Blogger Updates

I discovered that I hadn't been able to change text colors because the text color changing feature of Blogger's interface no longer works in Google Chrome. Yes, Blogger is operated by Google, and Chrome is Google's own browser. And yet, to change the text colors I have to edit this blog in Firefox instead. Please Google, work on better product integration.


  1. Actually some of the posts in different colours are hard to read. Perhaps they change from computer to computer depending on how they are set up. I personally do not mind just the blue, but I can see how for you it might get monotonous to just write in the one colour. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. did You guys knew that on 10th November 2010 Der Zibet will release a new album and Acchan will be participating on it too?

  3. @ i killed Bambi

    Of course we knew that~

  4. thats good than . and will You go to that Auto-Mod anniversary show too?

  5. CoolCool . i wish You lot of fun there! and did You guys red that DuelJewel will cover Jupiter by BUCK-TICK? http://shattered-tranquility.net/index.php/11/10/%E3%80%8Ccrush-90s-v-rock-best-hit-cover-songs-%E3%80%8D/

    to me this should be the best album of 2011


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