Guest Post: Gendjreng Aku Mas

Fun fact for those of you new to Buck-Tickistan: in the liner notes of Six/Nine, in addition to be being credited for vocals, Mr. Sakurai is credited as having played the saxophone. As to what song he played it on, since there's only one song on the album which includes a sax part, it's fairly obvious: "Itoshi no Rock Star"! While this is the only studio recording for which Mr. Sakurai played sax (that we know of), he was also seen to play it live during the Darker Than Darkness tour, on "Victims of Love."

Don't believe us?

Now you do.

Why doesn't Mr. Sakurai play the sax anymore, you ask? Well, to be honest... we have no proof that he doesn't. It's just that, even if you're Mr. Sakurai, sax isn't necessarily something you feel comfortable with doing in public all the time, you know?

Then there's the question of whether he plays the piano - in the Autumn 2012 issue of Bridge magazine, he posed with a cat and a piano for the photoshoot accompanying the 20,000 character interview he gave on the topic of his childhood musical influences (market translation price: 140,000 yen). Of course maybe that was just a pose and he was faking it, but at the same time... why bother fake posing at a piano when you have a live cat in the room? Maybe Mr. Sakurai plays, but not for other people.

We've spent many a sleepless night over the years pondering these deep and pressing questions, fearing that we might never know the truth. But then! Just when we'd all but given up hope, one of our dear readers showed up with the answer, lovingly illustrated in manga form, and we couldn't resist sharing it with y'all.

Therefore, we present to you our first guest post in a long while. Comic by Ms. J. Whether she's a relative of Mr. J, we cannot say.

So there you have it. That's the truth, and let no one dare speak otherwise.

Oh yeah, about the post title - if you don't know what it means, we're not going to tell you. Find out for yourselves.


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