Buck-Tick have posted a new trailer for their movie, including some of the first-ever public shots of Tilda Swinton as Imai (at 0:47)!  Viewable here.

The captions for the trailer read:

"A rock band who just keep going deeper"


Sakurai: "Thank you so much, for creating this wonderful stage for our 25th anniversary."

"The essence of the magnetic attraction of these five men"

"Has finally been captured on film"

"Since the release of Buck-Tick At The Live Inn on September 21st, 1987"

"The band members have stayed the same"

"Now they celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut"

"This documentary speaks from the hearts of the band members"

"With a secret look inside this one memorable year"

"More than 1500 hours of shooting"

"Here, we see their private faces, which they usually keep hidden"

Sakurai: "Ghaaaagh!  Whooo HOOOoooo!"

(shot of Peter Dinklage as Higuchi Yutaka)

Sakurai: "WAAAuuhhh whooohoooo!"



And yes, Cayce will be attending the film and reviewing it.  So stay tuned.


  1. Peter Dinklage, Tilda Swinton. Cayce, I am so grateful to you for cracking me up at this time. You have no idea how much I need to laugh, how much pain I have been in physically and emotionally... Thank you so much!

    I am the one who owes you Zin, many many Zin. Next time I'm in your neighbourhood...

    I look forward to your review!

    Love from Kanata ~ ~ ~

  2. Wooo hohoo! :)
    Awesome trailer. It looks quite promissing.
    I´m sure I would be exasperated after more than 1500 hours of shooting! I wonder what kind of things they were filming...
    Anonymous from Kanata@ Get well soon!

  3. well, it actually is worth a movie when a band manage's to stay together for 25 years..

  4. Thank you so much, Juli. I sure hope so!! I wanna go visit Cayce and drink Zin with her :)

    ps. I woke today thinking 1500 hours is a LOT! I wonder if they ever got tired of the camera in their faces??

  5. I'm still laughing at "A rock band who just keep going deeper".

    Did Mr Sakurai write this blurb? /laughs

  6. @ Mawb - I was aware while translating it that there was no way I could translate it accurately and have it not come out cheesy. I actually made a small effort to make it sound less cheesy(!) The Japanese actually doesn't sound cheesy at all, though, believe it or not.

  7. Cheesy like sexual cheese tacos, I mean.

  8. It was more the nudge-nudge-wink-wink factor than the cheese which caught my eye in this particular taco :)

  9. Well, the Japanese word literally does mean "to go deeper," but unlike in English, the Japanese word doesn't have sexual connotations. Unfortunately.

  10. 1500 hours of shooting?? but viewers have actually seen 1500 hours of filming? impossible!
    do you know something about playing in a dvd / blu-ray of this film?


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