The Day in Question 2015

We went to the show.

It was fantastic, as usual.

And as for the latest news from Buck-Tickistan, which was broadcast on the big screen at the end of the concert: Lingua Sounda will be moving to its own subdivision within Victor Entertainment, and Buck-Tick advises you all to be on watch for them in 2016, with the following announcement: "Next Climax Coming Soon!"

How soon?

September 11th, my friends. At Yokohama Arena. Meaning that this will be Buck-Tick's third ever Climax Together. But considering that basically there's no seat in Yokohama Arena from where you can actually see the band on the stage, I wouldn't start booking your plane tickets just yet.

The aethers are telling Cayce that the real action is going to start post-September, post-Climax (though there may be a single release before then, and in all likelihood a summer festival, too.) Things will not be the same this year as they have been in previous years so previous patterns of the band's activities do not apply. But don't expect much from them in spring/summer.


Live report coming soon.



  1. I dont know what i wait with more expectative:the facts themselves
    or your reports, Cayce

  2. "Lingua Sounda will be moving to its own subdivision within Victor Entertainment"

    I hope this is just a distribution deal like they had with Tokuma Japan Communications, and not a full record deal that'll allow label management to meddle in their affairs again.

    1. Yeah my eyebrows shot up about a mile when I read the announcement about Victor, too. I do suspect that they've been around long enough to not be willing to take any more crap from labels so I hope they stuck to their guns and hashed out an ironclad non-interference clause. Since their original contract was based on such a clause I have faith in them.

  3. But what is so bad about Victor? Of course for a fan abroad they are that draconian company taking down all PVs and lives from YouTube only to replace them with 1-minute clips, but back in the day I don't get the impression they messed with B-T. They released Six/Nine and Cosmos after all, some of their least commercial albums ever, Sakurai's solo album and now SCHAFT. They don't seem nearly as bad as some other labels.

  4. It is probably already 2016 in japan, so have a lovely new year cayce, may it be full of mortal delights & black lace goth stuff should you wish for them, with a dash of imai wackiness for good measure and may you always delight us with your irony, live reports and goth master classes! Cheers! Delana

  5. I would like to wish Cayce and her amazing pages a happy new year and to thank her for providing the best shopping service ever! Anyone thinking of using this service I say do it. I have saved tons of money buying my B-T goods this way. I have items which are very rare and everything is in great condition. Cayce goes that extra mile to make sure you have what you want, including getting concert tickets sorted out and finding games for my kids. I am very grateful to Cayce for helping overseas fans as much as she does so thank you very much and long may you continue to entertain and enlighten us.
    UK based fan.


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