Atomic Futurists No. 9

Buck-Tick are proud to announce their very own Futurists' Manifesto.

Their new album, scheduled for release on September 28th, will be titled 「アトム未来はNo.9」, which translates to Atomic Futurists No. 9

If anyone doubts that Imai Hisashi came up with this title, please go sit in the corner.

If you're sick of Buck-Tick albums with long Japanese titles including katakana, hiragana, kanji, AND romaji all in one, please go sit in the corner - because in fact, while this album will be the twentieth full-length studio album the band will have released over the course of their long career (and releasing their 20th album for their 30th anniversary definitely proves beyond a doubt that 30 is the new 20!) in fact, it's the FIRST album they have ever released with a title that includes all four types of characters used in modern standard Japanese orthography. Imai, you've outdone yourself already, and the album hasn't even been released yet.

As for further details, they are few - but we do know that the album will contain 13 tracks, including the forthcoming single "New World."

The regular edition will be a bog-standard CD with no bells or whistles, and will cost 3240 yen including tax.

There will also be two limited editions. Limited edition A will come with a streamy sexy SHM-CD (a fancy high-quality CD that will nonetheless still be playable in your dearly beloved CD deck from 1994, so have no fear) and a bonus Blu-Ray disc, and will retail for the price of 6459 yen including tax. Limited edition B will also come with a streamy sexy SHM-CD and a bonus DVD. Limited edition B will retail for the price of 5919 yen including tax. The bonus DVD will include the music video for "New World," and reportedly other contents as well...but no word on what they are yet.

The Fish Tank presale lottery for tickets to Tour Atom Miraiha No. 9 will be open from July 30th through August 9th at 2PM. Tickets will cost 7500 yen apiece, plus fees (sheesh guyz they are getting more expensive!) If you have any questions about tickets, contact Cayce as soon as possible. However, before you write to us, please read through the So You Want to Visit Japan to See Buck-Tick? and Japanese Concert Guide sections on This is NOT Greatest Site, if you haven't already. Tickets go on general sale at 10AM on Saturday, September 17th, but there are bound to be general admission presale lotteries before then.

Below is the FULL list of tour dates:

10-08 (Sat) Kanagawa - Yokosuka Arts Theater
10-10 (Mon - holiday) Chiba - Ichikawa Bunka Kaikan
10-15 (Sat) Nara - Nara Centennial Hall
10-16 (Sun) Hyogo - Kobe Kokusai Kaikan International Hall
10-19 (Wed) Saitama - Kawaguchi Lilia Hall
10-23 (Sun) Niigata - Niigata Kokumin Kaikan Large Hall
10-27 (Thu) Saitama - Omiya Sonic City
10-29 (Sat) Nagano - Hokuto Daibunka Hall
10-30 (Sun) Gunma - Gunma Ongaku Center
11-04 (Fri) Fukushima - Kooriyama Shimin Bunka Center
11-06 (Sun) Miyagi - Tokyo Electro Hall Miyagi (this is in Sendai, not Tokyo!)
11-09 (Wed) Tokyo - Nakano Sun Plaza
11-10 (Thu) Tokyo - Nakano Sun Plaza
11-13 (Sun) Tokyo - Olympus Hall Hachioji
11-19 (Sat) Tochigi - Utsunomiya Sougou Bunka Center
11-23 (Wed - holiday) Fukuoka - Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan
11-26 (Sat) Osaka - Osaka Orix Theater
11-27 (Sun) Osaka - Osaka Orix Theater
12-01 (Thu) Kanagawa - Kanagawa Kenmin Hall
12-03 (Sat) Hiroshima - Hiroshima JMS Astaire Plaza
12-04 (Sun) Kagawa - Sunport Hall Takamatsu
12-08 (Thu) Kyoto - Rome Theater Kyoto
12-10 (Sat) Ishikawa - Kanazawa City Cultural Hall
12-17 (Sat) Hokkaido - Sapporo City Kyoiku Bunka Kaikan
12-22 (Thu) Shizuoka - Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan
12-23 (Fri) Aichi - Nagoya Shimin Kaikan (Forest Hall)
12-29 (Thu) NEW YORK CITY MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!!! AND LONDON ROYAL ALBERT HALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! (Just kidding, it's the Nippon Budoukan in good old-fashioned Tokyo.)

That's 27 tour dates in all. More tour dates than some of y'all are years old, I reckon. Anyhoo, we'll keep updating with further info.


  1. Now it's officially an atomic sexy voice explosion.

  2. I'm glad the boys energy and creativity intact while other bands refrien again and again the same old hits, our guys always take their chances with something new. Undoubtedly , the 30 is the new 20 , 50 are 40.

    Enjoy the countless concerts over there , please. Greetings Cayce

  3. OMG OMG! Thank you for the update! Email coming your way~

  4. Looking at the dates, I suppose Buck-Tick won't be part of the Visual Japan Summit. 14th Oct is a possibility but that would make it the most epic day (and its the 1st day of the summit!) with X-Japan, Glay and Luna Sea playing that day; how will they top that on the last day?

    1. I thought it was just an X, LS and Glay thing. When I saw the announcement they were the only bands playing.

    2. Oh, no; they were the only bands being announced at the moment. There'll be more announcements down the line where the rest of the line-up will be revealed in subsequent weeks.

  5. Oh dear! I wish I could attend a Buck-Tick show just once in my life... sadly, this year is not an option.

  6. I'm considering the first two dates, but I've heard the earliest performances are usually awful?

    1. Opening nights usually have a few bobbles, but "awful" would be a bit of a stretch. True that Mr. Sakurai did, on the first night of the Memento Mori tour, during the dramatic opening of "Memento Mori," trip over Yutaka's bass cable while the jets of real fire shooting out of the front of the stage flared, and fall flat on his face, then chuck the mic stand across the stage in anger after he stood up. However, considering that, while the mic stand skidded to a halt inches from the heart of a fan in the front row, she wasn't skewered but escaped unscathed, and the rest of us had the pleasure of witnessing Mr. Sakurai fall on his face, I treasure that night as my fondest memory of a Buck-Tick tour opening.

      Compared to that, the flawless starts to the Razzle Dazzle, Yumemiru, and Anarchy tours were downright disappointing.

    2. That one sounds like the best opning night ever. After all always flawless is boring.

  7. I want to go to the concert on 22th, 2016. Can I buy a ticket now? How can I buy a ticket as a foreigner who can't read Japanese?

    1. Email me directly at themadaristocrat at gmail, and I will help you buy a ticket.


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