52 Suits You

Now that he's as many years old as there are cards in the deck, Mr. Sakurai's no longer afraid to express his true feelings to the world.

And they are thus.

"Kurumi-chan is my lover."

The Hisashi Inquirer reports that the band members reacted to this statement as follows:

Anyhow, Happy Birthday, Mr. Sakurai.

And sorry, fans.

Give up hope.

He's no longer single.


  1. Un salud por el Sr. Sakurai!
    Happy Birthday for him and I love Imai's face in the picture haha.

  2. The reaction of the other members was so obvious throughout the interview ... boring, and Okayu is eager to be presented in society. Speaking of Sakurai, he could not control his stoic expression when he talks about his Friendlovers. However, Happy birthday n°0 Mr. Sakurai, follow as creative and innovative as now.

    PD:Thank you for all as always, Cayce.

    1. If you thought the other band members were bored, you haven't been following B-T for long enough. They were trying as hard as they could not to crack up, it took all the power of their face muscles to do so, and they failed rather spectacularly in the end. For the record: Okayu belongs to Imai's sister in law. She's not Imai's dog and never was.

    2. Oh I'm sorry, I think I misunderstood, I spoke in a sarcastic (and stupid) tone when I was referring to "boring". Although I have not been fanatical for many years, I know how much they value each other, how is their relationship and how they change their behavior on TV; ')

  3. From now on, the man won't stop talking about cats and looking stupidly cute while doing it.
    //and we will be happy for that//


    1. Unfortunately, I'm sure they only interviewed him about cats because Japanese TV doesn't want to talk about Buck-Tick's music because it's too dark and too smart for TV watchers or Buck-Tick's own fangirls to understand, but everyone loves cats. However, at least we got a happy ending out of it anyway.

  4. Sakurai-san really has a good point to say what he just did. Kurumi is very beautiful and will still be a very good looking cat after 15 years. The love from an animal usually is unconditional and everlasting. And (this is most important) they don't complain or nag all the time, don't ask any questions but want you to feel happy! I wish both Sakurai-san as well as his Kurumi-chan to have and enjoy a long lasting and loving relationship for life. By the way, his band mates show off marvelous face expression! I wonder if this really has something to do with the confession of Acchan. Really guys ?


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