I dunno who drew this, but it's a pretty sweet pictorial rendering of Toll's 50th Birthday gig (though the artist appears to have made off with Issay's clothing.  He never stripped at that gig, ok?)  But, no doubt Genet would be delighted to see himself depicted so slim and muscular as this picture makes him look...almost like those years of ramen have all disappeared!  And Chuuya looks exactly like that in real life...especially the hanging upside down from the ceiling part.  How could the artist have known?

And, a pictorial rendering of the infamous "Masquerade" performance.  Almost like one of those drawings of high-profile criminal trials where they don't allow cameras in the courtroom.  I'd never post something like this, only it was drawn by a fan who attended the show and it's so accurate it might as well be photography.  Here on Blog-Tick we're dedicated to serious journalism, you know, the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so, I'ma let it stand.


  1. I love how in the second one they are pointing at each other like gay lawyers... ER I MEAN like Phoenix Wright characters. A++

  2. @ Mawb - Gay lawyers...I'm never going to be able to look at it the same way again. I should hire you as my part-time humorist.

  3. @ Cayce - you're welcome. I'm not sure which one is Edgeworth/Mitsuruji, though, since I suspect they could both carry off pink and frilly.

    Also, I just noticed that uh... in the first one? Issay isn't just topless, I think he's supposed to be a merman. That's... intriguing.

  4. @ Mawb - I realized the merman thing after I posted it. I...I don't understand, but I'd like to know more.


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