Money no Hana

The latest in Buck-Tick news: Victor Invitation will be releasing new special ridiculous editions of the Aku no Hana album.  Ostensibly, this is to celebrate the 25th anniversary (!!!) of the album's release, but we all know what it really is: an obvious grub to milk money from rock stars who have long since left them for younger, sexier independent labels, with perkier dadas and gagas.

The special limited Aku no Hana memorial box, entitled "Aku no Hana -completeworks-" #spacesareforlosers #akuwithfancykanji will include five whole discs (one for each band member!) as well as a set of "portrait cards."  As for what each of the five discs contain, the Buck-Tick official website doesn't say, but personally I'm hoping for leaked home videos of Imai's baby and classified love hotel security camera footage of the unimaginable exploits detailed in Yutaka's autobiography. The memorial box also comes with a bonus sticker, and if you reserve it at one of the Metaform Nights tour stops, you get a set of four clear file folders, as well, so CALL NOW!

Reservations for this monster opened on November 1st, and the official release date is February 1st.  The price?  A cool 13800 yen, PLUS 1104 yen in consumption tax, to help restart oppressed nuclear reactors and keep your friendly neighborhood corrupt politicians rolling in graft money. Victor is laughing at you. CALL NOW!

But even if you haven't got the coins for five discs of dubious content, there are other, cheaper options. Victor will also be releasing a newly remastered version of the album on some kind of fancy platinum spec disc, for only 3500 yen plus nuke tax. As the Aku no Hana album was already remastered once for the band's 20th anniversary, please note that this 2015 version is the re-remastered version. Victor is laughing at you. CALL NOW!

But wait, there's more! For the first time ever, Victor will also be releasing the Aku no Hana video album on DVD and Blu-Ray. For those of you who don't know, Buck-Tick filmed music videos for every single track on the Aku no Hana album. Some of them were gothic masterpieces (Sabbat!), some were boring as hell (Pleasure Land!) and some contained lots of Soviet imagery that made Maria Anastasia Hisashiyevna Sakuraina wet in the knickers (National Media Boys!) Fun fact: when Aku no Hana was released, the Soviet Union was still a thing that existed! Raise your hand if you weren't a thing yet then because you hadn't been born yet!

Either way, this one looks like it actually might be worth spending money on, though full disclosure: here in the NGS archives, we already have the VHS tapes so there's a possibility that we'll feel too hipster superior to actually buy any of these items. For those of you who are interested, the price for the Blu-Ray is 5800 yen and the price for the DVD is 4800 yen, but be aware that as these videos were filmed on analog equipment, even if you buy the Blu-Ray the image quality is still likely to look like a VHS tape #puttingtheanalinanalog.

Either way, Cayce can help you buy all this shit if you need help. And if you CALL NOW, we'll throw in some sarcastic macros, ABSOLUTELY FREE. Just dial 1-800-TELEPHONE-MURDER. This has been a NOT Greatest Infomercial. YOU'RE WELCOME.


P.S. As you may have read in the Hisashi Inquirer, Acchan-chan is in the process of growing a new hipster beard, and we are currently raising funds to send him a jar of Dali brand Surrealist mustache wax. If you would like to donate, email me asap.


  1. I was waiting for this post since the FISH TANK mail, and I wasn't disappointed.

  2. Haha, great post!
    I hate Victor. They delete all the good shit on Youtube.
    And they exploit people.
    And I don´t get why they wrote 惡 instead of 悪.
    And Sabbat truly is an awesome and yet underrated PV, which is sad.
    And I´m raising my hand!

  3. So are the 5 discs all CDs, or are some DVDs? Cuz I can easily guess what kind of stuff they'd put on DVDs (music videos, old interview footage, live footage, "making of" footage, etc), but if its all CDs, there'd be 1 disc for the album and 4 discs of.... I honestly don't know what could fill up 4 audio discs. A metric ton of live recordings? Maybe every demo the band ever recorded at that time? Is the Aku no Hana era particularly well known for having a bunch of songs that were recorded but left off the album?

    1. I imagine that more details will be forthcoming, but at this moment, it doesn't say anything about what's on the discs or what type of discs they are, which I would describe as "sketchy."

  4. There is information on the content yet.... Aku no Hana album, Aku no Hana single, Video album DVD, Video album Blu-ray, LP disc...... sadly I'll probably end up buying it anyway~

    1. If you call now, you get a real life Rafflesia, ABSOLUTELY FREE. They're the true Flowers of Evil. Look them up.

    2. This is a weird compilation though. Why would anyone need both Blu-ray and DVD? Or the majestic platinum spec disc combined with the LP?

  5. No new material, and too pricey. And lol at making Blu-rays out of VHS quality material. Victor, you're desperate.


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