Get by Gaga Life!

Taken from Hotei's blog. Translated by Cayce.


I went to Yokohama Arena with Imai to see Lady Gaga live. I'm going to dare to not put down my impressions of the show.

We shared box seats with Yuming, Shibuya Youichi, and Katori Shingo. The other VIP seats were also full of an amazing array of people (the it-people of the times!) Mr. Shibuya also has a blog, I was surprised.

When we got back to Tokyo, I treated Imai to the get-well party I'd promised him.

Here's me shaking his newly healed right hand with my left hand.

I'm glad, my brother.

Note: Shibuya Youichi is the CEO of Rockin' On, and Katori Shingo (if you didn't know) is Shingo-Mama from SMAP. Everyone in Japan is going Gaga!

Cayce loves Lady Gaga.


  1. This post just leaves me GAGA GAGA GAGAGAGGING for moar!!!!

  2. I'm glad they all had a good time and all but honestly, what do people see in her?

  3. *glomps the post* Cough cough... sorry *Lady Gaga and Imai fan* I spent the whole day giggling, smiling and squeeing like an idiot because of this info!! (and the pictures of Hotei and Imai holding hands LOL! xD)Thanks for the translation! ^^ I used google translator to (more or less) understand Hotei's blog post... Gosh! I need to learn Japanese >< Thanks again for the translation ^^


    PS: I love the pictures!!! ♥ LOL xD

  4. Thank you *____* I LOL with the pictures 8D

  5. She has talent, and an amazing visual aspect. that's what people see in here. That's why her shows are sold out in minutes. btw, I'm glad Imai got better and had a good time with his friend. Imai is awesome.

  6. I know this is stupid, but I never really checked out Gaga stuff until Imai said it was cool. And I'm like if Imai thinks it's cool then maybe it has a chance at being cool.

    I actually like it. I think the music style is unique (as far as pop goes) and the visual aspects are really cool.

    I saw her all dressed up in Gothic Lolita and with weird katakana scribbled on her arm in some interviews. Maybe this is about the same time Imai went to see her?


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