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Some lovely phrases that internet surfers typed into Google that yielded up This is NOT Greatest Site. Honest to god, I did not make these up. Not one of them. They were all given to me, fully formed, by my web stats analyzer. Maybe I don't say it often enough. I love you people.

are buck-tick satanists?

seileen devil worship

who's going to seileen tonight?

concert edicate is bad

how early do you get to a concert to be first in line?

does kiyoharu drink?

improper use of the word go

not for the claustrophobic

flight radius unladen swallow

takoyaki maker - electric gas

vowel sounds

eat your make up death rock

what techno song has a ticking clock at the beginning?

dir en grey is it true that kyo masturbates onstage?

buck tick live moan sexy

sakurai atsushi without a shirt

glistened with sweat leather pants concert

nude countertenors

sexual tacos

people who think atsushi sakurai is god

And what have we learned from all this? What we already knew, of course: the internet is for pr0n! But just for the record, Not Greatest Site is most definitely NOT Not Greatest Pr0n. And I suppose I should let you all decide what I mean by that.


  1. lol these are amazing....

    " are buck-tick satanists? "
    "flight radius unladen swallow" < WTF!

    you've got to be kidding me lol

  2. Lol! The stuff people search...*sigh*...having a job where people ask questions all day; I found this post to be really awesome...and it's true how silly and weird these get! How are we to explain the connection between sexual tacos and Buck-Tick....? Lol!


  3. ^Sexual Tacos is a crazy "translation" of "Sexual XXXXX!" XDDD


    But WTF at all these pr0n keywords? It makes me wonder who are these people...

  4. whahahaha! Somehow I kinda want to research some of these myself... xDDD ("glistened with sweat leather pants concert" the imagination of some people.. xDDD)

  5. ''are buck-tick satanists?'', lol, i Googled that, for real : )

    Simply because of the clear Illuminati symbols and phrases in your translated lyrics (those of Not Greatest Site). For example; the symbolism in Suzumebachi and Sacrifice (and I think Romance too). These symbols are most of the time linked to satanists (but I dont believe that link is accurate), and I was curious if i could find something on the web.

    really, i dont believe they really are satanists, but i was just curious about the clear Symbolism in their lyrics.


  6. i noticed 3 things when i watched their kagerou's pv:
    1. theres a part where atsushi stares to the camera while covering his left eye -symbolic to the all-seeing eye.
    2. the girl wearing red robe - symbolic to the lady in red.
    3. theres also a part where the girl's right eye is covered by candle's flame -again, the all-seeing eye.

    well, i might be wrong. all that might be coincidences but still, it bothers me :p


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