NicoVideo or Anarchy

For those of you who couldn't manage to attend the final stop of Tour 2014 Metaform Nights ~Arui wa Anarchy~ on December 14th at Zepp Tokyo, or for those of you who were lucky enough to attend but would like to relive the concert a second time, you are in luck: a video broadcast of the show will be streamed on Nico Video on Tuesday, December 30th between 9PM and 12AM Japan time. Regular Nico Video members will be able to watch the first half of the broadcast, but the second half of the broadcast will be viewable by premium (i.e. paid) members only. Premium membership costs 540 yen per month, and can be canceled at any time, so if you want to become a premium member just to watch this broadcast, you can. The broadcast page is available here.

With regard to this particular capitalist trap, I will say that NicoVideo has consistently been providing better music programming than regular television, and serves as a platform to support independent artists and cult artists like Buck-Tick who aren't considered worthy of mainstream television these days because they're "too old" and "too weird. Support NicoVideo and become a premium member!

However...if any of you tech-savvy Blog-Tickers out there know how to record this broadcast, or know someone who knows, please let Cayce know. The Not Greatest Site team wants a copy of this video, not in the Cloud, but in the official Not Greatest Hard Drive. Why? So we can say in truthfulness, "Buck-Tick Live is Hard in my Drive in my Hard Drive." And so we can do it I mean watch it harder deeper faster, again and again. To reiterate: if you can create a video file of this stream, please contact Cayce. We may be able to sweeten the deal. The fact is that for all that we are a blogger and general all-around Internet Person, we actually have comparatively little knowledge of computery stuff.

On the other hand, even if you, our esteemed readers, fail us, perhaps we shall simply install Cloud to Butt Plus, and then we will be able to say in truthfulness, "Buck-Tick is Live in My Butt."

Butt we'd really rather it be in the Hard Drive. Just sayin'. Thanks in advance, y'all.


  1. Hi! As no one seems to be eager to share a method which they have used before, I'll recommend a software which I found just yesterday for this very purpose.
    Basically, all you need is to download and install it. It works like a browser - you open a website in there, and beneath it you will find a download button. The given site provides a video-guide of the process. I'd tried it yesterday, it worked, however, today I needed to reinstall the whole thing to make it work again - so keep in mind, that maybe you will need to do this on the day of the broadcast. It will cost you less than two minutes. The thing did not work with ZDF and ARD (which are used in video-guide), yet works perfectly with niconico. So check it out. The mystery of how much space on your hard drive a 3 hour broadcast will steal remaines to be solved.
    If for some reason it still does not work out, however, I can assure you - somewhere someone on russian communities will have uploaded the whole thing within a couple of weeks after the broadcast. So if you still need the recording, I'll try to get it for you from there.
    P.S. During the installation be aware of many additional options like installing omega-browser and such. Click on skip/decline, if you do not need them.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Cayce,
    in case you do not have this thing in your Hard Drive yet:
    (1.75 Gb, both DiQ 2013 and Zepp Tokyo 2014.12 in one .flv file)

  3. ...Please disregard my previous link. Here be the correct one: https://yadi.sk/i/Y4_o0aZQdidvF

  4. Hey guys, thank you so much for your help! That video is now hard in our drive. May you all have an anarchic New Year.

  5. Anna, thanks for the video.
    I found the the scene a little bit lacking in style compared to the extract from the future BD release, and I think they should stop fiddling with "Melancolia" and go back to the single version, but otherwise a great concert.

    Also given the songs of the last encore, these guys sure known how to finish with a bang. ;-)


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