Question & Answer, FT. 011

What medicine do you use when you get a cold?
Toll: Whatever the doctor gives me.
Sakurai: Next to my bed I have some bananas and ice cream that my friend brought me.
Imai: I ignore it.

Would you rather spoil or be spoiled?
Hide: Spoil and be spoiled.
Toll: Both.
Sakurai: I have two cats.
Yutaka: Be spoiled~~~^.^
Imai: What happens to the lime you put in Corona beer?

You have to lose 10 kilograms in one week. How will you do it?
Yutaka: I won't eat.
Imai: Won't eat, won't sleep, will think.
Sakurai: I can lose weight...you just don't eat and you run...
Toll: Breakfast and lunch=three cigarettes and some milk. Dinner=that, plus a salad.

You have a chance to have one wish granted by god. What would you wish for?
Hide: I can't say.
Toll: I'd wish to be the most powerful, important person in the world.
Yutaka: I'd have him make me a god, too.
Sakurai: I'd wish to be able to fly in the sky, up to Mach 3.3 when I'm at full speed. But my outer appearance would be mostly normal.
Imai: Buy me some ice.

Someone has learned a secret of yours that you don't want anyone to know. What do you do?
Hide: I'd tell my own secret before they could tell it on me.
Toll: I'd learn one of their secrets back.
Yutaka: ......
Imai: I'D TAKE IT BACK! And then we'd beat each other up.
Sakurai: 75 days.

What do you think you were in a past life?
Hide: A mole.
Yutaka: A woman.
Imai: I was condemned to be a granny bicycle.
Sakurai: If you know someone who can see people's past lives, tell me. Someone told me I was apparently a person who punished criminals and sinners in the Middle Ages, or B.C.

Tell us your strategies for relieving stress.
Yutaka: Groaning!
Sakurai: I turn into a cat.
Toll: I drink with my friends.
Imai: I make curry! (20 plates of it)

What is the most important thing to you right now?
Toll: My own body.
Sakurai: My alcoholic-beverage-consumption time
Imai: Tu lu lu lu lu....my double espresso!


Taken from the Question & Answer Section of FT 011, March 1999.


  1. Thanks for the awesome translation!

  2. yuutaka has so funny answers! XD

  3. OMG that made me LOL so much. XD "Imai: I was condemned to be a granny bicycle." <-- that was the best.


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