B-T Data

B-T Data, a book published by the magazine CD Data in honor of Buck-Tick's 25th anniversary, has just been shipped.  Fans who ordered it through the fanclub received it with a special plastic slipcover, but even without the slipcover, it's a handsome book, paperbacked and pocket-sized, sturdy and portable.

As for the contents, it contains a small original photoshoot and a shall collection of photos from CD Data's archives, as well as photos of a selection of band goods, including staff passes, staff jerseys, and all the covers of all the issues of the Buck-Tick Club and Fish Tank newsletters.  However, there are actually relatively few pictures.  Most of the pages are taken up by long personal interviews with the band members, as well as interviewers with some of the key players in supporting Buck-Tick's professional existence over the years, including Yokoyama Kazutoshi, the keyboard player and programmer; Hayashi Wataru, the video director; Tanizaki Takayuki, the makeup artist; Yagi Tomoharu, the stylist and costumer; Sakaguchi Ken, the art director; and Akita Kazunori, the designer of many of the album covers, among other people.  I look forward to reading these interviews and I hope to post some highlights, though if you want a full translation, I'll require compensation.

But if you are wondering whether, as an overseas fan who doesn't speak Japanese, you should buy this book, my answer is, seriously, do not bother.  The appeal of this book is the text, not the photos.  The photos are nice but there are very few of them, get someone to scan them for you.  If you are primarily an Acchan fangirl, this advice goes double. There are no fanservice-type photos. You'd be wiser saving up your money for the forthcoming Yumemiru Uchuu live DVD.

Or better, yet, save it for a case of wine, and join us and the band in our alcoholism.  It's a known fact that everyone speaks Japanese better while drunk, even Japanese people.  In fact, a lot of them are too polite/shy/laconic to talk while sober. Especially the men.  That's why the getting-to-know you drinking party is an integral element of Japanese culture.  You don't truly know a man till you've gotten him drunk.  The Britons on here know what I'm talking about.  So too, no doubt, do the Australians, the Irish, and the Russians.


  1. I am more interested in this book now that it actually tackles about alot of the works behind BT (especially the covers) Unfortunately, I can't read Japanese.

    Thanks for the heads-up. ^^

  2. ...is a Briton who knows exactly what you're talking about.

    Oh yes.

    Buck-Tick fans are a LOT of fun to get drunk with.

    Especially the men.


  3. Yes, it's even more interesting now with these special interviews :) Thank you so much for the heads-up!


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