The Hisashi Inquirer: The Genesis of No. 0

For their latest album, No. 0, the Buck-Tick creative team challenged themselves with the following challenge: "Let's fantasize about things that make our nether regions swell in sensual anticipation, and write songs about it!"

Sakurai: "If I were a cat, I'd be the hottest cat in the club."

Imai: "Acchan, I just learned about this amazing new thing where you can write a song with three beats per measure instead of four. Yeah, I know! My mind was blown! Gotta try this for myself now!"

Sakurai: "And thus the Tower of Babel, which was rock hard (because it was made of rock) grew so tall that it split Heaven wide open and thus did Heaven grow wet and gush down rain."

Imai: "What if computers had never been invented and all the technology in the future was still made of mechanical cogs and gears and the whole city was a big factory going THUMP THUMP bang bang bang BANG with lots of machine noises and there were robots and Greek letters all over the place? Wouldn't that be awesome!!!??????"

Sakurai: "If I were a cat, no one could tell me not to grow a beard."

Hide: "Last time we went to London I sneaked off by myself and danced all night on the aggrotech floor at the Slimelight club surrounded by a bunch of hot cybergoth girls with pink neon dreads and sometimes I still think about it when I touch myself."

Sakurai: "If I were a cat I would totally hit on human girls. Hot girls love cats. They would eat me up!"

Imai: "What if weapons were sentient? How does a bomb feel when it's about to explode?"

Hide: "Don't laugh, but I'm actually a big fan of Skrillex."

Sakurai: "Imai, remember that time back when we were writing Sexy Streamliner when we dropped a shitload of acid before that hanami party and I was convinced all the cherry blossoms were tiny vampires singing to me about how they wanted to suck my blood but you wouldn't listen because you were too busy going on about lizard skin girls and ranting against capitalism? Well, last night, I had this dream about this rose garden, only the roses were actually all hot girls and we got in on till the early morn', which I guess is TMI, but it made me think about that time and I felt nostalgic. Those were good times. Why don't we make another industrial album?"

Imai: "Sure, but it HAS to end with a shoegaze power ballad. No ifs, ands, or buts!"

Sakurai: "Shoegaze always makes me think fondly about uteri."

And so the album was born, and the titled it No. 0, because zero is round and therefore looks like both a uterus and the circular cogs inside a steampunk robot's mechanical brain.

Translated from the original Buck-Tickistani by Cayce. The above content was originally published in The Hisashi Inquirer and we have not altered it from its original form except to translate it. The views expressed in the passage above are solely those of The Hisashi Inquirer and do not represent the view of The Blog-Tick Phenomenon.


  1. Haha, oh Cayce- this made me laugh as it sums up some of the thoughts I've been having on the album and lyrics since I got it on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas/analysis of each song in your translations.

    I've also been going through a bit of a Soft Ballet listening period again and I noticed that the drums on Bishuu Love are similar to SB's 'You' so I put them in a playlist together :)

  2. This album gave me a nice mix of thrill, laughter and "WTF?"-ness. The only missing thing is sheer terror by forcing me to deal with my fears and doubts.
    But that's probably what the lyrics will do.
    *puppy eyes*


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