Rules For Commenting: Reminder

I see I haven't posted about the rules for commenting on Blog-Tick since 2010, so I think it's high time for a refresher! First, a big thanks to all of you who've abided by the rules all these years. But for the n00bs who didn't think there were any rules on the internet... sorry, there are. Buck-Tickistan may be an Anarchic Republic, but Blog-Tick is a dictatorship. Dictator: Cayce. Sorry, fans :)

Anyhow, when commenting on Blog-Tick, the Supreme Leader and Divine Dictator of Blog-Tick hereby dictates that you (that is to say, you, plural) follow the following rules or be subject to immediate punishment, including but not limited to: a day in the public pillory being pelted with rotten tomatoes, very definitely un-fun and non-kinky flogging, a month without alcohol, caffeine or the internet, and/or being shut in a sensory deprivation tank with nothing but the Demogorgon and "Muma -The Nightmare-" on repeat for company.

The Rules:

1) Feel free to post opinions, start discussions, and ask us questions, but please keep your tone polite and professional (commenting on blogs looks great on a resume!)

2) Blog-Tick is a public informational blog, not your own personal Tumble-TweetGram-FaceSpace. We welcome discussion, but please limit your comments to a few sentences, or at most a few short paragraphs if you have multiple questions or want to develop a relevant point of discussion. Blog-Tick is not an appropriate place to share personal confessions or screeds, and if you want to write an essay hermeneutically deconstructing hegemonic paradigms of art-history-induced sexual arousal in the collected lyrical works of Buck-Tick, please do it on a forum or on your own blog. If you have a lot that you want to say to us personally, please feel free to email us at themadaristocrat at gmail, but be aware that Not Greatest Cultural Studies Journal is not peer-reviewed.

Also, be aware that we get a lot of email and we might not be able to respond to your email right away. We do try to read and respond to all emails from readers but urgent requests take precedence over chatty letters, so don't be unduly alarmed if it takes a week or more for us to get back to you. It has nothing to do with you or the content of your letter, and everything to do with our busy schedule.

3) Please refrain from posting YouTube links unless they are directly related to the Post in Question and you specify in your comment which video you are linking to. Otherwise, your comment may be subject to automatic deletion. Why? Because if you don't tell us what video you're linking to, we will operate on the default assumption that you're a spambot sharing porn. (Real talk, guys - Blog-Tick gets a lot of spam comments... and if we can't distinguish a live human commenter from a spam bot, that means that you, a live human commenter, have failed a Turing test, and if that doesn't make you feel ashamed, then it ought to.)

4) If you plan on flaming, please remember that public ridicule is the NGS policy.

5) Malapropist and/or Spoonerist fans of Tick-Buck, please be aware that I am dog of this glob and I reserve the right to moderate all dotcoms.

If there’s anything you would like to see on Blog-Tick (requests, suggestions, photo submissions of really cool tour goods, etc.) just email us and let us know.

Also, if you find information here that you would like to share somewhere else, please, please do us the small favor of linking back to Blog-Tick. If you found the info elsewhere but it was in Japanese and you couldn’t understand it until you found our translations here, please thank me by linking me when you re-share it. NGS/Blog-Tick is now the longest-running active English language Buck-Tick site on the internet and crediting us for our work is the least you can do.


  1. To remind the rules is always good for newcomers and those who have stayed too long to remember (idk how they can forget them).
    I personally share some articles by DIRECT link to the article in Question, and everytime I translate something for my fellow fans from Buck-Tick Chile I send you an email with said translation in case you want to share it.
    I really thank you for all the hard work you put in everything you do!

  2. I wanted your help, not a sarcastic cover up for your hypersensitivity. This is exactly why that chick said she loved you (your intelligence, probably) DESPITE your attitude. I tried be different from that kind of person, but... Oh well. I'll return to silently eat your shit up, since you're the only Buck-Tick's translator available.

    1. Marina, surely you were aware that sarcasm is the official language of Buck-Tickistan? The Buck-Tickistani Cultural Association holds free classes in introductory sarcasm at the National Language Institute, so if you're interested, please enroll.

      As for these rules, I first posted them in 2010. Go back and check if you like. If I wanted to, I could disable the commenting function, or I could moderate comments at my own discretion without setting rules at all. However, I want to preserve the comments section as a space for people to make friends and have relevant discussions about the band. To that end, I instituted the rules to keep things fair and make it clear to readers what kind of space I am trying to create here. Don't take it personally.

      If you want my help with something to do with your private life, you are welcome to email me. Lots of people do. It sounds like you've been going through a tough time and I don't mean to dismiss your struggle. But if you want to share intimate personal confessions, please do it in a more intimate and personal setting. Blog-Tick is the public internet and anyone can read it.


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