Battlestar Galactica

Congratulations Buck-Tick, you've been chosen to have your new single "Dokudanjou Beauty" used as the ending theme for the Japanese released of Battlestar Galactica (in Japan known simply as "Galactica.") The drama is slated to air from 1:30-2:30 AM on Tuesday nights, starting February 16th...more than a month before "Dokudanjou Beauty" is scheduled for release. Does this mean that fans will get to hear the song a month early? No one has any idea.

That new promotional manager is really doing his job. That's right baby. Sell your band. Sell 'em good. Cause men age like wine, and bands age like Benjamin Button...getting younger, hipper, and more technological every year.


  1. I don't think anyone coulda said that better, hell yeah! That's great! B-T should be known everywhere!

  2. Holy sh!t, Battlestar Galactica?! Damn! That's totally unexpected o.0 Anyway, the more fans, the better ^^ So be ready for a whole new wave of sci fi B-T fans LOL! That'll be interesting, geeky, but interesting ^^

  3. Yes, geeky, lets hope the Star Trek cult doesn't get after them! lol.

  4. I guess we'll get to hear a 1 minute 30 seconds "TV-size" version of the song...I can't wait!!!

    This is great news, I'm so happy for them. :)


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