William Gibson Overdrive

Just a few days ago, Not Greatest Site's own Kame had the privilege of meeting the Prophet William Gibson in person.  Loath to let such a major chance go to waste, she presented him with her copy of Buck-Tick's album Mona Lisa Overdrive.

"Have you seen this?" she asked.

"Yeah, some people on the internet showed it to me a few times...it's cool to see it in person," said Gibson.

"Do you know the band?" Kame asked.

"Not really," said Gibson.  "Want me to sign it for you?"

"Yes, please," said Kame.

So Gibson signed it.

And guys, if you haven't read anything by Gibson...fix that.  Like right now.




  1. If I have another copy of the album, I'll give it to him. lol

  2. I hope she sent that picture to Mr Imai.


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