Que Sera Sera

Hi, folks! How are y'all enjoying Abracadabra? Did y'all watch the live stream? What about that acoustic "Living on the Net," eh? Did you see that one coming?

We realize we've taken more time this go-around to start posting translations of the lyrics to the new album. Thanks for your patience in waiting for our translations - there's a lot, a lot, to unpack in this album, and we wanted to let the songs sink in for a while before we took a crack at translating them - also, we wanted to take the time to read through the copious interviews with the band members to check on their intended meanings of the lyrics, and to pinpoint the source of some of the references which might have slipped under our radar otherwise. In other words, we've been off the grid, doing our Buck-Tick homework for y'all (Buck-Tick homework: the best kind of homework ever.) And, you know, work, and IRL life, and less-than-perfect health. All that fa fa fa fa and la la la la. Que sera sera!

The good news: we are done with the preliminary research and now we are cracking! We are pleased to bring to you the singable English translation of "Que Sera Sera Elegy," complete with copious notes, because we know how much y'all love notes. Please feel free to leave your comments on the song on this post. Also, please feel free to join us in imagining Imai in his basement home studio, practicing his high kick dance in his giant platform heel stompy boots, as his daughter chases him around, shrieking and laughing hysterically. The inspiration for this song? Very possibly. Who's your daddy? Imai Hisashi, that's who.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us on Ko-Fi. If you enjoy this translation and would like to continue supporting our work, please don't hesitate to buy us some more Ko-Fi, as we are currently severely under-caffeinated.


  1. Thank you so much for your translations! I am so glad you are starting to post them, one by one, because good things are worth waiting for! I look forward to seeing the English translations for "Tsuki No Sabaku" and "Villain", as they are my favorites. This is a great service you do, Cayce... especially for those of us who cannot learn Japanese fast enough!
    OMG... I love Imai's style, and Atsushi ... is there real proof that he is 54? Because I believe he is ageless! The entire band is ageless, really, but that beautiful man with the mic is who caught my eye earlier this year. Real men have no shame in wearing garters and no underwear!
    Love and Peace!

  2. You take your time! I am so grateful for the work you do with those lyrics. Even knowing quite a bit of Japanese myself, I can enjoy the lyrics so much more with the light you shine on nuances and references.

    I really can't thank you enough. Wishing you good health! :)


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