-come, first-served basis. Send all order requests to themadaristocrat at gmail. Payment is via PayPal in Japanese yen.


The Day in Question 2005 Pamphlet

This matte hardcover tour pamphlet from the 13th Floor edition of The Day in Question is the size of a standard DVD case, and contains 64 full-color pages of studio photography of the band members having a gothic picnic in their gothic mansion, hanging around under sparkly chandeliers, and making wink-wink nudge-nudge use of symbolism with hobbyhorses, apples and blindfolds, all while corrupting an innocent young Alice who happens upon their party. This is hands-down one of my top three favorite tour pamphlets of all time, and it's now very rare and out of print. Not to be missed! The textured pages were difficult to photograph, but I assure you the photos are very crisp and clear in person. 6000 yen.

Front Cover

Picnic in the garden. Note Imai's "staff," and Acchan's fanboy fan.

Wouldn't you love to take a bite out of Yutaka's apple?

...or take a ride on Hide's sexy beast I mean hobbyhorse?

"Come take a look in my picnic basket"

Even Acchan is an Acchan fanboy.

This one speaks for itself.

"Even my bathroom has chandeliers."

"Guys, don't you love hanging up the green screen and pretending like we're picnicking outside?"

And now for some pre-prandial gothygoth.

"I always eat dinner blindfolded. Food tastes better when you can't see it coming."


Sakurai Atsushi Solo Photobook

This gorgeous, giant hardcover photobook was released as part of Sakurai Atsushi's solo project. Contains 158 pages of sexy, arty photographs of dear Mr. Sakurai. Most of the photos are black and white, but a few are in color, including that one that all the fangirls love to make into livejournal icons. This is a must have for any fangirl, though you'll have to take care not to stain the lovely glossy pages with your fangirl juices. Rare and out of print. Generally good condition. 9000 yen. Special shipping rates apply (this thing is so heavy you could use it as a weapon.)

Front Cover

Come on baby light my fire!

We saw what you did there, photographer.

ARMPRONZ (is that how you say it in fangirl speak?)

Please me, oh yes. It's like a porunograph. Get off get off just!


Warp Days DVD

Live DVD of Buck-Tick's concert Tour 2002 Warp Days 20020616 Bay NK Hall. In Cayce's opinion, this is one of their more exciting and dynamic live DVDs, featuring an unusual array of songs they rarely play anymore. One disc, region 2, excellent condition. No first press was issued. Track list below. Rare and out of print.
5500 yen

Shippu No Blade Runner
21st Cherry Boy (includes the Flower Incident and other stories)
Warp Day
Aku No Hana
Shanikusai -Carnival-
Kyokutou Yori Ai Wo Komete
Long Distance Call
Misshitsu (filmed with the Sakurai cam!)
Love Letter
Baby, I Want You.
Oukoku Kingdom Come -Moon Rise-
Barairo No Hibi
Rokugatsu No Okinawa (holy crap they never play this one!)
National Media Boys
Hurry Up Mode


Aaand...some screen caps!

Mr. Sakurai can be seen wearing the custom-made Schwein tour ring.

Mr. Imai can be seen wearing futuristic robot makeup!

And Mr. Imai can be seen fingering his guitar, right in the F-hole! (Don't try to claim you haven't fantasized about this at least once. I know you're lying.)

And Mr. Sakurai can be seen pouring a bottle of wine on his head! He was partying like it was 1999 in 2002! Those were the days!

As they say in German, Buch Dich, Mr. Sakurai. Buch Dich.


Dropz - Sweet Oblivion (limited edition)

The only album ever released by Hoshino Hidehiko's side project Dropz, for which Mr. Hoshino was the guitarist and main songwriter. The other members of the group were British-Indian vocalist Kelli Ali (formerly of Sneaker Pimps) on vocals, and Cube Juice (who has worked extensively with Buck-Tick and wrote the songs "Fantasy" and "Tensei" for Sakurai's solo album Ai no Wakusei) on synth. Dropz are chillout lounge music, with a bit of sweetness and a bit of mystery. All the lyrics were written in English by Kelli Ali. If you loved Sneaker Pimps' first record Becoming X, you will love the Dropz. Also highly recommended to fans of Portishead, Massive Attack, and, of course, Hoshino Hidehiko. This limited edition comes with a bonus disc of remixes and is in perfect, pristine condition. Rare-ish and out of print. 3500 yen.


My Way My Love - Caution Tape

For those of you who don't already know: My Way My Love is the longstanding noise/grunge/shoegaze/dreampop project of Murata Yukio, a contributor to Sakurai's solo album Ai no Wakusei, and more recently a member of Sakurai's side project band The Mortal. Caution Tape is not My Way My Love's only DVD, by any means, but this is by far their most professionally produced. Contains the entirety of the final concert on the 2009 I'll Cure You With Electricity tour, held on July 19th, 2009 at Daikanyama Unit. Also contains a lot of bonus footage of the band as they travel Japan, sampling local delicacies in many prefectures. If you really love watching Japanese hipsters eat street food from food trucks, then boy is this the DVD for you! Warning: these guys do not wear leather pants or eyeliner and Acchan-chan is not on this DVD. Rare, out of print, mint condition, region 2. 4500 yen.

Track List:

Cowboy Killers
Kill Your Idol
Wreck Low
Garden the Underside Little Dead Leaves
The Rainbow Song
tell me what went wrong my baby
Acupuncture Man
The Devil Song
Death Has No No Fans


Tsuchiya Masami - Mori no Hito

1997 solo album from Tsuchiya Masami features Sakurai Atsushi on guest vocals on two tracks, "Manatsu no Yoru no Mori," ("A Midsummer Night's Forest") and "Goblin Forest." Beyond Sakurai's guest vocals, this is a beautiful album in general, full of mysterious, soothing tracks, including vocals and instrumentals, and incorporating many forest sounds like birdcalls and crickets...great to listen to for relaxation and very possibly one of Cayce's top ten favorite records ever!  Conceived as a concept album against environmental destruction, the case and booklet were printed on recycled paper. The album was recorded in London and released by Cross Records, Sugizo's label. Song samples available on request. Incredibly rare and out of print. Excellent condition.
4500 yen.

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