Buck-Tick Book Bonanza, Part 2

Since the B-T books were so popular last time, we decided to hunt for some more.  The following delicious Buck-Tick books are now available for purchase via This is NOT Greatest Shopping service!  Since posting too many sample photos on Not Greatest Site slows down page loading time too much, we're posting sample photos here instead.

Aku no Hana Tour Pamphlet

Hardcover, LP sized tour pamphlet from the Aku no Hana era contains 35 pages of big glossy photos of the band members. Includes both full-color live photography and black and white art shots. Perfect condition, rare and out of print. If you love Mr. Sakurai with long hair, this one is for you. Sample photos below. 2000 yen.

SOLD (blimey, that was fast!)
Darker Than Darkness Tour Pamphlet

Very large, hardcover tour pamphlet from the Darker Than Darkness tour contains 40 full-color pages of gorgeous, uber-goth closeup sexy arty glamour shots of the band members, interspersed with uber-goth arty photos of various interesting objects on fire. If you are really goth and into arson, this is the pamphlet for you! If you're really into long-haired Acchan-chan, this is also for you! Unfortunately the binding is broken (too much drooling over Acchan-chan), but aside from that, the book is in great condition - no stains, tears, wrinkles, or scratches. Rare and out of print. 2500 yen.


Kurutta Taiyou Tour Pamphlet

Hardcover, LP sized tour pamphlet from the Kurutta Taiyou tour contains 36 full-color pages of REALLY ARTY photos, some of them featuring Buck-Tick members. Excellent for poring over while under the influence of quasi-legal herbs and the kind of candy Imai likes. Great condition, rare and out of print. 1500 yen.


This is NOT Greatest Tour Pamphlet

Very large, softcover tour pamphlet from This is NOT Greatest Tour contains 30 pages of glossy full-color studio and live photography of the band members. The unusual design includes foldout covers and a section of flipbook-style divided pages in the middle. Great condition, rare and out of print. 3000 yen.


Sexy Stream Liner Tour Pamphlet

Softcover, LP sized tour pamphlet from the Sexy Stream Liner era contains 38 pages of glossy full-color photos of the band members. Great condition, rare and out of print. 2000 yen.

Front Cover


Six/Nine Tour Pamphlet

Very large, soft-cover pamphlet from the Six/Nine tour contains 40 pages of full color and arty black-and-white photos, including soft-focus closeups of the band members and some interesting full-body black and white nighttime outdoor shots. Great condition, rare and out of print. 2000 yen.


SOLD (blimey, that was fast!)
Buck-Tick's Metamorphosis Book

This huge, hardcover book, published by the magazine Rockin' on Japan, contains collected interviews and photoshoots published in the magazine covering Buck-Tick's history between Taboo and Climax Together, including Schaft and This is NOT Greatest Tour. The interviews are very interesting, but for those of you who can't read Japanese, the book will still be enjoyable - there are lots and lots of pages of full-color photos of the young band members in their post-blond youth (they have flowing black locks now because they are So Goth. Wow Such Goth. Wow.) Great condition, rare and out of print. Special shipping charges apply because this thing is very heavy.  4000 yen.

Look, homo-erotic photos of Imai and Hide from X Japan!

...and homo-erotic photos of Sakurai and Yoshiki from X Japan!

Caught in the Buck-Tick Web!

Mr. Sakurai makes a valley girl face!

Toll impersonates a mime!

Mr. Sakurai models for Abercrombie & Fitch!

And last but not least, my most favorite homo-erotic photo of Sakurai and Imai ever. From the photoshoots for This is NOT Greatest Tour (no I'm not kidding.)




If you're interested in buying or reserving anything, send me an email at themadaristocrat at gmail.  If there's an item you're sure you want but you need a few more days/weeks to scrape together the cash, I suggest you email me and request that I hold the item for you, otherwise, there is a possibility someone else will buy it first. I sell all items on a first-come, first-serve basis.  I'm willing to put items on reserve for up to a month.

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