The January Wardrobe Post


And now, for a very special illustrated guest post from Kame!  As the title of this post indicates, it was scheduled to be published over a month ago, but was delayed due to Kame's development of an unexpected mysterious illness. Like every good Californian, Kame sought ultra spiritual treatment first and foremost, but received nothing but the confounding diagnosis that she had been "possessed by evil." Clearly, she needs a guru. However, she has since recovered. Thank you for your support.

And now, we are overjoyed to bring you The Post in Question, in comic form.


[Note from Cayce: for those of you who found Japan on the map five minutes ago, Furukawa Tomo is the vocalist and leader of Guniw Tools, the weirdest rock band in Japan. If you are unfamiliar with Guniw Tools, go on YouTube and watch multiple videos immediately. One is not enough.]

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  1. Okay, this was funny. I laughed even though I didn´t believe I was gonna laugh today lol.
    I guess there´s no doubt that Sakurai loves all kinds of pussies, but that empty underwear wardrobe just made my day. Thanks guys! ;)

  2. I laughed so hard! Very nice post.

  3. Dearest Cayce and Kame you did it again! Thank you so much for making our day! I can't wait to see the notification on my e-mail so I can read whatever you write. Keep going strong,smart and funny as ever! P.S. I also read your comments on the shopping posts even though I haven't bought anything yet.

  4. I recall reading somewhere in Cayce's live reports/ reviews that Mr. Sakurai definitely left his underware behind when he put on his super tight trousers in... one of the 2003 B-T lives? (Pardon my fuzzy memory)... Up till that point I've never laid my eyes on his butt at all - I was so shallow and took sheer guilty pleasure just by staring at his pretty face all the time during the whole show.
    Should I say it all thanks to you Cayce, or it's all your fault to bring up that empty underware wardrobe theory, that I could never watch a B-T live the same way I used to. Now whenever I see a B-T live in person or thru video, I always stare first at "Mr. Sinful" wondering whether that theory is truly a fact before I go back to check Mr Sakurai's face and everything else. I wanted to say gone with my innocent star gazing(chasing) days but... I guess the moment I fell in love with B-T I am innocent no more.

    Please forgive my long speech. All I wanna say is thank you for the great post and that empty wardrobe really really meant so much to me. In a very unmentionable way of course.

    1. This is not a theory, it's absolute fact. Mine eyes have seen. And I believe you meant this live report.


      It reminded me of those times when you receive a wrapped gift, only you know exactly what's inside because the distinctive shape of the package gives it all away.

  5. Now that my darned pc finally permits me to send in my comments, I wanted to say this. Thanks for this hilarious post. Also thank you Anon and Cayce for the last two comments here. I will forever remember and be drawn to the "giveaway" shape of "presents" in B-T concerts after this.


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