Fall, In Love with Buck-Tick

We just got our latest issue of the Fish Tank newsletter, and after perusing its contents, we're pleased to announce the following developments in Buck-Tickistan:

1) The head of Fish Tank is now Abe Ruriko. Looking back, we see she she actually took over from a one Nagashima Anri, who by the looks of it was only responsible for Fish Tank for about six months. Prior to this, Watanabe Sayuri's term extends back to the release of Arui wa Anarchy, before which time the club was managed by a group of four women who took over after Ikeda Rumi's departure following the Cosmic Dreamer Tour. Shame on us for trying to simplify the dynasty! But if you wondered why Fish Tank hasn't got its shit together, perhaps this dizzying succession is the reason. All we have to say now is, we in Buck-Tickistan have high hopes for you, Abe Ruriko. Don't let us down, otherwise we may feed you to Imai's pet monsters in revenge.

2) The dates and locations of Buck-Tick's fall Day in Question tour have been announced! The tour will run from October 21st to December 29th, and cover 18 stops around Japan. Since they've labeled this a DIQ tour, I think it's safe to assume the set list will consist of a mixture of back catalog tracks both old and new. However, since they're also releasing the best album around this time, I think it's also safe to assume that tracks which get voted onto the best album will likely be played on the tour. Vote well, kids! The list we posted last time was something of a joke. We'll be posting a serious list of songs in the next few days, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are the tour dates. Sad trombone: it's a hall tour. If you're a sick as we are of being stuck in balcony seats every time, please go ahead and email B-T and beg for some standing gigs instead. For those of you interested in getting tickets to this tour, all the ticket info will be in the next issue of FT, due in June. Though given their previous track record, I wouldn't count on that next issue of FT actually arriving till the end of July.

Anyhow, the tour dates:

October 21st (Sat) - Omiya Sonic City, Saitama
October 29th (Sun) - Kawasaki Sports and Culture Center, Kanagawa
November 4th (Sat) - Honda no Mori Hall, Kanzawa, Ishikawa
November 11th (Sat) - Kobe International Hall, Hyogo
November 12th (Sun) - Rohm Theater, Kyoto
November 18th (Sat) - Tochigi General Cultural Center, Utsunomiya, Tochigi
November 23rd (Thu - holiday) - Izumity 21, Sendai, Miyagi
November 26th (Sun) - Wakuwaku Holiday Hall, Sapporo, Hokkaido
December 2nd (Sat) - Orix Theater, Osaka
December 3rd (Sun) - Orix Theater, Osaka
December 7th (Thu) - Blah Blah Blah Forest Hall, Nagoya, Aichi
December 8th (Fri) - Sunport Hall Takamatsu, Kagawa
December 10th (Sun) - Hiroshima Ueno Academy Hall, Hiroshima
December 16th (Sat) - Kumamoto Prefectural Theater, Kumamoto
December 17th (Sun) - Fukuoka Sun Palace, Fukuoka
December 23rd (Sat - holiday) - Takasaki Arena, Gunma
December 28th (Thu) - Nippon Budoukan, Tokyo
December 29th (Fri) - Nippon Budoukan, Tokyo

If you're thinking of coming to Japan for B-T's 30th anniversary, but hall tours aren't your scene, I recommend you come to the 30th anniversary concerts instead. If you need Cayce's help with tickets, contact us right away!



  1. Are Buck Tick even going to bother releasing A new album this year or is it all going to be rereleases and best of's?

    1. Why should they release another album when they released one about 6 months ago??? They're not a mass-production factory.

    2. They already said they will be releasing a new album in the early part of next year, if I remember correctly.

    3. Spring of 2018, to be exact. It's on their website.

    4. As much as I love Buck Tick they deserve a break to relax and spend time with family and friends.but I will admit I love them so much that if they put out two or three albums a year would be heavenly,unrealistic but heavenly.

    5. They did say there will be a new album in spring 2018 so I guess 1.5 years between albums is not bad!

  2. Aw, I was hoping for a standing tour, oh well :( Since September is too early for me, standing tour it will have to be. If I manage *fingers crossed*
    Thank you Cayce for keeping us up to date :)

    1. I was hoping for a standing tour for the 30th year too. Ah well. Fingers crossed there will at least be one for the new album in 2018!

  3. Cayce,could you help me with my F-T magazines? I moved out some months ago and need to change the address... But I also lost my membership card.

    1. If you don't plan on attending any F-T only shows and you remember your Fish Tank ID number, it's not a problem that you lost the membership card. To change your address, simply log in to Fish Tank Web and change the information entered in the My Page section. If you want to get a new membership card, you can apply to Fish Tank to do that, though there is an associated fee. If you have further questions, email me.


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