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Those of you who are members of Fish Tank may have been surprised on your lunch break by a news email with a very special announcement: the Trojan Dinosaur that is Buck-Tick's management will finally, at long last, be putting most (not all!) of the band's discography up on the music streaming subscription services Spotify, Apple Music, LINE Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited. For links to the Buck-Tick related pages for each individual service, go to the announcement page on Buck-Tick's official site, here. Nope, it's not free. But at least it's giving Buck-Tick some more general exposure. Some of the songs will also be available for digital purchase. However, not all the songs may appear on all the streaming services. For details, we suppose you have to look at the pages of each individual service.

There's no word on whether the services extend internationally or not, so Blog-Tickers, please test it out and let us know! And if the B-T streaming doesn't extend internationally, please spam the fuck out of the Fish Tank customer service department and demand international service, like we have been suggesting in the public announcement here on Blog-Tick since summer of 2017.

Officially, this whole streaming service thing is being launched as part of the hype surrounding the release of the No. 0 live DVD next week - the first thing you can listen to if you join the streaming services is the live audio from the Tour No. 0 extra special additional show that was held at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on July 26th, 2018. We had the pleasure of attending this show in person, and we can attest that it was an excellent show and that Tokyo International Forum Hall A has excellent acoustics, so this is surely a live album worth listening to. 

But seriously. Buck-Tick should have been on all these music streaming services for years already - streaming appears to be the future of music, and making your music available on streaming services gives a much wider audience easy access that they didn't have before. It's a great way of making new fans! And maybe the Trojan Dinosaur that is Buck-Tick's management don't care about making new fans, but they really should. All it takes is a glance from the stage into the audience at any Buck-Tick show to see the disproportionately large number of dolorous ladies with pissy prissy pouts on their faces, standing rigidly, looking like being at a Buck-Tick show is the worst kind of punishment  (until Mr. Sakurai flips his skirt and they all shriek like banshees and claw at the air, that is). Where are all those people who danced under the sun with smiles on their faces at Mona Lisa Overdrive Xanadu? How can we get them back? Streaming services seems like a good start. (The anime theme strategy is good, too.)

We'd laugh about how funny it is that Fish Tank is advertising Buck-Tick streaming services to fan club members... after all, if you're in the fan club, doesn't that mean you have all the music already?... but 21 albums and 36 singles is a hell of a lot of music to listen to, let alone buy on CD. How was it for you, Blog-Tickers? Have you listened to Buck-Tick's entire discography? How long did it take you? How many Buck-Tick CDs do you own? Please discuss in the comments.


On another note, the Buck-Tick official website has announced some weird bonus extras that will be awarded to people who purchase the limited editions of Rondo/Kemono-tachi no Yoru from various shops...

Tower Records: an A5 sized clear file folder
HMV: a B2 sized poster (that's a BIG poster, wowee)
Rakuten Books: a pocket mirror
Tsutaya, Amazon, etc.: a sticker

If y'all want to order the single through us, shoot us an email. 


  1. There is some new stuff on Spotify (Argentina)! Including the live audio. Not everything that is on the list, but some things. I don't have Premium, so idk if that makes a difference or its just because of the country.

    On Youtube you need the Music Premium to listen to some things. But they uploaded some videos on public (Like Babel and New World)

  2. I have all original albums, not all live albums, some singles and maxi singles, and a lot of DVD/br. I will order live br Tour No.0 next month, I need to safe more money...

  3. i'm glad you're back

  4. Cayce! The Dinos also learned that instead of just slapping EVERYONE on YouTube with DCMAs over and over as we keep reuploading...TO GIVE BUCK-TICK THEIR OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!


    So far I'm seeing a handful of older music videos in HD but I am ALSO seeing music only tracks such as the TOUR no.0 live~~~

    Also as a Spotify (free) user, I'm seeing everything up til about 1998 (SSL album and live CD) and then it jumps to Atom 9 and no.0 and the related singles.

  5. Well previously in Canada (and presumably all of north america) only their Victor and Tokuma albums and only their recent singles (since "New World") were up for streaming. As of today, everything they released on Mercury has been added, as well as all their old Victor singles.

    All that's missing is their BMG/Ariola catalogue, and that's a big shame because that was the period where they put out the material that most of the 20-something streaming generation would recognize (13kai, "Kagerou", "Kuchizuke").

    I already own most of their discography, but having their songs readily available on streaming services is really helpful for when you're trying to recommend BT to a friend or just want to toss a song into the mix at a party.

  6. Well, in Mexico a few albums were already on spotify and apple music since last year. Now they've added some more though

  7. I'm guessing at some point (probably not this transfer/hiring season- but maybe last year's...), somebody who is more Internet-savvy was hired/transferred. Buck Tick also has an official Youtube now (not just the odd trailers released on Victor's channel) as well as more stuff added to streaming services.
    For me personally, it makes little difference as I have all their albums on CD (minus Sexual XXXXX and Seventh Heaven) plus Picture Product and a bunch of live DVD boxsets- obtained over the last ten years. However, such online streaming would have made a world of difference when I lived outside Japan- I'm really glad that Buck-Tick's management is making it easier for people to listen to them, as they deserve so many more fans!

  8. (Free) Spotify in the US has their Victor releases and they recently added a bunch of singles not available before, as well as Mercury/USM stuff. I can't see any of their Tokuma releases.

    I only ever listen to music on streaming services/digital these days, as I'm always either on the go or working and it's just so much more convenient. While there's something special about holding a physical album in your hands (look! It's real!), I can't deny playing CDs is just not practical for me anymore.

    And regarding BT gaining new fans as a result of their music being made more widely available... While I'm not a "young" fan at 30, YT/Spotify has made it possible for me to rediscover a band I was really into in my late teens. It was a great joy to find so many new-to-me albums since the last I had listened to, Memento Mori, in 2009. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had this experience!
    Now, if I could only just see them live once... :)

  9. I have Spotify premium account. Very pleased when I received email from Spotify informing release of CLIMAX TOGETHER - 1992 compact disc - by BUCK-TICK. Did not see any BMG/Ariola material though.

  10. My habit of checking of buck-tick has been added onto spotify has paid off !!!! I would always check to see if I could share sound snippets on my Instagram story. I found out the day of. Now I can show off on Instagram what buck-tick hits I'm listening to... and nobody will care lol. But I can show my love !!!!

  11. I've known Buck Tick since 2015, but just decided to become a fan this year and haven't heard all the discography yet ���� maybe I shouldn't even be a fan ��

    But, I'm sad that there are not many new people who know Buck Tick, I thought the band was a trend even today in Japan.
    Here where i live I believe there is not even a fixed fanbase.
    I am kpoppers and only know kpoppers. All the otakus I know listen only to The Gazette or One Ok Rock ... Maybe I should start a indoctrination plan ��

  12. I have a premium account, from Brazil, and I can't believe they still didn't liberate their BMG/ariola materials. But I think it's added,tho. I was able to find the link to their memori album, for example, only all the songs are unavailable. maybe it's my location ��


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