BUCK-TICK 2017 "THE PARADE" ~30th anniversary~

Well, folks. As you may already have heard from Fish Tank, Buck-Tick have at last announced the details of their forthcoming 30th anniversary extravaganza. To call it a festival would be an overstatement, seeing as by all reports, Buck-Tick are the only band who will be performing...though who knows, maybe we can hope for some guest appearances. In any case, here are the details, according to Fish Tank.

Buck-Tick will hold a pair of concerts in honor of their 30th anniversary entitled "Buck-Tick 2017 'The Parade' ~30th Anniversary~". We're tempted to point out that it's hard to have a parade with only one band, but for now, we'll be charitable. Day One of this two-day event, entitled "Fly Side," will be held on Saturday, September 23rd, in an outdoor venue set up specially for the occasion on a vacant lot right next to Aomi Station on the Yurikamome Line, on Odaiba, the magical island made of trash piled up on the bottom of Tokyo Bay. Day Two of the event, entitled "High Side," will be held on Sunday, September 24th, at the same location.

On both days, the doors will open at 3:30PM, and the show will start at 5:30PM. Fans are free to purchase tickets to one or both dates. Single-day tickets will cost 10,000 yen each, while a two-day pass will cost 18,919 yen. Why the strangely specific price, you ask? Because in Japanese number-speak, 8-9-1-9 can be pronounced "ba-ku-chi-ku," that's why. And for the record, the pricing was the same for their 25th anniversary festival, for the same reason.

Though there is as yet no word on how the venue will be arranged, it will be divided into blocks, and tickets will be assigned by block, with line numbers. Tickets go on general sale at 10AM on June 24th, but there will be a Fish Tank presale between April 8th and April 27th, the details of which will be printed in the forthcoming Fish Tank newsletter, due to be sent out on April 6th. For the record: for most of its existence, Fish Tank has sent out its quarterly newsletter in mid-March, mid-June, mid-September, and mid-December...but since Watanabe Sayuri took over from Ikeda Rumi as Fish Tank manager, the FT newsletter has been sent out several weeks late on more occasions than it has been sent out on time. Do these delays demonstrate a lack of professionalism on the part of the new Fish Tank management? Probably.

Rants aside, however, those of you who are interested in attending this festival and would like Cayce's help in obtaining tickets should contact Cayce via email around April 6th. If you're not a member of Fish Tank but you'd like to join in order to get Fish Tank tickets to the 30th anniversary extravaganza, you'll be eligible to get tickets through the Fish Tank presale if you join Fish Tank through Fish Tank web by March 31st. If you haven't joined Fish Tank yet but you want to do so specifically for this pair of concerts, I recommend you join as soon as possible and do not leave things to the last minute, as Fish Tank has been notoriously unhelpful toward foreign fans since their new dictator took office. I still do encourage all of you to make an effort to write Fish Tank emails in English about how much you like Buck-Tick. Recent fans especially - write to Fish Tank and tell them how you just discovered Buck-Tick five minutes ago! Most of Buck-Tick's Japanese fan following have been following the band since soon after their debut, and it wouldn't be a bad thing to let Fish Tank know that the band are drawing in new blood from overseas. They might not do anything with the information, but you never know.

As to rumors that tickets for "High Side" include a package of "candies" to help enhance your concert experience... they cannot be confirmed at this time, but neither can they be denied.

We will follow up with further information as it becomes available.


  1. Is this kind of event likely to sell out before it goes to general sale? Will get right on fanclub membership if that is smart.

    1. I very much doubt this event will sell out in Fish Tank presale - otherwise, what would the point of having it in a big outdoor venue? Plus, unless the management are even stupider than they appear, they'll know that lots of people who aren't in the fanclub are going to want to attend this show.

  2. Perhaps this is more of a question for the Buck-Tickistan Daily, but isn't Sayuri Watanabe (the former) mrs. Sakurai, or is the name a coincidence?

    1. As far as we can tell, the two women have the same name, but whether they're the same person or two different people with the same name cannot be verified at this time. If they're the same person, and it's true that she came crawling back to B-T begging for a job after great misfortune somewhere else, it would certainly explain her seeming hatred of the fans - jealousy.


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