A Whole New World

Hey, folks. We hope you're enjoying your summer as much as we're enjoying ours! Have you been surfing the Sea of Solaris? Have you been skinny dipping on Mermaid Beach? Have you been fishing in the Fish Tank?

Whether or not you have been, Fish Tank certainly has. After announcing at the end of June that the next issue of the Fish Tank newsletter would be delayed to mid-July, Fish Tank proceeded to make us wait four whole weeks for the news they'd been holding back on - and this can't be blamed on the band members summer vacations, because Buck-Tick's manager, Chiba Takahiro, kept Twittering things like this:

"今夜も櫻井氏のSEXY VOICE炸裂!本日のREC終了"
For those of you who don't read Japanese, that Tweet means "Yet again tonight, it's a Mr. Sakurai SEXY VOICE explosion! Wrapping up today's recording."

No, my friends, the Buck-Tick members have been hard at work. It's Fish Tank themselves who are shirking their duties. But then, at last, after leading us on to the point where we almost started to wonder if Buck-Tick had been nothing but a beautiful dream we had back in 2014, Fish Tank burst out with the announcement:

Buck-Tick's first new single from Victor since Candy will be released on September 21st, just in time for the band's 29th anniversary. Entitled New World, the single will contain two new tracks, and the first press version will come with a bonus DVD including footage from the Day in Question 2015 concert held on December 29th, 2015 at the Nippon Budoukan.

However, I feel the need to clarify that despite being labeled as a "new" song, what this really is is a new cover. Or should I say, a whole new cover. Folks, I daresay you know this song quite well already...now just imagine Mr. Sakurai's sexy voice explosion singing it.

(He's going to sing Jasmine's part in falsetto.)

As for the b-side, the title hasn't yet been announced, but I think it's going to be this one. After all, we all know that #sexybeasthide is why the Little Mermaid wished she had legs.


We'll keep you updated with further details as they are announced. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves by picturing how Imai would look in a Princess Jasmine costume.


UPDATE: On further inspection of more social media platforms, we can confirm the following further information:

Both new songs have lyrics by Mr. Sakurai and music by Mr. Imai. Also, the title of the b-side is "Devil's Wings." What does that mean, you ask? Well, we're not entirely sure, because being old, we're not entirely sure what the kids are doing these days. But in our day, it was like red wings, but with a lady who was also a massively powerful black magic sorceress.

To illustrate our point, we tried to find a gif from Game of Thrones of the scene where black magic sorceress Melisandre gives birth to a murderous shadow baby, but all we could find was this one and it's not exactly fit for public consumption so y'all go back to that Jasmine costume fantasy posthaste.

Signing off, this is Cayce with too much tequila and not enough caffeine.


  1. New World? I can only think of One Piece for some reason. And I´m not even a big fan.

    Juli :3

  2. Thank you Cayce!Can't wait for the single and that footage.Everybody has been partying on Tumblr since yesterday with the news and the pics of Acchan-chan from Imai's blog.Imai has some serious marketing skills.

  3. Been really excited seeing bits and pieces and wow, new pictures. Thanks for putting everything into plain English here :-)

  4. Last year, I had a dream that Mr. Sakurai had a duet with Ms. Lea Salonga (who is the singing voice of Jasmine). Was that a sign? Hahaha

  5. Oh Imai and Cayce! Such wonderful news!


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