Happy Birthday Sakurai Atsushi

What a shame that this post is a few days late. We wish it were not so, and yet, to take the lessons of Mr. Sakurai's lyrics to heart is to prioritize living in the moment, the ephemeral joy of being, over the fussy recording of events. So, we took it to heart, and into our own hands, to celebrate Mr. Sakurai's birthday the way it should be celebrated properly: by spending the afternoon at Tokyo's one and only Alice in Wonderland-themed cat cafe. Mr. Sakurai has now threatened numerous times to open his own national chain of cat cafes, claiming that the danger of him actually doing so is "very real." 

So, food for thought, Mr. Sakurai - how would you beat this? We know you could. Get brainstorming! And the rest of y'all, abandon yourselves to your squeals of "kawaii!" We assure you that however soft and fluffy these cats may look on film, they were 500% softer and fluffier in person. Plus, how about that decor? Good thing Mr. Sakurai's probably never been here, otherwise, he might never leave! (And Mr. Sakurai, if you're reading this, please enjoy these cat pics as a birthday present from us.)

Lined up for the dinner time show!

And a warning to all customers about taking care of their teas and coffees.

Happy birthday, Mr. Sakurai. Hot on the heels of a year of repdigits - Buck-Tick's 22nd album, released on their 33rd anniversary, Mr. Sakurai turns 55. May the magic spread forth through Buck-Tickistan to cover the world in this much love. Happy birthday!




In other news, it has been announced that Mr. Sakurai will be releasing a "produced by Mr. Sakurai" corsage, as birthday goods. However, no other information save vague concept art has been released since the initial announcement was made, on March 7th, Mr. Sakurai's actual birthday. Why bother announcing the damn thing if none of the details have been determined? Well, it's not much in the way of birthday goods if you don't at least announce it on the birthday. Guess Cayce isn't the only one procrastinating. Sorry, fans! Thank you for your patience. In fact it wasn't procrastinating, it was... mountains of other work... in Mr. Sakurai's case it was probably mountains of cat toys... in any case... blah blah blah, we will report on this developing story as more details become available.


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  1. Happy Birthday Mr Sakurai and look at all those LONG HAIRED CATS! I hope they provide brushes to groom the kitties...I will stay all day.


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