2011.10.12 Gothic Diary of a Fetish Dad

A translated excerpt from Gothic Diary of a Fetish Dad, the blog of Genet from Auto-Mod. Will I translate Genet's blog regularly? Sorry, but no. But I thought you ought to read this one.

Today I Pigged Out on Edamame From Tochigi Prefecture (haha)

Yesterday's nightcap snack was a whole mountain of edamame!

Last night, my mom sent me a big huge bag of edamame that she picked by hand and bought from her neighbor who is a farmer, so I had them with my Hoppy, lightly boiled.

My family's house is in the southern part of Tochigi Prefecture, and I'm not sure of the details about whether or not there's radioactive contamination there, but while I suspect it's probably less than the government-set limit, I doubt if it's completely zero...!!

So today the radioactive contamination spreads to my stomach as well, and crazier and crazier rumors are raging, and still the Japanese government continues to hide everything.

And the media's going along with it, too...

But then sometimes, they release information after the fact! And then everyone is shocked by how high the levels of contamination are! (haha)

However, the anti-anti-nuclear movement doesn't seem to feel a damn thing when they hear the terrifying truth as the government slowly and quietly releases it (hah)

This goes for the food, and it goes for their proposal to raise the set age for receiving a federal pension to 70...are they trying to feed us poison to kill us all before age 70 so that they never have to pay us anything?

The whole reason the pension system went bankrupt in the first place is because this country put such an incoherent pension system in place, and Japanese nuclear policy all resulted from the government being too close to TEPCO, so it's really not surprising.

When you trace it all back to it's origins, it's the government that has ruined the nation of Japan, and the Liberal Democratic Party, who were the original instigators of all the bad policy are now pretending like they don't know a thing about it.

So that's how we end up all contaminated with radiation, and when we get too old to work we get thrown out on the street, I guess. Looks like Japan isn't going to be such a first-world country anymore!!

Whatever I eat, I just assume it's all poisonous, but obviously if I don't eat I'm gonna die (hah) So I guess I just keep living, and then when I get too old to work I'll keel over and die by the roadside.

So that's why I'm going to taste my fill of the blessings of nature in Japan, I'm going to sit in open-air hot springs under the beautiful sky, I'm going to drink a lot of sake made from delicious Japanese rice, and, well, if I'm internally contaminated, so be it.

I know it makes me sound like a complete asshole to say it, but how did it come to this? Whose fault is it that it came to this? I'm not going to forget it ever, it's etched in my heart forever and the Japanese people shouldn't forget it either.

Anyway, that's why I'm eating this mountain of delicious edamame that my loving mother sent me that she picked with her own hands.

Yes, this is the man who has an obsession with Hoppy, this is Genet, signing off!

...oh and I forgot to mention I also made an appetizer with baby tomatoes and feta cheese. When I put anchovies on top it came out tasting pretty good!


  1. It's just so hard to believe this nightmare. You all must worry about every morsel you consume and, like he said, you have to eat! You have to breathe! I pray that the truth will come out. And then...? What will Japan do? You can't all leave. How will this monster be contained? How can we decontaminate the earth from our greed and consumption needs?

    By the way, what is Hoppy?

  2. You said it. Unlike Genet I've been personally very careful about what I eat in order to try and minimize my exposure and help myself detox but there is no way to be sure that everything is safe and everyone is worried about it. Currently the air radiation in Tokyo is low but there are places where soil radiation is very high and there are so many things it's so hard to know about. Citizen movements are building up steam, though. My current favorite is the Bequerel Center in Kashiwa, Chiba prefecture where they offer DIY testing from $10/20 minutes.

    But the sad thing is, it's impossible to decontaminate completely and my personal opinion, though some people no doubt would want to shoot me for saying this, is that the radioactive waste should be stored in the no-entry zone in Fukushima, because like the Chernobyl Forbidden Zone, that spot is going to be uninhabitable for a very, very long time and radioactive waste doesn't just go away.

    Personally, I think it would be a good start if the governments of the world would begin to phase out nuclear power, dismantle nuclear weapons, and if the Japanese government would do serious, comprehensive surveys of contamination and try to assist people in every way possible with staying as safe as they can.

    Hoppy is a carbonated barley-based soft drink that tastes vaguely like beer. It's very popular among guys in Genet's age range, they use it as a mixer with shochu because it has fewer calories and fewer purines than beer. For a while Auto-Mod actually had a deal with the company that makes Hoppy and they were selling official Auto-Mod Hoppy with a picture of chibi-Genet on the label, but I think it's sold out now.

  3. lol, are they seriously trying to get the federal pension to the age of 70? Thats just insane. While your at it, why not take the pension to the age of the average lifespan of a human? Working till death, working to pay bills? Nice...

  4. They are raiaing the federal pension age in the UK slowly but surely too. Ageing populations combined with higher unemployment in a recession scare politicans and I expect other governments to start trying doing the same. After all, it's the aged poor who rely solely on state pensions, right? And who cares about them /cynic mode.

    Cayce, I'm sorry it has come to this too WRT the food situation. I can't even imagine having to make the decision to be careful or just go for it and hope when you're considering what food to buy. And citizen movements are happening all over the world right now as people express their disaffection with the modern state of politics and goverment everywhere. I think Japan's citizens have a hell of a lot to complain about and I wish you all the absolute best outcome for everything.


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