Dedicated to 451 kinds of wine

Two very important major announcements from Buck-Tick.

1) Video footage from the show "Dedicate to Gang 451" which took place at Zepp Namba on February 11, 2013, will be aired starting at 8PM on Fuji TV Next.  This show, which Buck-Tick headlined, also featured Kishidan, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, and Oreskaband, and was put together in memoriam of Kansai radio personality Yokoi Kunie, who passed away in 2006.  For those of you wondering why the number 451, well, it's a Japanese pun on Yokoi's name...4 can be pronounced "yo," 5 can be pronounced "go" (or in this case, "ko"), and 1 is "ichi" or "i," for short.  In fact, Cayce actually attended this show in the flesh yet failed to write a live report about it (sorry, sorry.)  

According to Show Ayanocozey of Kishidan, who told this story from the stage at the event itself, Yokoi is the man who first introduced him to Sakurai Atsushi via telephone.  Apparently, Yokoi called up Buck-Tick and just held out the phone to Show saying, "what are you scared of, just talk to them."  They way he tells it, Show was quaking in his boots and totally unprepared, but when he finally worked up the guts to speak into the phone, Sakurai was on there and said "sex" in a really sexy voice.  Wait, I lied, he just said "hello" in his normal voice but Show heard something different because, folks, this is how heterosexual men normally respond to Atsushi Sakurai while talking on the phone.  In any case, Yokoi was a great man, one of a kind, a terrible loss to the musical community, sorely missed, and they put together this show in his honor.

Sakurai's words on the subject, at the closing of Buck-Tick's set, right before performing "Yumemiru Uchuu":

Sakurai: "It's lonely."


Sakurai: "To die, I mean."

Fans: "........."

Sakurai: "But we're still alive.  So!"

P.S. For all the Blog-Tick readers who couldn't attend the show. Meaning absolutely all of y'all, except one person.  That one lone Blog-Tick reader who went to this show would like you to know.  At the end of "Climax Together," Sakurai turned his back on the audience, and touched his own butt.  Kind of, like, you know, sensually.  And stuff.  This has been a public service announcement.  The end.

2) Buck-Tick will soon be taking reservations on very expensive OFFICIAL BUCK-TICK WINE.  In case you didn't spend enough following the entire Yumemiru Uchuu tour around the country (I'm looking at you, and you, and you, Blog-Tickers.  You know who you are.  You know you can't afford that wine.)  It costs 15750 YEN.  It comes in a fancy box.  It comes with pictures of Toll's hair, Imai's hair, Hidehiko's ultra-sexy mole, and Sakurai's hat drinking wine together, but it still costs 15750 YEN.  Reservations will open on Monday, March 25th, on a site linked from the BT official site.  The wine will be limited to 1000 cases, and it's called DIABOLO red and L'ANGE white.  I bet you didn't know that L'ANGE was the working title of Tenshi no Revolver.  Well now you know!  Don't whine at the messenger.

P.S. If you're a secret admirer, buy a case for Cayce.  Y'know, just in case.

P.P.S. Some Buck-Tick lyrics about wine.

Dokudanjou Beauty
"We have wine and roses and cigarettes
Makes me laugh to see it"

"I see myself reflected in your eyes
Crown you with a tiara
To match your corset the color of wine"

"No, no, we'll never return
Yet, it's fine that way
Gazing, staring into the midnight
Drinking down the blood red wine"

"Wine overflowing
Cain is lamenting
And we're drunk
You and I
At midnight"




Yep, pretty much.  'Night peepz.


  1. Imai Hisashi likes this.

    1. Edward ScissorhandsMarch 23, 2013 at 7:36 AM

      DA FUCK, I can rent a freakin' studio with that price. Someone got too excited for receiving diamonds on his birthday.

  2. It's true. I can't afford that wine.

    But it's also lonely to drink wine on your own. So it's probably just as well.

  3. now 2 posts to start off the weekend, that's definetly worth a case of wine! thanks cayce, brilliant as always :)

  4. I think anyone would have heard sex instead of hello when you are on the phone with Sakurai. Really.

  5. Anonymous likes this!

    DEDICATE to a certain someone: "I could drink a case of you."

    I can't buy you a case Cayce, but next time I come to Nihon I will bring you another zealously zinful Zin ;)

  6. @ Anonymous - clearly you are someone who knows Cayce likes Zin! Thank you :)

    1. Yes I am!

      Yer welcome!

      ~ ~ ~ <3

  7. Why can´t we guys from blog-tick buy one set together and meet in some virtual room to drink it all together? =/ mah, I would love to know how it is. I bet it tastes like Marques de casa concha cabernet.
    But so expensive?Are they at least going to donate that money? =p
    I wonder who that lone blog-tick reader is :p...

  8. The other problem is I think it's only for people within Japan. What if someone from the US wants one?! So not fair.

  9. Why stop with Buck-tick wine? Why not also sell the cocaïne Imai once used (Imai's magic powder). B-T's fans would immediately buy it.

  10. It would make Glamorous Angel Dust Mix Monsters of all of them!

  11. @Angeltears You say that as if Imai is the only Adult Candy connoisseur, rather than the only one who got caught with his hand in the jar :)



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