Inter Raptor the First

The first ever publicly available video of Buck-Tick performing "Inter Raptor" live is up on YouTube!  Surely not for much longer, but I invite you all to watch it now, while you can.  This was filmed at Dedicate to Gang 451 at Zepp Namba in Osaka on February 11th.  Enjoy.


  1. I still can't quite yet bring myself to listen to Buck-Tick songs all the way through again. But just watching the opening couple of lines of this video reminds me of how much I love the new album. So much so that I really struggle to play favourites with any of the tracks, but this one is surely up there on the list.

    And thank you Cayce for your translations of the lyrics, which enhanced just how much I loved this album to the extent of drawing me back to Japan for the tour. How could I not, given the message?

  2. I have to admit, I'm completely jealous of Sakurai-san's boots. The video is great and I hope it stays up for a long time.

    One day I hope to see them live but until then at least I have the videos above.

    Thanks for posting Cayce.


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