These Mortal Lyrics, part 3


We have finished posting all the lyrics and translations for all the songs on the I Am Mortal album, which thus concludes our translation work for this project. Honestly we're kind of sorry to be done with this one, because these lyrics are so fantastic and the notes were so much fun to write. But you can keep the spirit alive (get it?) by posting your comments/discussions here, since Not Greatest Site doesn't allow comments.

As always, by all means, share the translations and lyrics, but please share by posting a link to NGS, rather than re-posting our content to your own platform of choice. We really spent a long time on these, so if you enjoy them enough to share them, giving us a little free promo is the least you can do. If you'd like to use the kanji elsewhere, feel free, but it would be nice if you could mention that we were the ones who took the time to type them up because frankly, typing up kanji is a pain in the ass and we're sure you're glad you didn't have to do it yourself.

Live reports will be coming soon, along with an album review/lyrics analysis article, by popular demand. But we're very busy, so please sit tight and wait for a little longer.



  1. Thanks for the translations and the Guniw Tools recommendation on Sayonara Waltz. I'll check them out even though I loved the entire The Mortal lineup of songs.

  2. Thank you once again for your beautiful translations.
    And - this time - most of all for giving me the most heartfelt laugh in a while with the P.S. Spoiler Alert for Sayonara Waltz! It's priceless!

  3. Thank you for your wonderful translations ~ You're the best!

  4. Thank you! Really, you're amazing!

    P.S. My English sucks

  5. Thanks again for the awesome translations.Understanding the lyrics just means so much more. I love the Lives so very much!

  6. Cayce, you wrote "overwhelming" and it really is! This time I mean the lyrics, the emotional power of "Mortal" song, the stunning image of that moon-knife-weapon-water dripping... Thank you for revealing Mr. Sakurai's wordplay. Amazing! In his previous life he must have saved the world, that is why he was reborn as so gifted, intelligent and unearthly handsome man:)
    I also find it great that you make translatoins singable. Maybe it's only with me, but because of my linguistic incompetence I can't use the texts in romaji (until I understand wordbuilding and collocation).
    In your coming report, could you, please, add comments on The Mortal music or share your impressions of it as an expert with those who are not.

    1. What you don't know is that he was reborn into this life to save the world and he's secretly a superhero!

      I'm glad you like the singable translations. I increasingly feel that they have more power if they fit with the original melodies. N.b. that the translation for "Mother" is not intended to be singable because in order to make it singable I'd have had to distort it too much and I didn't want to do that.

      I plan on writing a review of the album as a completely separate article from the live report, but it will take a few more weeks. Sit tight! I have a lot to say on this one so it will be a big article.

  7. Silly of me to think I couldn't love Mortal and Sayonara Waltz any more (: Will be singing along!

  8. Thanks again! Great! The music sends both "shivers and butterflies". Will be looking forward to...


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