This just in from Fish Tank: Buck-Tick is coming once again to your television and nostrils simultaneously!

First, Eau de Buc-Tique, otherwise known as - quan vie nna sigue eye - was such a smashing success that although the first run of bottles is now sold out, a second production run of the fragrance will be released on the Buck-Tick web shop from noon tomorrow (December 3rd) Japan Time.

Whereas previously, we only had our imaginations to go on when guessing the fragrance, as the first run has now shipped, we can now judge by our noses. And as a matter of fact, Cayce rather enjoys perfume as a private hobby and knows enough about the stuff to offer at least a dilettante's opinion: it is indeed a light floral/citrus fragrance, heavy on jasmine and orange blossom, distinct but not too strong. It won't make clouds in the air where you walk, but within kissing distance, it's a nice little invitation. The base note is mellow and subdued compared to the top notes, but it seems to me like a hint of rose and something spicier. Opium and poison? Jasmine and rose? If you caught that reference, I think this perfume is for you! Plus, reading between the lines of the interview with Sakurai in the latest issue of the Fish Tank newsletter, it seems that Sakurai selected this fragrance largely on his own, which means that this is surely how he wants his fangirls to smell. So what are you waiting for? If you need Cayce's help with ordering, contact me by email directly, as soon as possible because it might sell out quickly.

Second, on February 25th, Buck-Tick will be coming to your telly and compy screens to deliver pure ANARCHY! By which we mean, the live DVD of the Tour 2014 Arui wa Anarchy show held on September 26th at NHK Hall will be released on this date.  The limited edition (DVD or Blu-Ray) includes special packaging, two live CDs of some sort of extra-special platinum format so you can hear Kokushoku Sumire Yuka's Dadaist singing extra clearly, an 80 page photo booklet, so you can see Kokushiku Sumire Yuka's Dadaist costume in crystal clear color, and not one but TWO DVD discs, showing the live footage of Kokushoku Sumire in all their Dada-Lolita glory. Did I mention Kokushoku Sumire are on this DVD? Forget Buck-Tick, I'm buying this release for the lolitas alone.  The limited edition DVD will cost 9000 yen plus 720 yen in nuke tax, while the limited edition Blu-Ray will cost 10000 yen plus 800 yen in nuke tax. A regular edition DVD (5500 yen plus tax) and Blu-Ray (6500 yen plus tax) will also be released on the same date. If you purchase these items directly from Japanese stores such as Tower Records or Tsutaya, they're likely to come with bonus extras, but those haven't been announced yet.

Third, as if all of the above weren't enough, a Buck-Tick song will be featured on the Fuji Television noitaminA 10th anniversary theme song CD compilation, as voted by fans. For those of you not in the know, noitaminA is the anime program on which Shiki ran in 2010. For those of you not in the know, Buck-Tick wrote the single "Kuchizuke" as the theme song for Shiki. For those of you not in the know, Shiki is a pretty awesome and badass vampire anime and if you're sick of sparklevamps I highly suggest you try watching it.

Beyond that, Buck-Tick: the Movie will be showing on NECO Channel at various times throughout the month. For details, check the Buck-Tick official site.

Fun fact: in Japanese, "neco" means "kitteh." In Latin, "neco" means "I kill."

Enjoy your evening.

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