Imai x Hotei

Imai will be participating in Hotei's 30th anniversary album, All Time Super Guest. So far, other "super guests" on the album include Nagai Seiichi (from the band Soutaisei Riron), the incurably fecund Miyavi, Imai Miki (Hotei's wife, doncha know), and Kobukuro (who I thought were incapable of making any other music than soulful ballads, but maybe Hotei will help them prove me wrong.) Collaborators previously announced include Dragon Ash and Cornelius, among others.

Imai will perform on the track "GUITARHYTM," alongside Nagai Seiichi, Miyavi, and Hotei himself. I guess they never said "too many guitarists spoil the band," so, stay tuned. No release date for the album has yet been listed, but you can check for details here.


  1. Don't tell me you mean MIYAVI as in 'crazy spastic samurai guitarist MIYAVI...' =O
    That would be WAAAAY too cool!!
    Needless to say, I'm looking forward to this quite a bit.

  2. Sounds funny. A instrumental track i think? I am gonna check out the track when its released, also because Miyavi is in. He isnt a bad guitarist either. A combination of Imai and Miyavi might be cool to hear.

  3. i happened to see Hotei-san's wife on TV. i can barely remember her face but she looked kind.


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