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And so it came to pass that FOUR WHOLE YEARS after their last proper standing tour, Buck-Tick FINALLY decided to put on another proper rock-n-roll tour, that is to say, a tour at standing-room-only venues where their fans can actually jump, dance, get sweaty and close to the stage, rather than bop their hands like listless animatronic dolls glued into the red plush confines of theater seats, pressing opera glasses to their eyes in the vain hope that once, just once, they might be able to glimpse a closeup of Imai's fancy pants, despite being stuck at the back of the third balcony.

Four years ago, David Bowie was still alive, Obama was still president of the United States, the UK was still part of the European Union... four years is a long fucking time. Those who were suckling babes four years ago are now walking on two legs and annoying their families with questions all the livelong day. Those who were sweet sixteens are now insecure, beer-swilling college students. Those who'd just entered school are now about to graduate. Those who are still working at the same shitty jobs are questioning the leaden inertia that's prevented them from taking a chance, making a clean break, and taking a grasp at happiness, despite the fact that they gain new lines and white hairs every day. Leap years have leaped. Olympians have medaled. Dozens of iphones have come and gone and yet people feel that social media FOMO more keenly than ever. But have Buck-Tick toured? Why no, no they have not.

FOUR YEARS, kids. 
Because, as you may recall, Buck-Tick's last standing tour was in support of Arui wa AnarchyBecause, as you may recall, Victor never bothered to book them a standing tour for Atom Miraiha, because not only did Victor never bother to properly promote Atom Miraiha and was then disappointed when it didn't sell well, but Victor also thought that holding a Fish Tank Only tour instead of a proper standing tour would be a good way to get more people to join the fanclub, and as they discovered to their chagrin, that didn't happen.

Buck-Tick fans who haven't joined the fanclub already aren't going to join the fanclub. They just want to attend a tour, dammit. A real rock and roll tour where people are too busy hitting each other to ever do that infernal bop-bop hand dance. Punch or be punched: that's punk rock for you! Raise your glasses and give a cheer for all TWENTY dates of the No. 0 standing tour! It's about fucking time.

The tour dates are as follows:

October 13th (Sat) - Akasaka Blitz (FT Only)
October 20th (Sat) - Okinawa Namura Hall
October 27th (Sat) - Sendai PIT
October 28th (Sun) - Sendai Rensa (FT Only)
October 31st (Wed) - Niigata LOTS
November 3rd (Sat) - Zepp Sapporo
November 10th (Sat) - Tokyo Toyosu PIT
November 11th (Sun) - Kawasaki Club Citta'
November 17th (Sat) - Zepp Nagoya
November 18th (Sun) - Nagoya Diamond Hall (FT Only)
November 23rd (Fri/                    holiday) - Zepp Osaka Bayside (perform in many performances much wow)
November 24th (Sat) - Osaka Namba Hatch (FT Only)
December 1st (Sat) - Hiroshima Blue Live
December 2nd (Sun) - Kagawa Takamatsu festhalle
December 8th (Sat) - Tokyo Zepp DiverCity (FT Only)
December 9th (Sun) - Tokyo Zepp DiverCity 
December 15th (Sat) - Fukuoka Drum Logos (FT Only)
December 16th (Sun) - Zepp Fukuoka
December 20th (Thu) - Kumamoto B.9 V1
December 22nd (Sat) - Kyoto KBS Hall

Tickets will cost 7800 yen plus fees, plus 500 yen for a drink ticket at the door of the venue. The tickets will go on general sale on September 8th, but there are bound to be presales before that time. If you'd like our help with ticket purchases, please contact us right away. Please note that we cannot under any circumstances ensure that you win a ticket to any specific show, let alone win a good number. We get that you want tickets and you want good numbers, but sometimes it simply isn't possible to get them, and that goes for fanclub members and Japanese fans just the same as it goes for y'all, so let's make that clear up front. 

Yeah, the last tour sold out unusually quickly, but there are a lot of dates on this tour, and some of them are for very big venues, so with luck, everyone who wants tickets will be able to get them. If you're worried about not winning the tickets you want, we recommend you apply for multiple shows and/or attend dates outside of the Tokyo area. If you're visiting Japan just for the tour, there's no reason whatever to stay stuck in Tokyo. As a Tokyoite, we can tell you personally that Tokyo, though it pulses with beauty and vitality and fascination, is also sardine-tin crowded with passive-aggressive snobs and nasty turtle-faced butt-groping salarymen, and you're likely to have a much more restfully "Japanese" cultural experience on your trip if you dare to venture outside the Tokyo city limits. Don't say we didn't warn you.

For those of you who are interested in traveling to Japan for the first time to see this tour, we encourage you to read our Japanese Concert Guide, So You Want to Visit Japan to See Buck-Tick guide, and our Train Travel in Japan guide. If you're thinking of emailing us with questions, please read these guides carefully first. Most of the information you need is probably in there.


And now for two regretfully unpleasant public service announcements.

On Rudeness. We hate that we have to say this, but if you're rude to us, we're afraid we will be unable to serve you. Apparently some of you (and we daresay you know who you are) seem to think that spamming our inbox with rude letters is the new trendy way to be endearing. Sorry, kids - we've never been much of a trend follower. If you cannot adhere to the good old fashioned convention of politeness in your correspondence with us, we cannot help you, end of story.

On Cayce's True Form. Blog-Tickers, we do love you, and we're not lying about that. In fact, we love you more than you could ever know, and we'd thrill at a chance to climb in your window at night and watch you sleep. But out of respect for the privacy of your fellow Buck-Tickistani citizens, before going up to random people at Buck-Tick shows and getting in their faces and asking them if they're Cayce, ask yourself the following questions. First, is it corporeal? If it is, we assure you, it's not Cayce. Please leave innocent corporeal beings alone. Second, is it wearing a corset and whipping, flogging, or spanking a fanboy, fangirl, or fanperson of indeterminate gender? If not, it's most certainly not Cayce. Incorporeal though we may be, we are nonetheless adamantly dedicated to our lifestyle of fashion and strict discipline, so once again, please in Kushiel's name stop bothering innocent corporeal beings in our name.

Thank you for your understanding.

Also, to the person who added us on LinkedIn - thanks for the professional networking! We will recommend you with fondness to the HR Manager at the Buck-Tickistani Bureau of Bureaucracy.

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