Tower of Buck-Tick

In honor of the release of the Tour 2014 Arui wa Anarchy live album, Tower Records Shibuya is currently holding an exhibit of the Buck-Tick members' costumes from the tour (the exhibit lasts till the end of the month.)  Naturally, we went to investigate.

As new CDs are always released on Wednesdays, Tower Records was a mob scene. Teenyboppers swarmed a giant mural of Korean idol boys that covered half the first floor back wall, but we had eyes only for Buck-Tick...and we weren't the only ones.  Everyone loves Buck-Tick!

In the limited space available, fans crammed in to get pictures, but it was very difficult to photograph the outfits due to the highly reflective nature of the display case. But in case you wondered...Cayce's face isn't accidentally reflected in any of these photos, so give up looking for me.

Detail of Hide #sexybeast

Detail of Sakurai. As I was trying to frame this photo, the fans next to me were earnestly discussing the visibility of Acchan-chan's armpit hair through the lace. Riddle me this: why do y'all fangirls like pit beards but not face beards, eh?

Detail of Toll.

Detail of Imai's rockin' Anarchy necklace.

And even better, Imai's shoes!

As you can see, Hide is tall enough not to need much in the way of heels on his silver boots, while Yutaka prefers pointed platform brothel creepers (he wears them when he creeps into brothels!)

Sakurai, meanwhile, has some tall Cuban heels on him. Way to, uh, stand up, if you get what I'm saying ;)

Above the display of CDs and magazines, a large video monitor played the Keijijou Ryuusei PV on repeat...

...while fangirls read Yutaka's new autobiography in morbid fascination at the soul-baring tales of his dastardly deeds of the dudes he has done...wrong. We sincerely apologize for not posting a picture of Yutaka's costume. We took a few, but none of them came out.

We awarded this poster the Not Greatest Poster of the Year award. Some fans got to take copies home, but none of them were autographed.

No Buck-Tick, No Life!



  1. Thank you Cayce for the wonderful pictures and I enjoy reading your blog & reports very much!! I LOVE Mr. Sakurai with beards wherever they grow, especially on his face (ok I have to admit the armpit bomb really explodes too). It's such a pity that I can only devour (with eyes) the beautiful hige-Tsushi from old pictures but not from the real him now.

  2. I love Sakurai´s outfit *_ *
    But why is his armpit hair such a hot topic? Ugh...

  3. Great photos thanks. Imai's shoes look very kinky!

  4. Buck-Tick exhibit? Pfffffft! Who cares! The main event in Japanese record stores this past Wednesday was minus(ー)'s debut EP dropping. You better have picked it up. Its totally Imai-approved!

    Anyway, now that I'm done shilling for minus, can we talk about Hide's outfit? Because holy hot damn, I want to wear that everywhere I go.

    1. Yeah I'd say Hide and Imai won at outfits this time around. Sakurai's other outfit was also very nice, as was Yutaka's, but they weren't on display. No Really Sparkly Pants or Pioneer uniforms for us, sad to say.

  5. I'm with Lawrence - I really want Hide's waistcoat. Fab outfit. Full marks to the Sexy Beast Hide.

  6. What about Acchan's newly grown beard and moustache? And him wearing a black mini dress...
    Did anybody here went to the Fish Tanker's Only?

    1. Acchan-chan's beard is now down to his ankles. Keep up with the times!

    2. What's this? Acchan's beard was wearing a black mini dress? How very modern.

    3. I think he looked good. Maybe it's the beard + short hairstyle, it suits him.
      Not sure about the outfit...

  7. Thanks for the detailed pictures. I just wish they had picked the other set of outfits to exhibit. I would've probably made the effort to go all the way to Tower Records just to see the shinny shinny pants.


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