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And now, for a various and sundry news post!  We apologize for leaving all you enthusiastic Blog-Tickers hanging for so many weeks, so we're making up for it with a big digest of ALL the goings-on in Buck-Tickistan, all at once.

Fish Tanker's Only 2014 DVD Release!

Only July 22nd, Buck-Tick will be releasing a live video of the Fish Tanker's Only 2014 show held at Zepp Tokyo on December 13th, 2014. The video will be available as a Blu-Ray or a DVD, with a limited edition option. The limited edition will include a total of four discs - one disc of the main show, one disc of bonus footage, and two live CDs. As usual, the limited edition will come in a special box printed with your name and Fish Tank ID number, and also include a 64-page photobook. The limited edition is reservation only, so if you want one, be sure to reserve yours between April 1st and June 1st. If you are not yet a member of Fish Tank, it's not too late to join, but you'd better join right away if you want this DVD! On the other hand, if you don't want to join but you still want the DVD, send Cayce an email and we will help you.

The set list for the DVD is as follows:

01. Hyper Love
02. Devil'N Angel
03. Phantom Voltaire
04. Baudelaire de Nemurenai
05. My Funny Valentine
06. Romance
07. Heroin
08. Satan
09. The Moon is Made of Green Cheese
10. masQue
11. Uchuu Circus
12. Melancholia
13. Once Upon a Time
14. Zekkai
15. Aku no Hana
16. Revolver

~en. 1
17. Dada Disco -GJTHBKHTD-
18. Not Found
19. Keijijou Ryuusei
20. Mudai

~en. 2
21. Survival Dance
22. Tenshi wa Dare da
23. Makka na Yoru

The prices, including tax, for each edition, are as follows:

Limited Edition Blu-Ray - 11880 yen
Limited Edition DVD -10800 yen
Regular Edition Blu-Ray - 6480 yen
Regular Edition DVD - 5400 yen


Yagami Toll ~53rd Birthday Live~ IT'S A NOW 2015

Featuring Yagami Toll & Blue Sky with special guest Shime!

Saturday, August 15th at Osaka Club Alive
Wednesday, August 19th at Tokyo Shimokitazawa GARDEN (Toll's actual birthday!)
Saturday, August 22nd at Gunma Takasaki Club FLEEZ

Tickets are 5300 yen plus 936 yen in fees, and reservations are now open! The deadline is April 7th at 2pm Japan time, so get yours today!  And now, a special message from Yagami Toll regarding this highly anticipated event:

"This year (though I didn't do one last year), I will again be performing with Yagami Toll & New Blue Sky! But now I think I'm going to ditch the "new" and just be Yagami Toll & Blue Sky. In fact, I might also ditch the "Yagami Toll" and just be Blue Sky. We'll see.

Our shows will be fun and humorous, so please come see us.

Yagami Toll, signing off~
chan chan ♪"


BUCK-TICK to Perform a Day in Question!

Buck-Tick will be performing a Day in Question in 2015. Any questions? We can't answer them. The details have not been released yet. But you know the drill - 29th of December, Nippon Budoukan, be there or cry about it alone in your room. I strongly suspect there will be other performances aside from the Budoukan performance, but it's too early to say.


And last but not least...it has come to my attention that a lot of people who read Blog-Tick are afraid to leave comments, because you are either 1) embarrassed about your patchy English or 2) worried I will make fun of you.

So, to clear up the confusion: though Blogger tells me that the biggest audience for NGS/Blog-Tick is still North America (mainly the US and Canada), I find that hard to believe, because the vast majority of Blog-Tick readers who do take the trouble to comment and/or write to us privately are from South America, Europe, and lately Asia (represent!) At least half of the people who write to us are not native speakers of English. But let me tell all of you - far from rolling our eyes at your sometimes-incorrect spelling and grammar, we're delighted to hear from so many people all over the world. When we started NGS nine years ago, we had no idea it would become so international. English has truly become a language of international communication, to the point that I don't believe native speakers can claim sole ownership anymore. It's a wonderful thing, it allows us to connect despite cultural, spatial and socioeconomic barriers.

So to all of you Blog-Tickers out there who speak English as a second language, I just want to say - I will never make fun of you or think less of you for making mistakes if you speak English as a second language. Language learning is very difficult - as a translator, it's a difficulty I struggle with every day! Language is a tool to be used, so go ahead and use it. The content of your comments matters a whole lot more to me than whether you believe the sentence "I'm just simple madness man" is correct English. Or, to put it another way: if we really hated bad English that much, how could we bring ourselves to be fans of the band who pioneered the catch phrase, "okay oneself to the fly high"?  No, really.

But as for the substance of your comments - it's true, I do tease commenters sometimes. But if you don't feel you can leave a comment because you're worried you don't have anything "smart" to say...don't worry. If you want to leave a comment letting us know you're enjoying the blog, but you don't have anything "smart" to say, just say something Dadaist instead. "Cucumber jujubes" or "fat warty frogs" will do just fine. It's the thought that counts. I hope I'll be hearing from more of you in the near future.

Also, you Tumblr people who were Tumbling Kame's comics - we're not Tumblr-ers ourselves, but if you enjoyed the comics please drop us a line - Kame spent a lot of time on those drawings, and would love to hear from you.

More news and interview translations coming soon.


  1. Thanks for all that you do! Hopefully if I start saving now, I can be at the Nippon Budoukan for the Day in Question, and not one of the people in their rooms crying about it.

  2. I have nothing smart to say, but I've waited for new note like madness man.

  3. Umnn.....my darned pc deleted my comments again. But if this does get through, just wanted to say thanks so much for all the info. It's much appreciated!

  4. I'm pretty sure I'll be one of those people crying in their bedrooms T_T
    I'm in a saving money mode and have to spend as less as possible right now and during the whole year.
    I was excited about the Fish Tanker's Only 2014 dvd but my mom stopped me from taking out my debit card....
    Thank you for everything and I promise I'll start commenting in here :)

  5. If they keep releasing stuff like this, I'll be having hard times saving for my DIQ trip this year. Please, BT, have you ever thought how much your overseas fans have to pay to see your bums? Seriuosly. Pretentious aubergine!

  6. I wanna see a DIQ some day too

  7. Already crying in my room. Thanks for always keeping us updated :)

    Gadji Beri Bimba!

  8. Now I feel encouraged to leave a comment :) I'm from Slovakia and since I became a B-T fan, my English has improved by reading your amazing blog. At first I was not familiar with the specific phrases you use, but now I laugh so hard at your jokes! And I really enjoy those articles where you analyze the ideas of albums or song lyrics. Thanks to you I learnt lots of new things about art, literature, history etc.
    Yesterday I found this postage stamp https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/72/a2/ad/72a2ad8940ca1ce9c26eb6da1ecd6e34.jpg It reminds me of Razzle Dazzle cover art. When I take into consideration that Mr. Sakurai is very interested in french culture and more than just inspired by Baudelaire's poetry, sometimes I have a strong feeling that he's the Baudelaire reincarnated :D ... I just needed to share my weird associations :)


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